More than 1,600 veterans respond to TBI/PTSD survey

Since Feb. 3, more than 1,600 veterans suffering from traumatic brain injury (TBI) or post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) have taken The American Legion’s online TBI/PTSD survey.

Click here to take the Legion’s online survey, which runs through Feb. 28.

The survey is part of the Legion’s continuing research on the two mental-health issues that, together, affect more than a half-million veterans. In 2010, the Legion created a committee to study treatments used for TBI and PTSD by the private sector, the Department of Defense (DoD) and the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA).

The committee’s report, "The War Within," was issued last September and distributed to members of Congress, senior VA and DoD leadership, and the White House.

"We’re asking veterans to participate in this survey so The American Legion can make more informed recommendations to VA and DoD on how to improve their health care for these conditions," said American Legion National Commander Daniel M. Dellinger.

In some of the Legion survey’s questions, respondents are asked whether their health-care providers have been receptive to using complementary and alternative treatments for TBI and PTSD. Respondents are also asked about any side effects from treatment and – if they did so – why they dropped out of treatment.

Dellinger said that mental health care for veterans and servicemembers is a top priority of The American Legion. "We want to hear directly from veterans on their experiences as patients, and whether they believe they are receiving timely and high-quality health care," he said.





  1. I hear ya! The VA makes is so dam difficult many of our veterans just give up.. God bless all our veterans and some day I pray they get their due. I won't die and give up as the VA hopes I will. If our so called government can give away billions to countries who despise us and to illegals, then they can take care of those who served and sacrificed for the majority who enjoy their freedoms we fought for.
  2. There are two types of Disabled Vets. One type suffers a unique ailment shared by few other Vets. This Vet’s compensation will most likely be reasonable with abundant treatment options and a positive attitude towards the VA. For the rest of us, we suffer the most common ailments and find compensation ridiculously low, restricted to 20% or less, due to the sheer volume of Vets suffering the same things. Pay one and they have to pay us all. But the VA can only spend each year what Congress allocates. For Veterans there is never an automatic increase in spending as there is when Trillions are spent automatically each year on redistribution gimmicks. Congress’s fascination with courting the poor with big government and free money for votes leaves Veterans and our supporting Federal organizations unable to reasonably compensate and treat the vast majority of Vets suffering the most common Service Connected disabilities. If we vote in more Vets we may find our livelihood taken more seriously on Capitol Hill.
  3. I Was diagnosed by a psychiatrist with chronic ptsd but I only receive 50% rating does that sound right.
  4. I also was diagnosed with cronic P,T.S.D.& recieve only 50%... Whats reslly bad is the people making the decisions weren't even born when Vietnam was going on. And i believe we Combat Veterans get the long end of the pungy stick!!!! Don't feel bad Billy J. Whitt, they just want us to die and go away!!!!
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