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Peter Gaytan – executive director of the Legion’s D.C. office – is attending an all-day roundtable meeting at the Pentagon w/ Department of Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel, and representatives from other veterans and military service organizations. The topic: the proposed DoD budget.


  1. What I have seen and read, Mr Hagel doesn't have the best interest of the military and veterans at heart. He appears to be nothing more than an o'bama yes man. I cannot imagine that sitting down at a meeting with him would accomplish anything useful for the military and its veterans.

  2. I agree Sir. We have so many issues concerning the safety of America and Americans in Russian Territory. However, someone seriously needs to take charge when it comes to the Veterans and Administration Abuses on Vets who are dying daily waiting for appointments/claims.My appointments in Tucson have been on delay for 2 years now. Every time my wife calls they just say, "we'll call you right back" Today it was 7 hours. And all they was the Doctor won't be in tomorrow. TWO YEARS ! ! Its a growth inside my stomach and its so painful I wish at times to be put out of my misery. Tried getting outside appointment and they need a referral from my VA doctor. Lose Lose either way.

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