Legion: VA secret list ‘abhorrent’

The Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) medical center in Phoenix has been keeping a secret list of patients with long-delayed appointments, a practice which has been linked to the deaths of at least 40 veterans, according to an April 23 report by CNN.

The secret list kept by the Phoenix Veterans Affairs Health Care System was part of a cover-up created by VA managers to hide the fact that more than 1,400 veterans were forced to wait many months to see a doctor, according to CNN’s interview with a retired VA doctor, Sam Foote, who worked at the facility for 24 years. American Legion National Commander Daniel M. Dellinger said if the allegations are true, the secret list in Phoenix “is one of the most abhorrent acts ever committed in VA history.”

The American Legion is meeting with top VA Central Office officials in Washington today to discuss the issue and the department’s response to it.

Dellinger is sending a team of American Legion experts to Phoenix next month to give local veterans a chance to discuss the quality of their VA health care. The team, part of the Legion’s System Worth Saving Task Force, will also conduct a two-day site visit to the Phoenix medical center where they will interview administrators, medical staff and patients.

Dr. Foote told CNN that the Phoenix hospital also maintains a “sham” list that it shares with the VA Central Office, which falsely indicates Phoenix has been providing timely appointments for its patients.

“If this is all true,” Dellinger said, “it is a new low in a string of breakdowns at VA medical centers – Columbia, S.C.; Augusta, Ga.; Jackson, Miss.; the list goes on – that have caused the needless deaths of individuals who served this country with honor.”

“We’re going to find out what happened in Phoenix,” Dellinger said. “We are going to find out who was responsible for this secret list and if they are still working for VA. These preventable deaths keep mounting, and yet we see not a single VA manager being held accountable. The American Legion will work with Congress and the VA Central Office to find out exactly what has been happening, and why. It is not sufficient for VA to simply say it’s going to try to do better next time, without holding people accountable.”

The CNN report only fuels criticism about the department’s reputation for a lack of accountability among senior leadership, Dellinger said. “Preventable deaths, construction delays, cost overruns, gaming the system, over-medicating our veterans – where does it all end? This issue must be addressed at every level.”








  1. I cannot speak for the entire system. But I have received good- excellent care in a timely manner at 4 different VA facilities in 2 states. If you can' trait for a primary care appointment you should go to the emergency room. If your problem is life threatening the VA will pay a non VA hospital for your treatment. If it is not life threatening, why is it always to far to go to get free care? I'm sorry that we can't have a VA clinic in every small town in the US. But we just can't. I heard one woman whining about having to drive 30 miles for free dental care. I drive that far to go to work everyday.
  2. The VA in Atlanta is awful!!!! I was sick and tried to make an appt. I am in the medical field so if I got to the doctor sick, I am sick! Had a fever that wouldn't go down, and I was told it would be a 2 months for an appt.When I tried explaining very nicely I was sick, they said oh well, that is all I can give you. I started having blurry vision out of no where and was told it would be a 3 month wait. My first seen appt I had to wait over 4 months 4. So people are definitely not being seen in a timely manner.
  3. I don't believe it s only one VA. they just got caught. Six weeks before my husband died he hurt his shoulder and was in terrible awful pain. I called the VA and was told he had to see his primary, which we did get an appointment with. From there it was all down hill. They prescribed more pain medicine than he could tolerate and I had to take him to our local hospital. He needed a consult with Physical Therapy before he could get treatment, the wait time for the consult was at least four weeks (just take more pain meds). So I called an Orthepedic Doctor in our area, got him seen the same day and he also started therapy that same day. He told me it was a God sent. The pain had subsided somewhat and without heavy pain medication.
  4. The Omaha VA Medical Center so overworks their anti-coagulation clinic pharmacists, now, that they cannot answer telephone inquiries on blood test results. This has created a dangerous medical situation that forced me to begin tapering off warfarin, as of May 02, 2014. Since it's for Atrial Fibrillation disorder, I had to decide the metoprolol Rx is far more important. Also, I've never heard of a private sector doctor keeping a patient on warfarin for 6 years due to A Fib. Gee, I have to make the best decision now, rather than the physicians ! They'll probably be quite angry when my 7 p.m. voicemail is heard on Monday. Glad I obtained the taper-off schedule years ago, for unforeseen emergencies. Gotta look out for ourselves these days. No wonder CNN recently reported the U.S. is now #16 in the world. We were #14 two years ago. Of course, Position #1 went by the wayside sometime during or after 1980s.
  5. Hurt my knee in Oct 2013 and went to VA. Finally got MRI in March 2014. Torn madiscus in knee. Surgery scheduled for late June. Slow!! Limp everywhere. pops and hurts like hell.
  6. You sound like a decent, and VERY patient person. Let me ask you this. If you had an sick animal, and the vets office treated it terribly, would you say something, or would you let the incident slide?! If you had ANY backbone at all, you would say something. I think you have a backbone, and are kind, and gentle, from what I have read. You know what poeple remember MOST about the late actor Humphry Bogart? He didn't take any shit from ANYBODY! When you are in the twilight of your years, do you want to say about yourself, "I wish I had done that, or been that, or seen that", etc. Or do you want to be able to say, "I did, saw, and was that"?! My friend, it is ALWAYS better to have TRIED, and failed, than to have NEVER tried, and failed anyways! GOD Bless YOU!
  7. ATTENTION VETERANS: T.O.R.T. ACT...............T.O.R.T. ACT...... OUR GOVERNMENT WISHES NO ONE WOULD KNOW ABOUT THIS. THERE IS A WAY TO MAKE THESE CRIMINALS, KILLING US, PAY FOR WHAT THEY ARE DOING TO US. I'M ALREADY ON MY CASE OF ISSUES. If you need any help brother and sister Veterans. Please let me know. I'll be a great example on how Veterans should be cared for. Its now called.....Veterans Helping Veterans. This is the only way we are going to get stuff done. Not organizations. Vets helping Vets.
