Legion applauds Social Security plan

The leader of the nation’s largest veterans service organization says he is "greatly pleased" by a planned Social Security Administration (SSA) move to expedite disability claims from military veterans.

On Wednesday, SSA Acting Commissioner Carolyn W. Colvin and U.S. Rep. John Sarbanes, D-Md., announced a plan to award disabled veterans high-priority status and expedite their Social Security disability claims. The action will apply to those with 100-percent VA disability compensation ratings.

"This is absolutely the right thing to do," said Daniel M. Dellinger, national commander of The American Legion. "On behalf of the Legion’s 2.4 million members and all of our nation’s wounded warriors, I thank the Social Security Administration for this tangible recognition of our veterans’ sacrifices. I am greatly pleased."

Dellinger’s remarks mirrored those of Colvin who said, "Our veterans have sacrificed so much for our country, and it is only right that we ensure that they have timely access to the disability benefits they may be eligible for and deserve."

SSA says it plans to launch its expedited claims processing service in mid-March.


  1. Disabled vets receiving VA compensation have been entitled to simultaneous Social Security Disability benefits for a very long time. All this article is about is Social Security's commitment to "expedite" such claims in the future - i.e. give them higher priority for faster processing.
  2. problem is that people look at SS as an entitlement. It is not an entitlement, it is money that was paid into while I worked. It's supposed to be something like a government controlled savings account. The money in SS is my money, not the governments. SS would be self sufficient if the government hadn't borrowed from it in the 60's and 70's, with a promise to pay it back, but didn't. My disability from the VA would be the same as an insurance. Why should I have to forfeit my money in SS because I am collecting from the VA which was promised to me when I went into the Army. I did not have this disability before I went in it was the military that caused it,
  4. I to have questions. I am 100 percent disabled, lost both legs from Nam. I donate, I always will causeI suspect some of my money will get to where it belongs. That being said, the upper echelon of the administration makes entirely too much in salaries, and there's way too many of them. Don't take my word, it's a matter of public record what they make, check it out. As a wounded warrior myself I feel there should be a lot more of warriors donating their time and expertise non gratis ,( meaning free)
  5. VA Disability Compensation is authorized under the same concept and purpose as Civilian Workers Compensation and various civilian disability retirement programs. It is payment for injuries or illness caused by, developed in or resulting from military service that caries over into civilian life after military commitment has been completed. Social Security is paid on the basis of an individual Military or Civilian who has paid into the Social Security fund through their life. The 2 systems are independent: VA is available to persons who served in the military. SSA is available to anyone who paid into the fund. Instead of preaching out of ignorance or misrepresenting the intent of the system: First understand the purpose of the system.
  6. Think about it... You have a job get called to duty, you get injured, cant work your civilian job now, but you were paying insurance (SS) so your covered. You cant continue in military and again you are covered which is well deserved and funded. YOUR PAYING TWICE/SO U COLLECT TWICE...
  7. Seems like a double dip to me. No wonder Social Security is going broke. If a veteran worked and paid into the fund following discharge from the military that's an earned benefit and is fully deserved. Two disability payments is not, especially if the basis is the same service connected injury that's used for military compensation. I have never filed for compensation even though I could have. It's part of what's wrong with this country today. Too many people operating under the notion "I'm gonna get mine. If the system goes bankrupt after I've gotten it, so what!"
  8. So, if a disabled gets VA compensation at 100%, then when he reaches 65 he should NOT get his Social Security retirement benefits? Think about what you are saying.
  9. Negative. That is simply incorrect. A VA rated 100% disabled vet is entitled to full Social Security Disability benefits in addition to the VA compensation.
  10. Social Security will go broke only if the Old Guard of the GOP succeeds in its eternal campaign to destroy it. Even President Ronald Reagan, a pragmatic Republican, rejected their contentions and in short order, together with Congress, adjusted the formulas. By simply changing the cut-off limit at which point deductions are stopped, the funds allotted to Social Security will dramatically increase. If the income limit were to be removed entirely the fund (which is currently converted to special Treasury Bonds) would skyrocket -- but the high rollers will fight to the death to prevent that. Even if nothing changes -- which is unlikely -- the fund has enough to pay its bills for the next 30 years or so. The present moribound Congress will be history long before then.
  11. I interoperate this article to read, "Vets drawing 100% disability can now draw Social Security disability along with the VA disability too. If this is so, please publish a article written in lay man's language and provide the government references to this.
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