Online raffle benefits Legion programs

The American Legion is once again proud to be the presenting sponsor of the seventh annual Warrior Appreciation Night (WAN) on Jan. 16 in Las Vegas. As a sponsor of the premier event, the Legion is one of seven veterans and law enforcement support charities who will receive funds from the raffle; 100 percent of the proceeds from raffle tickets purchased in the name of one of the seven specific charities will go to that charity.

The United States Practical Shooting Association (USPSA) is hosting the raffle on its website. Those interested in participating in the raffle can purchase raffle tickets for $10 apiece, and select the charity that they want their raffle donations to benefit. Each raffle package includes a custom rifle, shotgun and pistol, as well as other outdoor sports items. Participants don’t need to be present at the WAN event to win.

USPSA will present The American Legion with 100 percent of donations collected from the online raffle at the WAN event in January. The donations will go toward Legion programs.

The event is an invitation-only dinner at Dal Toro Ristorante where more than 1,000 attendees, including decorated warriors and Congressional Medal of Honor recipients, will have an opportunity to reflect upon and honor their fallen brethren, veterans and law enforcement officers. Fundraising will also be intermixed throughout the evening in the form of live and silent auctions with a variety of items to bid on such as custom firearms and accessories, hunting and fishing equipment, extreme adventure trips, sports and entertainment memorabilia, training courses and more.

For more information about the Warrior Appreciation Night, visit


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  2. Lowes gives veterans a 10% discount on items bought. They require a military photo ID. I have not seen mine in over 30 years. I cannot understand why the Legion can't get them to just except our up to date and current American Legions Cards. My wife has to show her spouses card the Army issued her when I was in service. That card was issued to her 45 years ago. Appreciate any responses,
  3. I am sorry to hear that you are having trouple witht he Lowes in your area. I have used my American Legion membership card to verify the discount. I would ask to speak with the store manager. I am sure you have other hardware choices near by. I would tell the manager that if their store wants to keep mine and the American Legion Post business their store would start accepting the American Legion membership card as proof of honorable service.
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