  8. I feel the F.B.I. really needs to be in on these investigations. V.A. investigating the V.A. is stupid. I wonder how many other V.A. Administrators in Arizona received their "BONUS" for "Saving Money and Taking Lives" or falsifying appointment's and diagnosis and Veterans Suffering. We are treated like Cattle.....Then we become branded when serious health issues arise. "What Goes Around Comes Back To Bite Them Big Time" They will get Busted. Oh And You Know Who You Are .
  9. In my military experience, problems were pretty much always handled "in house". The military and the government institutions, have pretty much always handled things "in house". Let's not only get outside influences to police the VA, but the military as a whole also. While we're at it, let's get civilian entities to shake up the Senate, and Congress too! I'm disillutioned by the powers that be in Washington. NOBODY likes fruit cake, and that's exactly what we have in the Senate and Congress, GD certifiables running the country! The ONLY time these poeple get called on the carpet, is when they get caught red handed, like in the VA cases, and that Congressman who threatened to throw the reporter off the balcony. He was a war veteran, and prior decorated FBI! But his sin went viral, and the FBI was forced to go after him,and arrested him, the last I heard. There are SO MANY bad poeple out there, it pisses me off! I've seen death that could have been prevented, and was covered up. I've seen needless suffering, that could have been prevented, but was shown a blind eye, but that's just the WAY OF THE WORLD, right?! HELL NO!!! A sure way for bad things to happen in this world, is for good men to turn a blind eye. Those that can, must ALWAYS take a stand against the dying of the light. But alas, this is mans greatest failure, that only a minute fraction who can and should, rage against the dying of the light. Well, GOD save us ALL!
  10. This is happening at other VA facilities besides Phoenix. I have waited on average 60-90 days to see a doctor at the Minneapolis VA. I even had a surgical procedure cancelled after waiting two months so the doctor could go on vacation. I have seen many dedicated and compassionate healthcare providers who are doing their best but the VA system is broken and will lead to many more deaths.
  11. My brother has 100% VA disabilty. He often has to stand up to the medical staff, especially the doctors, to do the right things for him. He has to stay right on them for the kind of care that civilian hospitals provide, at attention. If civilian hospitals slack off, or heaven forbid, kill someone, they get their heads handed to them! I was in the active service military also, so I can relate, when my brother tells me about things unsavory. What I have read about is horrible, for sure....but let's also talk up a storm about all the vets that came home from Iraq, coming home from Afghanistan, and Pakistan, that have the insidious PTSD! It's RAMPANT, and NOBODY is raising HELL about it! Let's get ANGRY about this ALSO! In the meantime....let's give a great big SHOUT OUT! to Bush, and Obama, for their contribution for making THOUSANDS of vets come home with this disease. Gotta STOP...having chest pains....oh it's nothing, just my GD PTSD acting up AGAIN! GOD bless us ALL!
  12. Fudged figures about suicide rates, long term ignoring AO and PTSd and then flushing money through the system in almost a destructive manner just to place the issues at rest. And now this sort of cover up and you wonder how the vA board and rank file treated itself, did they celebrate their great work by going on a junket to Las Vegas or what? Americans had better wise up because if the powers that be can let this pass with the little fan fair and again a scandal ridden out with little impact, Obamacare is not likely to be in any way shape or form better USG funding and management of health Care in this country. The american citizen will have the same or worse health care than veterans get and it will cost more. The writing is on the wall.
  13. The chicken hawks in Washington who sent you off to Iraq and Afghanistan were more interested in protecting the Bush tax cuts than in adquately funding the VA. They distracted you with bogus issues such as gays in the military and gay marriage. Now you are paying the price. Sorry. But if it were up to me, I would have shrunk the military years ago. We can't afford to be the policeman of the world and if we do it on the cheap, vets pay the price. The costs of the War on Terror have come in far higher than Bush and Rumsfeld predicted back in 2002.
  14. Can't afford to police the world ? Can you police your backyard? Me thinks you can't see the forest for the tree's !! The idiot in DC doesn't know or understand the difference and shame on us..
  15. Now I see why you are Non Military!! This is nothing but hate speech Do you Know that Senator Edward Markey (D) and New York Representaive Hakeem Jeffries (D) and trying to get a bill thru congress "HATE CRIME REPORTING ACT OF 2014".But I am sure you don't haxe to worry Because they side with you..Serviced from May 1st 1968 thru April 22 1970. am thankful everytime I see another Vet and go up to him for a handshake and thank him for his service..Maybe you should try this..If it wasn't for the VETS in America you wouldn't have to right to say what you have said..GOD BLESS YOU
  16. Which military service did you perform SERVICE TO YOUR COUNTRY? We all have our responsibilities to our Country, not just using your mouth to castigate others!
