Legion wants to help you find a job

The Legion is giving veterans who are looking for work a new ally in their job search.

Launched last month, the organization’s Career Center Newsletter aims to help veteran job-seekers who are either looking for employment or just testing the job market. Mailing out at the beginning of each month, the newsletter provides subscribers with a comprehensive listing of veterans career fairs that are coming to every area of the country. These fairs host military-friendly employers from the public and private sectors who are looking for candidates with proficiencies in all fields.

Most importantly, the career fairs are exclusive to veterans, active-duty military and their families.

The Legion or one of its partners has a sponsorship role in each fair. Companies there are often looking to hire or interview for positions on the spot. The fairs are as good of an opportunity for employers because it allows them to connect with a diverse pool of candidates who have a wide range of skills and experiences, thanks to the special types of skills that the military teaches.

The Career Center Newsletter also provides general job-search help with feature articles written by hiring experts. Subjects include résumé-writing tips, ways to research an employer before an interview and nailing the ever-important ‘elevator pitch.’

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  1. I am a 2LT in the Army Reserves, just completed by 6 months of Officer Basic Course at Ft. Leonard Wood, Mo. Recent graduate (summer 2013)of Univ of Illinois (Urbana-Champaign, dual major; Communications & Phycology. Looking for a job/career in the Chicago area.
  2. I am an Anti-terrorism / Force Protection / Counterintelligence Analyst / Polygraph Examiner looking for employment. I deployed twice to Afghanistan and once to Iraq. If you need someone with my specialized niche, please contact me. DAN T. STANFORD 17949 Main St, PO Box 504, Dumfries, VA 22026-0504 Cell: 703-986-9775, Home: 703-221-0306 SECURITY CLEARANCE Granted Department of Defense (DoD) TOP SECRET security clearance with Sensitive Compartmented Information (SCI) access and Counterintelligence Polygraph Examination VETERAN STATUS US Army Major, honorably retired on 03 Aug 2009 with a 70% VA disability rating
  3. I'm a healthy 53 year old veteran in living in Southern California and is under employed and close to loosing my condo. I was an aircraft technician in the military. As a civilian and while married and raising a family, I worked for an aircraft builder as a structural mechanic till I was laided off. After a few odd jobs including working for a delivery service, I worked for a large company that assist their members with the vehicle breakdown issues, and my titles were dispatcher and service counselor. I'm currently working for a vehicle testing facility with inconsistent hours and really would like steady full time employment. Thank you for reading.
  4. As a fellow Vet here is some advice ... check out my company's, PlaneTechs, LLC on our website ... we have tons of aviation maintenance jobs ... even some in SOCAL! Most would require you to move and most would be TEMP ... i.e. 3, 6, or 9 months. That said our customers routinely ask to take one of our contractors on as a direct hire, if that person was a excellent worker. Also I would encourage you to submit an updated resume to our company .... the "how too" details are on the website. Good luck.
  5. Veteran in Tri=Cities area that is looking for employment. Have experience in route delivery, manager, sales, and warehousing. Also have a B.B.A.
  6. I am 65 years of age and disabled (not service related) and need a part-time job.
  7. What happened to the DOT (Dict of Occupational Titles ? Once retiring fron the AF as a 553x0 I found my AFSC in the DOT listed as a GS-801, went looking for the openings and was hired by VA 24 days after discharge, worked for them 21 plus years. again does this transition tool exhist ?
  8. I got up to a rank of S/Sgt in the Air Force before quitting after four years because I really did not want to continue in the field of Med Lab Tech (90450) because I just felt too much for the patients. I went back to my old profession of Mechanical Drafting at a machine Company. But I quickly found too many out of work in 1970 in the Engineering field when I became a civilian once again. So it was back to Hosp Lab Work for another 2-1/2 years before I completed a degree in Programming (AAS) and followed up with a BS in Accounting. I then left Hosp Lab work behind me for good! I started at a Bank, running the computer at night, went up to Auditing, eventually became a Department Manager and an officer at the Bank before leaving due to problems with my wife (Epileptic) and her family after she had MAJOR brain surgery up at the Cleveland Clinic in 1983. By 1985 I was working as a consultant for the Air Force in programming until 10 days after 9/11/2001 when I was laid off due to BRAC. After looking for a job for a couple of years all over the country, I decided in 2004 to start my own on-line business(s) but a couple of months later woke up one morning and found that I could not talk clearly. The local VA Hospital determined it to be Multiple Sclerosis and I was placed on Disability. Three years later I found a product in Europe to eliminate the MS (Kalawalla) and went for it and it worked within 6 months and the needing to walk with a cane, the double vision, and the sudden attacks of Vertigo were gone. Just to have the VA come back to me two months later with a new diagnosis of a Stroke that had been masked by the MS. Needless to say, I remained on Disability until I reached retirement age and am now on Soc Sec. I tried all of those years while on Disability to get back off of it, but could not get any response from employers while trying just about anything I could find, but was deemed as not employable due to the Stroke (even Janitorial work) having paralyzed part of my throat and making my speech not understandable to some 30% of the people I tried to converse with. Now, on Soc Sec, I am working part time at an eCommerce Center for a large Department Store and working rings around all of the younger people there. When I was first diagnosed with MS in 1986 I got rid of it (or so I thought) and then forgot about it. A few problems came up which could have been MS or possibly something else, I honestly did not know. I even checked in with Air Force personnel when first diagnosed but they said that even though the time period for MS was much longer than anything else, that I could not get a Disability pension. Now I am working on some new web sites and may go into trading on the Stock Market as soon as I round up enough funds to do so. I now live in a Mobile Home with my wife of some 43-1/2 years. I just noticed the gentleman who had written in about being 70 years old and needing a job and I am now 68. I know where he is coming from, but you have to try new things in order to get a job at this time (and take a much lower wage). When I was younger, I did a lot of things all through the years. From lawns, hedge trimming, painting, laying carpets, pumping gas, a short order cook, car customizing, janitorial work at a lumber company all while taking college courses in both Electrical and Mechanical Engineeering. The resultant ulcers forced me out of college and into the draft where a letter from the Commandant of Air Force ROTC at the land grant college where I had been going to got me into the Air Force while no one else would touch me except for the Army. And I have no brothers or sisters so I would not have gone to Vietnam! Even during the first Gulf War I was laid off for 2-1/2 years and became a life insurance salesman. Just be flexible!
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