National commander meeting with president, VA secretary

American Legion National Commander Daniel Dellinger will meet one on one Friday morning with President Barack Obama at the White House, just a short time after Dellinger and Department of Veterans Affairs Secretary Eric Shinseki will have a similar meeting in the nation’s capital.

Dellinger and Obama will meet in the Oval Office to discuss several areas of concern to the Legion: sequestration and how it impacts quality of life for military personnel and their families, the VA backlog and the Legion’s successful efforts in helping reduce it, and mental health among the nation’s servicemembers and veterans.

Prior to that, Dellinger will meet with Shinseki in a follow-up to Dellinger’s April 9 testimony before the House Committee on Veterans’ Affairs. In his testimony, Dellinger said VA leadership must be held accountable for mistakes that result in preventable deaths at its medical facilities.

During the hearing, Committee Chairman Jeff Miller said that dozens of VA hospital patients in Phoenix may have died while awaiting medical care, and that committee staff investigators also have evidence that the Phoenix VA Health Care System keeps two sets of records to conceal prolonged waits that patients must endure for doctor appointments and treatment.


  1. If the "Secret list" is to enhance VA wait statistics, it might be nation wide. I know of one vet in Northern Arizona who died while being treated in NV. He was always getting his appointments cancelled, then rescheduled. His cancer was found too late. I'll bet this list isn't a secret to all the health centers. I wish that I could speak to Commander Dellinger. There is So much he does not know.
  2. As you all know the President of the United States has already given his views on disabled Veterans. This is just a "Check the Box" meeting. However, if all of us Veterans start getting tougher and more voices heard more than ever before. There will be changes big time. Everything that has happened in Phoenix/Tucson had to have come from HQ in D.C. and someone needs to go to prison for 40 or even 100's or 1000's of Veteran deaths due to this corrupt Scandals. How shameful for us. We all served our country with Honor, Pride, Integrity. However coming home with injuries, we have now become a burden to our corrupt Government
  3. My own Congressman McCarthy was going to GAO since he found out that the Greater LA Healthcare is tossing paperwork from qualified vets. They are even denying travel pay to ones that are already qualified for it and now are claiming they are not. Any one that is a disabled vet please be aware of what is happening.
  4. At a Post/Community level my Post does incredible things for the community/local vets. I think that a large part of the Legions problems is that at state/Departments level there is a loss of credibility and effective leadership to motivate their peers...Conferences have turned into big parties instead of a real chance to motivate Post to be all they can be the cause for the Legion as a whole. So really as a National organization I really don't see the effectiveness of the Legion as a whole. With 50 possible Departments I only know of maybe 4 that really get what the Legion is really all about... Does anyone really believe that this visit in the Oval office will effectively make life any more pleasant...I call it a Dog and Pony Show at best... Let's get back to out communities/local vets and bring some credibility back to our Departments so we have something to be proud of again...
  5. you are so right a dog and pony show the legion as a organization is less effective and more focused on advancing it's own cause I'am very disappointed in the leadership or lack of it on both national and local levels especially Camp American Legion it is run by a real biased opiniated director who inmy opinion is well let me just say I believe it is time for a change a new Camp director would benefit ALL legion members
  6. Processing VA claims: All of my medical records were destroyed in "The National Personnel Records Center Military Personnel Records" storage warehouse fire in ST Louis, MO. in July 1973. Over one million records were lost. My claim was for the reinstatement of the Purple Heart for wounds I received while fighting from beaches in France, "D-Day," including the Battle Of The Bulge and on to the Elbe River in Germany. I was subsequently treated in three VA hospitals in Calif. I've written letters to my congressmen, the VA, Department of The Army and President Obama requesting the archaic policies, rules and regulations be readdressed in order to speed up claims processing and establish a policy change that will allow the VA to accept the Veterans accounting of their war wounds who's records were destroyed in the ST Louis fire. As Gen. MacArthur said, "WE old soldiers never die we just fade away. We combatants were fortunate the Medics and Doctors did not have to have documented proof that we were wounded because of enemy action before they would administer aid.
  7. I really like his {RED} HAT. Where can I get one? If there is a camera around The American Legion gets involved!