  17. That has nothing to do with murdering Veterans. And thats what this is. So pay attention or get off the short bus.
  18. the phx va administration should all be charged with intent maliciuos homocide nothing less maybe 1 rst degree murder would be more appropriate
  19. I still remember waay back in the day, before I grew up a bit, that I used to have problems like that when I first went to the VA for help. Now at 55, I've been around VA for quite a while and used common sense, observation, a smile, and a "thank you" to get what I need. I've found that approach seems to work very well with VA, with state dmv's (ugh), with creditors, with cops, and pretty much every person or organization I deal with. Once I decided that I wasn't going to get what I really need by sitting for years crying & complaining about my dirty diaper, I decided to learn from mistakes (mine & theirs). A couple of tips for anyone interested in actually getting help for their problems instead of whining about some VA clerk that doesn't answer his/her phone: Overall VA does certain things quite well, even better than private sector. VA does other things not so well (but because they are mandated by congress to do them...... they do) VA does psychiatry, detox, substance abuse treatment, nursing home & geriatric care much better than private sector. If your problem is a medical/surgical issue then I would suggest going to a university medical center... these are generally on the cutting edge of best practices AND most are required to treat you regardless of ability to pay (if it gets money from the state like most univ. med. centers do). You see, VA has no choice in what they do. They MUST follow the laws, rules, regulations, etc... that congress creates. Yeh, that bunch of baboons y'all elected into office because they posed with a cowboy hat and a gun in front of the American flag.... those baboons. You don't like what your pet baboon is doing in the Capitol? Well, luckily here in the United States of America we overthrow almost a third of the government every two years, and overthrow virtually all of the government every four year (every Leap Year). Go and Do what you strapped on the uniform for, so the Civies back home can VOTE in peace. Oh, BTW, VA began having a whole system of patient advocates set up in the early '90s (they answer ONLY to the hospital director) that you SHOULD contact if you see something screwed-up!! Be proactive and follow-up on issues YOU bring up - - don't just sit there crying in your dirty diapers for 10 years waiting for a callback..... In the name of full disclosure, I have been on every side of the desk there is at VA: Regional Office, Medical Administration, hands-on Clinician, and 100% P&T USAF Veteran. And all this is just my $0.02 worth... Best of luck to us all.
  20. The care you get depends a lot on your geography. Part of that seems to be the local management and part is the funding vs. population. Palo Alto has a huge facility but you get better care in a place like Grass Valley. Even Martinez has better service. Less people, more time to provide services. There may be an imbalance.
  21. Whoever you may be. I have caught a few Regional Reps in lies up in that Regional Phoenix Office. Their next on the list of being exposed and this is just a nice way of saying it. So, Have a nice day. I have 5 years of recorded calls, meetings, ect. It's all coming out very soon so hang on to your niceness while you still have it.
  22. It sounds to me that you need to grow up then maybe your eyes will open. The VA down here, and I'm talking in the area of the show place in St. Pete, Is in such disarray it's sickening. (Every pun intended) There was a news program on the other night, and no it wasn't Fox News, that showed how bad things are at the Hailey facility. I've had surgery there and can attest to conditions there. As of last year I wouldn't go the VA for a hang nail. Put me back in Nam, the chances of surviving are a lot better.
  23. Dr. Jason Biscamp at the Texas City, Texas VA Branch Medical Clinic has provided me absolutely outstanding medical care. He and the staff at this clinic are exceptional and have fully supported me on the rare occasions whenever I have had a need. I cannot say enough good things about Dr. Biscamp and his team. Jim: 281-954-6084
  24. I'm relieved for you. My first experience with the VA was quite enlightening. My Dr. was fresh out of medical school, and any med. he prescribed, he had to first look up, and then varify the correctness of prescribing it, in the PDR, (physicians desk reference), for those of us that aren't quite as "enlightened", as you and I. Fortunately I was treated well. The SAD TRUTH is, that the VA system is sorely lacking, to put it mildly, and that's for the MAJORITY, not minority of poeple who seek their help, in times of need. They WOULD NOT GO otherwise. Case and point, the Armys infamous Walter Reed hospital. I KNOW I don't need to say more. But GOOD FOR YOU! To bad about ALL THE OTHER poor bastards! But they took GOOD CARE OF U! HELL, EVERYBODY ELSE must be stretching the truth! GOD Bless you anyways, you IDIOT! You just HAD to RILE UP my PTSD, didn't you?! HUH?
  25. Southwest Florida VA a great place to be a patient. Not in the Bay Pines Clinical level,Port Charlotte to be exact.People are dying as they wait. I have just driven to Ann Arbor Michigan VA, my EX primary been following my total lack of any care and she promised they would fix me. Thank you Ann Arbor. I have also had to purchase private sector health care, supplemental plans, not going to die waiting for this VA. And the revolving doors at this clinic continue to turn out the doctors that were here for years til they too got tired of being hamstrung by system. Most case not employees, but directors. Just hope I can get fixed and Ann Arbor will fix me. Florida, I feel badly for all vets coming into the system. If they have an urgent issue, they will die before being taken carte of. It is a shame. The employees know the system is broken and in this particular case it starts at the top, the Director who has yet to respond to my inquiries about my personal issues, Severe Abnormalities: Attention Required, four MRI's all said.Still waiting.Private Sector insurance not cheap, but I had no choice at $3-4000 a year, minimum. Not going to die waiting on this VA to take action of any kind. Patients advocates, do not waste their time.It is all documented if anyone cares. Good luck future members of Bay Pines and beware for your own sake.
