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Why doesn’t The American Legion recommend baseball great Yogi Berra for the Presidential Medal of Freedom?


The recent death of baseball Hall of Famer Stan Musial brings to mind a living baseball great and veteran, Yogi Berra. President Obama presented the Medal of Freedom to Stan Musial about a year ago. As was Musial, Yogi is a lifelong baseball man who began his baseball career in American Legion Baseball, and a baseball Hall of Famer. Moreover, he’s a coiner of memorable phrases, a movie critic, and one of the “greatest generation” (WWII Navy). Yogi is the quintessential American “living national treasure.” One can’t think of an individual more deserving of the Presidential Medal of Freedom. And he ain’t getting younger!! Why doesn’t somebody up there recommend Yogi Berra for the Medal of Freedom?


The American Legion’s legislative agenda is developed through the efforts and wisdom of members like you who take an idea or position and put it forward to their post and department in resolution form. As that resolution is reviewed and passed on to National Headquarters, it is acted upon by the membership-at-large during one of several meetings. The American Legion doesn’t have a policy on making recommendations for recipients of the Congressional Medal of Freedom.

If you’re interested, I’d encourage you to look towards amending our policy. Feel free to draft a resolution at your local post that addresses the issue and your position. [I would think that this issue would most likely be assigned to the Americanism Commission.] Should it become the policy of The American Legion, we’ll make certain to include it in future efforts with Congress.



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