Commander reacts to Fort Hood tragedy

American Legion National Commander Daniel M. Dellinger issued the following statement regarding Wednesday’s mass shooting at Fort Hood, Texas:

“On behalf of the 2.4 million wartime veterans who are members of The American Legion, I express my deepest condolences to the victims and families affected by yesterday’s tragedy at Fort Hood. I will be speaking with The American Legion Department of Texas to offer our complete support for those who need it. Our appreciation for those who serve in our military is unshakeable.”


  1. I am not saying that what this man did was right, but I feel the military needs to be held accountable also in our soldiers to be the best they can be. Pushing them and not listening to what they are saying maybe the problem. This could have all been prevented by someone just talking through the grief he was dealing with. Everyone deals with a personal grief loss differently. The military needs to be there to help those that need this extra help. There are grief centers for non-military when they find they can't deal with a loss. Don't shove them to the next assignment and don't consider this a mental problem. Help them so they can help you back.
  2. All of our solders need an evaluation upon returning from a war zone. When I came back from Vietnam I was sick and no one ask if I needed help, I was messed up.They discharged me and go rid of me. The American people called me a baby killer, a pothead and I still in Vietnam but I was home, thank God for some Christian people who helped me recover.
  3. The Nation has to deal with this problem. Our Soldiers have always returned damaged AND WERE IGNORED. I am sure when they analyze this they will see the cry for help. I also see a headline with Boenher in it. He is the type that starts wars that the blue collar kids die in. I would not trust him with any Veteran affairs. His party works for the 10% on top. That use our kids to protect there interests!
  4. Amen, Stew. I'm glad you received much needed help. Thank you for defending our country, freedoms and rights. As a Veteran myself of less than ten years from active duty Army, it is unfortunate that the US political spectrum is literally against Service members & Veterans, currently. Besides the strong political correction bolstering hiring of "minorities" has meant that not just men in general, but also Veterans overshadow all in unemployment, homeless, and suicidal ideation. Corporate and Executives claiming "we hire Veterans", this is nothing more than the equivalent of "We Support Our Troops" bumper sticker. Realistically they want NOTHING to do with Vets, though utilize the phrase for their PR in marketing, not Human Resources. I know this for a fact. Not much has changed from Vietnam other than a more challenging Administration. God bless you Stew and continue praying for our country and those in leadership. We certainly need it.
  5. I was at Fort Hood for two years in the late 60's and was a proud officer to serve with my fellow brothers. We have now fly list's that the public can not see, with no privacy issues, why not a no buy gun list. Put individuals on such a list when they are treated for major mental problems? Virginia Tes. And now Fort Hood, twice are good examples of a lack of laws to protect the public from individuals with severe mental problems. We do not additional gun laws that criminals will not abide by. "If you outlaw guns, only outlaws will have guns".
  6. Hi John....Correct me if wrong, but I think you're implying that cognitive law abiding citizens should be armed. While those with psychological issues aught be limited. That the two major tragedies soundly and strongly support open-carry arms via cognitive and conscious law abiding citizens. Which I strongly concur! After all, it is our CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHT to bear arms. Commanding Officers need to uphold their OATH to defend the Constitution, and defend citizens to utilize their 2nd AMENDMENT RIGHT by the CONSTITUTION.
  7. Lt.Col West had the best reaction to this situation by saying He and his family should not have been moved to another location this early during his treatment. He just just lost two of his family members and this was much too disruptive.
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