  26. It took me 14 years, after two massive heart attacks, to secure my 100% disability from VA. I disagreed every time to VA and finallly had a hearing in Phoenix, the Doctor from Wash DC, took my case back and it came back that I should have 100% since 84. When I asked for back pay, somewhere, I failed to disagree with VA and they decided that, because I failed to disagree somewhere in 14 years, I couldnt receive retro pay. Thats how they work. Beat you to death, until you give up and stop fighting. They win. Im still waiting for 125K, but not holding my breath. Im at 200% disabled and still kicking. All my prescriptions come from civilian Doctors, and they choose to change my physicians diagnoses without seeing a qualified Doctor. A PA no less. Never treated my 100% disabled back. Had the Marines operate at Balboa, now its back. All discs are severly degenerated, and not one word from VA. Then they take away my Pain Meds, arbitrary, and say you dont need them. They have never examined since the 70s. We are butt wipe to VA and Congress. 20 years, Nam, and now this. Its amazing
  27. You poor bastard. What a CROCK OF BONIFIDE, TERRIFYING BULLSHIT you've been through!!! And are STILL going through!!! I've got palpatations after what you wrote! For REAL! I just prayed to GOD for you, my friend! GOD BLESS YOU!!! But SADLY, yours is just one of a MULTITUDE of abuses vets have had to SUFFER through all these years going back to Vietnam! I think to myself at moments like these, that the ONLY vets that got treated with respect, were the vets of the JUST war to end all wars, WW2. Its sad to say it, but that is what I firmly believe, until our government takes DRASTIC measures to overhaul a MOST HORRENDOUSLY run CANCEROUS, DISEASED VA system that is in place NOW!!! As a vet, and a medical professioal, if asked, I would, in the immortal words of Al Pacino, from the movie, "Scent Of A Woman", TAKE A FLAME THROWER, to the WHOLE GD SYSTEM!!! ANYTHING less, would be a TRAVESTY!!! GOD Bless us ALL, ESPECIALLY Americas VETS!!!
  28. I went to my VA Hospital in Perry Point Maryland in early January 2014 and the earliest appointment I could get was for April 29th 2014. I ask for one sooner and was told there is a 3 month waiting period for appointments. Normally I wouldn't mind but I have developed cancerous skin lesions that have gotten much worse while I am waiting as well as some other fairly immediate issues I feel I need taken care. A couple of years ago this wasn't the case.
  29. Now do we beleive Sarah Palin and Death Panels! Need I say More..This is a DISGRACE where is this country leadership on this matter.
  30. Nothing I've seen here points to a "death panel". But you do bring up a good point: that King bush II you elected along with his assistant darthVader and all those right-wing baboons you elected to congress with ONE single mandate; cut the budget and make gov't smaller. Well, they did! They slashed funding to VA, withheld COLA increases for Veterans pensions and disabilities. That makes for a smaller gov't, just like all those ignorant teetee partynuts wanted. Congratulations on voting in the exact leadership you wanted...
  31. Check your facts. COLA was cut by the dems and it was in 2009. It may be too late but you need a wakeup call.
  32. Ignore This Michael guy. He works for Phoenix Regional and more than likely trying to cover up faults of his own very soon. I have 5 years of wrong doings in the Regional Office of Phoenix. All recorded and Journal. Not just on my behalf. Quite a few of us Arizona Veterans decided to take charge and catch these people who claim their helping Veterans yet delaying with all out recorded lies. Stay tuned, because in the right time, this is going to floor the Nation.
  33. It seems you are confused L. W. Michael. King Obongo has been in charge since 2009. Doubled the size of Government, Spent trillions, cutting the DOD to its lowest level since before WWII. Where are the COLA increases he has given???? There are only decreases. And death panels, just wait until you or your parents or grandparents get 75 and on Medicare. Better hope they don't get something like Cancer, then you will see the death panels. They will be in place by 2015. Where do you get your news anyway? CNN or MSNBC?
  34. YOU ARE A MORON!!! That's all that attention you deserve. Your such an idiot, you couldn't get my agent orange, or ptsd to act up, on your BEST day!
  35. Mr. D Marlow. Did you flunk math in school, or just never paid any attention to it? "King Obongo" (what a cute moniker you made up there!) has NOT doubled the size of government. I challenge you to prove that statement. Show us all that the "size of government" was "x" when he took office on January 20, 2009, and the size now is "Y". I've gotten COLA increases in my Social Security and VA disability benefits (100% s-c T&P) every year he's been in office - PLEASE SHOW ME THE DECREASES IN SOCIAL SECURITY OR VA DISABILITY BENEFITS YOU CLAIM HAVE HAPPENED - YOU CAN'T!! So you KNOW - you just KNOW "death panels" will be in place within just one year - "DEATH PANELS" - really - and you know this how?? Where do you get YOUR news - from Faux Noise? Spouting lies (or simply ignorance of the truth as IF it were the truth) certainly KILLS your credibility and causes unnecessary stress to those who somehow believe even 10% of what you spew. BTW, if you have the guts to respond, do us all a favor and use only facts - facts that anyone can substantiate - rather than getting all uppity about how anyone could challenge your statements and then calling me some stupid name. If you can't prove what you say, just don't say it. As my boss once told me, "An occasional unexpressed thought is perfectly acceptable." This would be a good time for YOU to follow that advice!
  36. Mr. Marlow L.W. Michael works inside the Phoenix Regional Offices. I've chatted with his boss before he moved up into the system and caught a few in lies along with several other Veterans who are working with me to expose their wrong doings as well. We have also spoken with a couple of whistle blowers who were taking veterans information as call centers in Utah, for Arizona Regions. Very soon and at the right timing, we will expose their wrong doing's while 54 Veterans are dying just waiting for increases or claims period. Stay Tuned, this is going to be very very big. We have already leaked some information to private investigations yet not ready to release the works. They want to play with Veterans Lives. Then they can pay for it as well. Good Luck L.W.Michael .
  37. The fact that this is the 3rd report about such atrocites supports the notion that from the president on down, this administration does not care about the welfare of veterans. Its now seems to be ok to discard out fighting men and women when there is no need for them. History tells us, that somebody is going to pay for this injustice someday. Unfortunately, It will be all Americans who will pay. Put that in your pipe and smoke it.
  38. The fact that this is the 3rd report about such atrocites supports the notion that from the president on down, this administration does not care about the welfare of veterans. Its now seems to be ok to discard out fighting men and women when there is no need for them. History tells us, that somebody is going to pay for this injustice someday. Unfortunately, It will be all Americans who will pay. Put that in your pipe and smoke it.