  8. I am an Honorably Discharged Veteran who served in the 101st Airborne Division during the war in Vietnam, and I have never used any VA benefit to date,However, as Post Commander of Arthur Gossett, American Legion Post 273, Wichita, Kansan, I have worked with many Veterans and our post service officer to address many areas of concern from Veterans dating back to World War II. It is my belief and sincere hope that we improve on the delivery of service to our Veterans nor and in the future.
  9. VA National Homes are "National" issues. When the biggest and busiest National Home is being heisted and Federal Judge Otero rules that it is, the National Commander must make that a priority. VA, Canandaigua, NY, and VA, WLA, CA, are under siege. The dark precedent of land-use policy influenced by non-Veteran, non-profit and for-profit entities that do not provide 100% direct-benefit-to-Veteran-patients service at these locations must stop. Please National Commander, put your foot down to stop "land-grab". What does SACRED TRUST mean to you, Sir?
  10. I am a long time American Legion member of 35 years. Also a retired AF member of 20 years coming out with 30% disability. I keep asking the Legion why don't they support bills to stop the disparity of vets that are below 50%. That is 30% of my retirement is tax free. I don't get the full retirement and disability like Congress and other federal workers that retire would get. Two years ago there was a bill submitted to end this. But WHERE WAS THE LEGION????????????? No where. And no support. I keep asking THE AMERICAN LEGION WHY, and what do I get??? NO REPLY. With problems such as this it is a wonder that anyone stays a member of the Legion.
  11. Why not have Dellinger Obama and Shinseki in the same room at the same time. God forbid that Obama would have to meet with the Secretary of Veterans Affairs! The VA is a disgrace and Shinseki and Obama are to blame!
  12. PRESIDENT OBAMA appointed the Secy. of VA, they talk regularly,Cmd. Dellinger may want to talk privately. Why are you anonymous, are you a birther ?
  13. I am a WWII US Air Force vet. I was fortunate that I did not get overseas, but I had dedicated my life to serve my Country. My first nine months was in the US Signal Corps which shortened my service in the Air Force. I graduated from Bombardier school on VJ. day. So much for that. I personally felt that our comrades should not have seen any of those WARS? Vietnam, Korea, Desert Storm, and those recent and today in the Asian theatre. We can not save the world from it's enemies. remember the saying: "UNITED we stand, DIVIDED we fall". Our government completely ignored our comrades who served in Vietnam. As a WWII vet I received a 5% advantage in job applications over men who did not serve our country when applying for a job. Many of us did not need that advantage because our pre-war employer put us back to work on the job we left or a new position. Somehow, we need to stop helping the world of their problems. We have "turned the other cheek", now it is time to get serious and let our CHARITY come back home. GOD BLESS AMERICA. Loring C. White, Sr. P.S. We need to put God back into our life. I have said many prayers over the past few years. Many of them have been answered.
  14. Seems not many politicians give a damn about veterans. Democrats or republicans. They seem less to care what the American Legion thinks. I agree with Larry. The only time these politician's want a veteran around is for a photo op. Folks, we better start being heard or we are becoming irrelevant.
  15. The answer is to elect veterans to Congress. So, few who currently are in the House or Senate spent any time in uniform. We need veterans in those seats.
  16. Here we go again, still more talks: More photo ops, more BS. Notice how in the above article, the Legion is quick to point out it's help with the backlog. I, a Viet Nam vet., still waiting two years, without a word. My legion service officer says that's the way it is: sin loi toi rat tiet. Do you feel me?
  17. Being a service officer myself for almost 20 years, I have not seen the backlog of claims go down. Those that file 1 or 2 disabilities go kinda quick with all the medical documentation provided, but now the VA has to go back to prior wars where veterans were denied the first time because now they are service connected, just as with the NEMAR cases. Now we have OIF/OEF veterans coming back with disabilities that the VA medical can't handle the overload. It is going to take a miracle for these backlogs to go away, especially when some VA Regional offices are caught destroying , misplacing, or just thrown in the trash claims. Need to realize, VA medical system is a form of social medicine.
  18. I can agree with you on that. I have had me claim in since 2003 and I have been denied three or four times and now this last time around I truly fell like they have denied me with no accuracy at all just like many other veterans just to say that they have gotten the back log down. It is a disgrace to all veterans. I was expecting at least 70% for hearing loss, back problems and knee's. All I got was 10% for tinnitus. And I also have PTSD but did not know it at first.
  19. Where is the article that matches the headline? This site is getting more ridiculous by the day.
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