Back issues of Legion magazine archived online

The American Legion’s Digital Archive is growing every day as more pieces of the organization’s history are uploaded for future retrieval. Part of this uploading includes The American Legion Magazine. Issues running from January 2003 through December 2010 have been added to the archive. Click here to see the collection. Plans are to go further back in time as space and budget permit; eventually, all issues going back to 1919 will be online.

Selected articles from the magazine are still available on; click here to view and comment on them.


  1. In the May 2016 issue there was an ad for copper magnetic bracelets, could you please tell me the company name and address.
  2. on the back page of June's issue was an ad for men's shoes. I would like to get that issue so I can order them for my husband. I have misplaced that issue. Thanks.
  3. Legion magazine had an ad for a computer for seniors maybe March 2016 can anyone help find it?
  4. I have copies of February 1943, February 1941,February 1942, and November 1942. Do they have value?
  5. would like e=mail address of member who had the article on collecting legion metals.I've been collecting for over 20 years.maybe we can trade or sell.the ARTICAL WAS IN MAY OR JUNE ISSUE THIS YEAR.thanks pnvc
  6. My dad is 89 and a veteran and receives the American Legion Magazine. On the back page of the June 2015 magazine there was a picture of jeans from Haband. My dad has lost the magazine and would like to order a pair of these jeans. Is there any way I can get a copy of the back page of the magazine?
  7. I have the same question except mine is shoes that my spouse wanted to try. If you're interested in Haband - I've bought many items from them. They have an online site haband showing all their products. If you can't get the page perhaps you could help your Dad get to their site and find that pair of jeans.
  8. Want to obtain a copy of a recent issue (APRIL 2015 that describes the ISIS strategies)
  9. Looking for an article about saving vets letters. Mentioned a college in California that was also working on this.
  10. I'm looking for article that deals with disability payout to veterans who were injured Viet Nam. this is separate veterans from veterans dispensation
  11. I am looking for an article in a American Legion by a US Navy doctor about tongue cancer. I would like very much to have a copy, be able to contact this doctor, as I was recently diagnosed with this cancer. My address is 3861 Ripple Leaf Circle. Many thanks if you can help.
  12. I'm interested in a particular article from the late 1980-90's. Entitled " The Of America" I forget the missing word. But never forgot the Article. I quote it all the time especially in this time. It talked about the liberals of the day and that they would become the" leaders, judges, senators, etc. of the future . It stated " The Norm will become the Deviant and the Deviant will become the Norm". The time is here Please ! Find me the Article! Thank you.
  13. Several years ago someone wrote an article about Life Insurance saying that adult children are able to get Life Insurance out on their parents. Can you help me locate it please?
  14. I'm looking into the possibility of aquiring a copy of The Legion Magazine that possibly features an article on Col. Mitchell Paige, Guadalcanal. His historic paraphenalia has been donated to the Eldred World WarII Museum in Eldred, PA. I recently visited the museum and wondered if he had been featured in the mag. If so I would like a copy of it if possible. Thank you.
  15. My husband is a member of american Legion & Has gotten the magazine for years & we order Lined with flanned Blue Jeans, order them from the magazine??
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