  39. Karl Marx said to control the people, you must control their healthcare. The VA is nothing more then socialized medicine. Just think the government can't run the VA correctly or properly and now they want to control the nations health thru Obamacare. Remember those running the system are federal employees receiving nice 5 and 6 figure salaries with bonuses thrown to boot. In the real world they would be out on the street but in the world of the federal government they pay you for screw ups.
  40. We've had socialized medicine since Medicare was put in place. At least the VA has the authority to negotiate medication prices with Big Pharma. Congress won't allow Medicare to negotiate lower prices, or the cost of Medicare (and the co-pay cost to Medicare recipients) would be much lower. Don't get all hung up on the term "socialized medicine" - it's been working for decades here in the U.S. and in Canada, the UK, etc. etc.
  41. Is Washington run by Wealthy crooks? If so, They all need to be removed from their cozy chairs, stripped of their earnings and should be forced to sign up for obama care. They need to be placed in the long line with those of us who are looking for a job and not getting hired because employment is done online and age discrimination is obvious though can't be proven. As a Veteran of two Wars,I have to say that I can't be proud anymore if this type of conduct continues and loss of life unnecessarily continues in such an Evil and heartless manner. As a Tax payer, I think that those drawing unemployment and LINK and eating at the expense of tax payers must come to a screechin halt. There is no requirement for these people to provide proof from employers that they are looking for a job when I know they aren't. They don't have to work if noone puts their foot down and changes the Welfare System. Until that happens, the funds that could be used to balance the budget will continue to fill shopping carts with cases of soda and shrimp cocktail. I'm not that smart, but it didn't take much for me to figure it out. Just go to Walmart the first and middle of the month and watch the unhealthy whip out their cards and walk out with things I can't afford. There is no control in the Government. How sad!
  42. So true couldn't have said it better myself. What's even better is when they walk right back in the store and return what they just bought, and are given cash instead of having the amount put back card. Such a Shame.
  43. First of all thank you for your service! You are so right.As my bumper sticker says RECYCLE them all..Remember 2014 elections are coming up very soon..We do need term limits with control pensions..Most of them are millioners already..They want to tax the rich yet the all pay a different tax rate then we do..They know how to do it..Asking my tax man How do we do it..
  44. I believe accountability starts at the Director level at each facility. They should be managing by walking around their facilities and seeing first hand what's going on in the front lines.
  45. just one more fine example of why bigger is not better. keep asking everyone that gets to go to a smaller VA facility is treated right
  46. I do apologize for the poor service my brother in Arms have received, but please do not lump all employees together with the ones at fault for this, I work at a VA Hospital and I can tell you that there are many who care about your health. I'm a Veteran and employee and I'm not there for a check. I may not have direct patient contact but I do take care of the equipment that the patient use's, I have also fabricated device's to help our veteran who have no use of limbs or paralyzed help themselves be more independent like feed themselves or put cloths on, this is not my job but I do it because there is a bond between us veterans, brothers and sisters. That said the VA has many problems that could be changed that would save money and give top of the line care. the problem is the chain of Command, it's broke right at the first link on up. believe me the workers there have there hands tied in getting things to repair equipment it's broken at how they hire people, you know brother sister, wife, kids, friends. they don't care if they know anything about the job they have let them fill. It's sad to see what goes on behind the scene, I watch many people sucking up Hundreds of thousands of dollars because they can, I have promotions done illegal just so they can put that person that is like them in the spot. there is no one in your chain of command that can be trusted and I mean way up the chain, even the Union is working with them, so nothing is going to change until someone who is not part of the system or good ole boy does something. I have seen hazards that would shut a place down be covered up, why because if anyone found out law suits would be over whelming. I tried reporting thing only to find out that the people you told was protecting the one's who were responsible. they told me they couldn't get me for being a whistle blower but they would get me for something else, yes it gets under my skin, your hurting my buddies. your taking money that could help the veterans, money that could pay for more Doctors to see more patients. Don't blame everyone who works there many are veterans themselves, there is so much fraud and waste and kickbacks and if you want to find who they are follow the paper trail, if you got a guy who makes 60 thousand a year and his income for the year is 160 thousand a year, well theres your sign. we work in a hostile, bulling place. when you put people in jobs they no nothing about then yea your going to have increased deaths and poor care. we need some one to come in and investigate and clean house and I don't mean move the crook to a better job or let them work from home. you think I might have said to much, well at least I tried to do the right thing, if I loose my job thats ok too, I have a clear mind. And don't be rude to the employees who work there, they have a lot of stress on them also. and they are in this mess with their hands tied. If you have an employee that is rude ask to speak to their supervisor and let them know, We are there to help the Veterans we work for you and you should receive respect and good care, were human just like you are and need respect also. keep check on your appointments and call if you can't make it. so another veteran can be seen. if your sick go to the ER if it's going to be a few months before your appointment . your health is also in your hands. you earned the right for care and I thank each one of my buddies in arms for your service.
  47. Thank you..I was told years ago when I went to work for IBM a real good christan man said to me. Where ever you work in life here is what happens,,In each place you work there are 100% of the employers..You will find out 75% of them do there jobs 15% do a little more then the have to. Now that leaves you with 10% who do more that they have too.You are one of the 10% LANE. As my christan man said to me in 1966 WHO do you want to be EDDIE? Did that for 30yrs..
  48. Huh? How does that work? You said "75% do their job, 15% do a little more than their job requires and that leaves 10% who do more than they have to." Not sure what your point is but the percentages add up to everyone doing at least what is required (75% doing their job), and 25% doing MORE than required. What exactly is your point?
  49. The VA clinic and hospital in Fayetteville, Arkansas, has treated me very well. The doctor I use in clinic 2 is very friendly and understanding. I think it may be one of the best centers in the USA. They have addressed everything I told them about.
