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Legion’s fight for American-made flags heard

In recent years, The American Legion has been asking Congress to consider legislation that would "prohibit the importation of foreign-made flags of the United States," as stated in Resolution 273, passed during the Legion’s 2012 national convention in Indianapolis. Last Friday, those requests were answered.

Legislation drafted by Rep. Mike Thompson, D-Calif., and now signed into law as part of the 2014 omnibus appropriations bill, requires the DoD to purchase flags that are "100 percent made in America." DoD purchases U.S. flags for display at the Pentagon, military bases and ships, and for burials of military personnel killed in action.

Resolution 273 also "encourages its membership, the general public, and all local, state and federal government agencies to purchase and display only American-manufactured flags of the United States." The American Legion is a proud supplier of American-made U.S. flags through its Emblem Sales website, selling more than 1 million every year. Flag purchases from Emblem Sales directly support Legion programs that help America’s children, veterans and military families, as well as such programs as Operation Comfort Warriors, Child Welfare Foundation and Temporary Financial Assistance.

Visit Emblem Sales to purchase 100 percent American-made flags and ‘like’ American Legion Flags on Facebook to participate in contests for a chance to win outdoor U.S. flags.


  1. I puchase American Flags at Menards here in Jackson, Mi, made in Wi. We sell them at the American Legion Post 324 and they are displayed behind the bar for $7.00 each.
  2. I have a problem with two peole that have purchased small 4"X 5 "flags for Veterans Day breakfast table decatoring. i am going to se if i can stop any more" made in china" American flags. Any ideas how to stop it??
  3. Amazing that it took so long to become a law. Two years from AL Resolution No.273. My question is,did DoD wait until this became law to change their buying habits or did they attempt to correct this two years ago?
  4. Unfortunately we're largest in name only..... majority of our manufacturing is done overseas, adding to the jobs situation. Drive through some of your larger cities and take note of all of the boarded up,or rezoned area's where manufacturing complanies USED to be. I'm not an isolationist, but we do need to bring our jobs BACK HOME. the Flags are a beginning.. If we use it here, we should make it here.... just saying..
  5. everything seems to be imported it's a DAMN shame . we should all fight these corp. and only buy AMERICAN. GOD BLESS AMERICA AND OUR BEAUTIFUL AMERICAN MADE FLAG MAY SHE CONTINUE TO WAVE PROUDLY ON EVERY HOME
  6. I don't no about every home but she will always fly with pride at mine GOD bless America and it's people
  7. How come the Legion item site does not list Outdoor American Flags for sale ?
  8. It does list them on the website. I buy all mine from The American Legion Emblem Sales.
  9. Material such as nylon,outlast flags made of material such as cotton affeted by wind ,rain and fading effects of strong sun
  10. I did not know about Emblem Sales before. I was on Amazon and going to order a American flag to go with our POW flag. I canceled the order when I found out that it was made in China. Not made in the USA it will not fly on our flag pole.
  11. Buying and displaying only American made flags is a noble gesture but too little too late. This country has been bought and sold by global corporations. The day of the nation state is ending just as the the end of the city state ended some 500 years ago. If you want to know what our flag looks like now, take a gander at this: (Oh, they don't allow links!) Anyway, it is a US flag with corporate logos for stars. It is a sad state of affairs. I saw another one once that had the stripes as a barcode and "SOLD" stamped on it!
  12. Seem a few health issues caused me to miss the Flag story-even tho I reathe Magazine cover gto cover on arrival. Here is my view on several facets of the US Colors: A: Allow no flags to be sold without proof of origin BY LICENSE Then like your passport the Flag is yours, and YOU the purchaser are responsible for its care till unserviceable /properfinal disposal. I think the LEGION is the only body dedicated enough to carry this to conclusion. Make a national issue of it teaching in schools that the design belongs to the United States,no display while damaged!
  13. Everything the Legion sells or gives away should be U.S.A. made. But the powers that be come up with every lame excuse they can think of not to buy U.S.A. made! There were 58,148 Americans who wouldn't think much of those Vietnamese made legion jackets!
  14. DoD should be purchasing flags made in the USA. Does the DoD purchase uniforms made outside of the US ? I certainly hope not. It will be a sad day if we ever get to the point where we don't have any US flag makers. I hope we never get there.
  15. I can only speak for the Marines, but all uniforms issued and sold by the Marine Corps are made exclusively in the US(although imported materials and semifinished goods still qualified as "made"). All of the MARPAT digital utility uniforms are made in Los Angeles by American Apparel.
  16. It's a sad day to learn that a flag draped across our heros coffins is possibly made in a foreign country.
  17. I love my American Legion bought flag. Very good craftsmanship and Made in the USA!!
  18. Actually I see nothing wrong with Resolution 273, I was under the impression that all purchases made for DOD had to American made to prevent parts shortages in case of war or political embargo. Guess that was the old days when we put America first, and we could really manufacture something here.
  19. Last time I checked Cole I was still a citizen of the world's industrial juggernaut. Unless things have changed in the last year or two the United States is still the world's largest manufacturer.
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