  50. In 1999 there wa a movie entitled "Article 99" staring Ray Liotta, Kiefer Sutherland, Forest Whitaker. It died suddenly as it was supposedly detrimental to the VA system as a sort of uncredited expose. This sounds pretty much like it. But nothing will be done. The military has been dumped upon ever since the revolution. Even General MacCarther stood against the dough boys when they marched in Washington trying to get their mustering out pay from WW I. He stood with troops ready to fire upon the veterans. The "Corp" does not include the Enlisted. Got to say that my treatment at the VA here in FL has been good. Can't say that about Fort Bliss.
  51. Lost my hearing in army an got approval for va claim in Boston but moved to South Carolina an the jerks at Dorn Va Columbia SC lost paperwork or say don't qualify or need more info. Been fighting for years. They do not care about people which are just numbers to them.
  52. Don't give up. Find a VFW Service Officer and get his/her help. You will get what you are entitled.
  53. I'm fortunate to have the option of using Tricare with civilian providers. Its not wanted I'm blessed to have Wilm Del V.A hospital for all my many needs and they are the best with few acceptations.
  54. I spent nine years in the active Army. Had a jeep accident in 1962 year later I started to have seizures, a doctor said it was because my wife and I was having problems and was not military. However it all happened on military time I didn't get out until January 63. And I get discharged in 1969. I have been hiding them from all my different jobs for all this time. So check my records and see if BA has treated me right.
  55. This is happening all over!!! I'm currently going into my 3rd month waiting to see my Primary Care Physician. That's here in Atlanta!!! And if you could see how vets are treated here you'd probably want to die!! The staff is rude and NOBODY knows anything!!! But they collect a paycheck!!! A simple checkup here is an all day process!!!
  56. Tommie, you're lucky. Here in the land of the show place, Tampa Bay area, we get to wait a minimum of 7 months on average. I have been waiting quit a long time to see a doctor. I had an issue in December and was told to go to the ER, the VA ER was over 1 hour away as I told them. I was then told to go to the closest one, The VA refused to pay for it so I can say with out any bias, Din't take your dog to the VA here, they will kill it.
  57. Unless you believe Blame is like whale manura and always settles on the bottom, look up to the top. Congress is ioo% to blame. They have P ing and m ing for years without doing a thing.
  58. After moving to Phoenix, AZ. from CT. I had to wait 4 months to see a primary care Dr. after registering. Had to get the clinic in Ct. to give me my medication perscription because the ran out. I think the delay was a little much,& stressfull.
  59. In my 73 years, I have accumulated 10 1/2 yrs active inc. guards & navy reserve. My wife and I spent 21 yrs serving the Coast Guard in various capacities as volunteers. Back in the 70's I was admitted into the VA care system. Although the care that I did receive was excellent care, most of the time waiting between appointment schedule and the time to see the Dr. could vary from 7 hours in ER to 2 to 3 months for problems that were pressing and mostly gone by the time I saw the Dr. During this period I saw many Dr.s seeking help for my back pain that I have lived with Most of the time I was bumped down on the list as this was not "service connected". Finally last May, Congress allocated money to the VA to send veterans like myself out into the community. I chose OHSU in Portland, Oregon, was seen in just days, scheduled for surgery in 6 weeks time where I received major surgery to repair 3 birth defects and degenerate disc disease and arthritis throughout my back. I now have 12" steel bars from my hips upwards with 17 screws and 2 bolts and I have never felt better in my life. Wouldn't it have been nice if the VA would have helped me years ago as they promised upon my dismissal from the military service? Or am I just a dreamer. Good luck you veterans and God Bless You.
  60. Mr. Douglas your case is just like my Dad's. He was injured in Hawaii while being transported to a guard station after the attacks. He was sent to several hospitals in the States, each one of them promising to perform the procedures you received, it has not happened yet as he approaches 95 years of age. The routine reasoning for refusing the procedure is because he is not 100% disabled. He sure as hell was 100% healthy before his service incured injury. I sure am glad you were able to get the help you deserved and wish I had some way to help my father. Thank you for your service from another veteran of service in Berlin, Germany.
  61. I've been in the VA System since 2010' When I came in, it was thru the VA Hospital in Salem (Roanoke, Va.) and I couldn't say enough good about them but now I'm in the system I'm starting to hear remarks like the VA wants to take their time helping us that if we die before we're in they won't have to give us any compensation. Sounds like there could and may be some truth to this remark,
  62. I just finished reading all the comments about bad V.A. medical care. I've been going to the Lexington, Ky. V.A facilities for about four years, and can't say enough good things about either one of the facilities. I've always been treated with upmost respect, and any time I have a medical problem arise, they are just a phone call away.
  63. I also had real good at the Lexington VA except for one occasion. Overall I consider Lexington VA to be excellent.
  64. I feel so fortunate the Lee County (FL) VA Clinic takes care of us so well. I am spoiled by the care I receive there.
  66. This is another way the government is attempting to save money to improve the fiscal picture for Obamacare. The same nonsense is occurring under Medicare where approved materials are being denied years after they were first approved. All of this reminds me of double secret probation. The rules change in some murky way. I am glad a group is going to look at these practices.
  67. These comments are so reminiscent of the ones following the findings at Walter Reed Medical Center's living conditions for returning wounded. The commanding officer was relieved after being there less than 9 months and having requested Congress for funds to correct bad living conditions (the request was turned down). I am sure some VA officials will undoubtedly be held accountable for the situation that is more aptly attributable to the lack of funding by Congress and more specifically the Republicans in power. Please follow the congressional bills and see how your representatives vote. In doing so, please take the time to read the entire bill, not just the title of the proposed legislation.
  68. Last time I noticed, the Republicans were not "in power". Unless, of course, you consider "power" to be one house of a bicameral legislature. It seems to me that the Democrats, who hold the presidency and the other house of the legislature are more "in power".
  70. Think some veterans are painting with a broad brush. Not all VA Clinics and hospitals are in such bad shape. I was assigned a doctor my first visit to the VA In Fayetteville Arkansas. When I needed hearing aids I got them. The hearing aids were replaced after seven years with new devices.I've had three primary care doctors, two weren't the best but adequate, my lasts doctor is very good.
  71. VA in SW Florida is GREAT, the staff cares from top to bottom, just had a complete shoulder replacement. Couldn't have been treated any better. If the rest of the country is in as bad a shape as stated above they need to use our VA system down here as a model.
  72. We were just cannon fodder while we served and we are even considered less than that as veterans.
  73. If the reported facts are true, why is the local DA not pressing Negligent Homicide charges? Maybe the news sources are not willing to come forward, possibly because they know how they will be protected. Or maybe the DA is dealing veterans lives for a better job(Federal Judge) maybe.
  74. My wife's mother was receiving a widow's pension from the VA. We were using it to offset her expenses in a nursing facility. Out of nowhere, we received a notice from the VA that they had been paying her too much and she owed them money back. They told us how to appeal if we disagreed and we immediately did that following all of the proper procedures. In the meantime, they stopped paying her widow's pension and turned this over to a collection agency. We received confirmation that they had received our appeal and we were on their waiting list. After many attempts to get a response and after about 18 months, my wife's mother passed away. I am convinced that this is exactly what the VA's strategy was. They stopped paying her, didn't respond to any appeals and waited for her to die. Disgraceful!
  75. My experience with the VA is that they seem to see medication as the solution to all ailments.
  76. Well American Legion & Congress DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT ! ,instead of talking about it.
  77. mr. zook's comment is right on. the legion needs to determine what is needed to fix the problems with medical care and disibility compensation issues and lay out of plan to fix them. reach out to legion members and tell us what the cost will be. the legion needs to take point here and we need to support it -- if a coherent plan is put in place to lobby for solutions in all of this that are respectful to veterans. the u.s. is at the end of 10 years of wars; veterans will quickly be forgotten as peace breaks out if the legion and organizations like it are not in the face of congress and whatever administration is in the white house.
  78. Paul, the Legion is making a site visit at the Phoenix VAMC in two weeks to evaluate the situation there. We will keep the membership posted.
  79. I have had a similar experience with requesting a hearing aid. I am a retired USAF pilot who flew for over 11 years on active duty and in the reserves and suffered a partial hearing loss as a result. I have applied to the VA over 5 years and have been rejected because I was unable to prove my hearing loss occurred while flying for the USAF.
  80. Obamacare has nothing to do with this, I received a letter from my local VA that I would not have to worry about complying with obamacare because the VA services I received cover me. So I won't.
  81. Deny, deny, deny. They don't believe you. They look at you like your taking money out of their own personal pocket. Ask you questions about what happened 40+ years ago. And then the waiting, waiting, waiting starts. 6 months later you get a letter of denial and then the repeal phase starts. 6 months later you get an appointment, which when you go to the appointment, it's cancelled that day. But once a year flags go up, Politian's praise you, people pat you on your back, patriotic music is play and then your forgotten again.
  82. As both a 50% disabled veteran and a retired VA Nurse. I have seen a lot of good VA Doctors, Nurses and other staff become frustrated and disillusioned with the VA system. This is easy to say, but difficult to do: We (veterans and the good VA workers)need to rid the VA and related Federal government agencies of waste and corruption. IT IS time to stop talking about the mess and begin to clean it up. Time for action is now, before its too late. Get rid of the dead wood and dead programs. Stop giving billions of money, food, etc to other countries until the USA (which is in bad need of help)is in a stable position and our citizens are back om their feet. Those that feel they don't need to work and want a free ride, sorry, too bad get a job or perish. those that want to work a conservation corps should be re-instituted. College or trade school vouchers should be given, with a repayment program instituted. If you gained access to this country illegally, sorry. The government should clamped down on you. No benefits what so ever. I your illegal, so is your baby born on this soil. I could go on but the message has been delivered year after year.
  83. I signed up for a VA doctor 10 years ago to treat my service connected disabilities and have yet to have one assigned. Have gone back to the VA a few times only to be told I need to re-register each time. What a waste!
  84. They are not going to come looking for you, you need to follow up if you are waiting for an appointment. Call, stop by the clinic. If you don't care enough about your health to follow up nobody else is going to do it for you.
  85. You need to go through the nearest DAV (Disabled American Veteran) office and have them go to bat for you. If your eligible there should be no problem. If they (VA) states your not find out why. I agree, 10 years is way too long.
  86. The United States government has had an unwavering, invariable policy since 1786 of systematically screwing anyone stupid enough to fight for this country. From Shays' Rebellion in 1786 (they hanged him) to the subsidized railroad theft of veterans' lands in the west after the Civil War to Douglas MacArthur shooting the Bonus Marchers in 1931 to the present Veterans' Maladministration, nothing changes. And it matters not at all which party is in power.
  87. This is not the first or last time we will hear about these things doesn't anyone understand that they don't care what happens to us and the government doesn't either.
  88. The do not want us around for when the government really wants to do things that are bad for our Country.
  89. I agree with Charles and everyone else on the page. As a four war veteran I am disappointed in some form or fashion every time I go to the VA Hospital for my maintenance care. God forbid I have a new issue! It seems like our local VA switches doctors every other year and each one brings new hurdles and concerns to my routine healthecare. This is very confusing to me since I've had the same issues for almost 20 years! And they wonder why I don't believe their test results, well if you can't diagnose something as simple as vertigo and make me wait four months for an appointment just to tell me its all in my head... Then why should we be shocked when something like this happens. By the way, I still have vertigo issues and no possible solution, short of paying for civilian medical care.
  90. I'm on my 3rd Doctor in the same clinic in Tucson. Yet they still keep delaying my appointment for some growth in my Stomach. This morning I called to reschedule "AGAIN" for the 100th time. They said we'll call you right back. 7 hours later im down feeding horse come back to hear a voice mail. OMG I'm going to put this on YouTube the Nation needs to hear this one. I tried going on the outside, however they need a referral from my VA Doctor. What the heck? They have been delaying me now almost two years now. I wonder what they saw in the Xray. Why is Tucson AZ VA delaying my issues. Heck I'm 90% service connected. I reckon I'll just die in pain not knowing. However, to all Veterans. Look up the T.O.R.T. Act. You can sue the Government for these kind of practices. We have an appointment with an attorney tomorrow.
  91. Most people that work at the VA do not care about the veterabs. They are just there to collect a paycheck and put their time in and retire. They do not list to what the veteran says. hey hear what they have been told to hear by the VA.
  92. That is the biggest misconception of all. We care, but some of the patients make it very difficult with their sense of entitlement. I too am a Veteran. And you have not seen struggles until you are a female Veteran. Men are given appointments first not only in local VA but in most VAs I have gone to. But as a VA employees I know I personally go out of my way to help those Veterans that come in for services, but when they come in and start abusing me verbally and being aggressive with me, the deal is off. I help them still because I have to, but I don't go out of my way like I woul dhave had they not been so agressive or abusive or rude. You left that part out Mr. Solis.
  93. Hilda, I worked at the Tucson VA for 5 years. I was considered an outstanding employee. When Veterans cursed at me Male and Female, I would "ALWAYS" find a way to make their day before I left my shift. No Matter what Hilda. Veterans are Veterans and we took an Oath to give our all for all Veterans. This has nothing to do with "Gender" Young lady. (Smiling). Yet if everyone could follow a very simple guideline, and smile,, or tell a small joke or discuss something positive that's going on. Better yet, how about unconditional compassion. As a combat Veteran I get upset with staff at times. And currently going through some very difficult issues with Tucson VA. However, I know I set a great example on my floor at that Hospital. When Patients would throw items at the nurse I would ask for a stand down on code green. Upon leaving the patients room we were both laughing and he or she was apologizing for their behavior. Its so simple. It's odd that when staff in situations like that are only at their best when their at their worse. Try the positive effect, you will all be very surprised and rewarded.
  94. Hilda, I'm sorry that you have been treated that way and thank you for your service. Please try to understand that most Nam Vets act this way because we are not getting proper care. My doctor talks to his computer for our 20 minute appointment every 7 to 8 months or so. He is more concerned about that darn thing then listening to me. I have perm damage to a nerve in my neck and have yet to have any real action taken. So please understand that those of us that have multiple problems that are not being addressed are not taking it out on you. We are frustrated and fed up. I apologize to you for all the vets that have treated you poorly.
  95. Hilda: You are absolutely correct. Abusive, aggressive or rude behavior doesn't doesn't cut it. At the VA or anywhere else. ALL veterans, that means both women and men deserve to be treated in a timely manner. John Hodson, USMC
  96. I will say this for the upteen time, the VA medical is an antiquated organization whose time has run its course. It needs to be disbanded and each vet over 65 needs to have his Part B and Part D paid for by the VA. Everyone under 65, who does not have medical coverage should be put on TRICARE and remain on TRICARE until they reach 65. Choice and treatment when the vet want it or needs it.
  97. Or you can pay for you own medicare and leave those of us happy with the VA alone.
  98. Sounds like an excellent idea, how does this advance up the chain for someone to consider it?
  99. Gentlemen, our government is top heavy combine that with the first step process of "CYA" nothing will be done any time soon if at all. Committees and fact finding "studies" is just foot dragging so they can figure out how to spin this and come out with "the fix" which makes them look like the good guy. Perfect for a photo op as Jan Wesselius stated. Veteran benefits should not be part of any federal or local political games. I'll quit here before I begin to rant like a looney, then again, maybe we all need to .
  100. When will people come to the realization that Vets are a thorn in the Obama's administrations ability to procure more bottom feeders? We take resources that they want to give to their bottom feeding free loaders. A retired Navy Vet.
  101. We better all get used to the idea, that America is lost. It started in earnest in the 1960s. God is gone out of our society and evil has moved in to the vacuum. The military with its veterans used to be one organization America could always count on. The liberals are crimealizing the military and it's veterans because we stand in the way.
  102. So far my experience with the Williams Gateway and Phoenix VA facility has been great. Having said this, I am fortunate to have no debilitating injuries or diseases. Blessed.I guess? If any of this is true, then all I can say is welcome to O'ummmer care! The rest of the population will experience the same in short order. CWO released from duty honorably!
  103. Congress will spring into INACTION. It's time to open some civil lawsuits with names named and financial penalties enacted. Maybe there are some criminal statutes that may be brought to bear. A little time in pink underwear might do some of these blue-haired administrators in Phoenix a little good.
  104. I recently moved to Tucson, AZ and have tried for months to get appointments for my service connected injuries. And was told by Clinical persons that I must wait 18 months to see a Primary care Doctorto start my treatment process. What can you do for me? I keep trying to receive Treatment for my Service Connected problems.
  105. Congress will spring into action. They will have committees, fact finding studies and hearings. Congressmen will have their photo ops. Maybe in about 5 years something will happen.
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