2012 Legion College application online


Applications for the 2012 American Legion National College now are available online. The college takes place Oct. 28 to Nov. 2 at National Headquarters in Indianapolis.

National Legion College enhances knowledge and appreciation of The American Legion, and teaches the core values and contributions of the organization, its Auxiliary, Sons of The American Legion and many subordinate programs. The National Legion College prepares Legionnaires for leadership positions in posts, districts, counties and departments through education, development and motivation. The curriculum challenges student leaders to think critically and creatively about issues confronting the Legion.

A prerequisite to Legion College is The American Legion Extension Institute (ALEI) training program that is now available online at www.legion.org/alei. The online program replaces the series of printed booklets that focus on the Legion's Four Pillars of Service. Learn more about ALEI here.

To download the Legion College application, click here. Along with the application, candidates for American Legion National College also must submit an essay of 500 words or less explaining by they want to attend the college and how they will apply the knowledge they will acquire. Comments can be either printed or handwritten and must be provided with the application on an additional sheet of paper.

Applications and essays should be mailed to Internal Affairs, P.O. Box 1055, Indianapolis, IN 46206, or faxed to (317) 630-1413 no later than July 31.


  1. Blaming the current Secretary of Veterans Affairs for the current failure to give aid is misplaced. I finally applied for VA benefits 12 years ago - 41 years after my medical discharge, and have seen the service declining ever since. This is all due to lack of funding and all that the Secretary can do is to spend the money which is appropriated by Congress. Just weeks ago, the House voted NOT to increase funding to save the taxpayers money. The Speaker bitched about the backlog of applications and appeals, which have finally fallen back to the number which were in place in 2000. About 9 years ago the House VA committee would not even let the heads of the vets organizations testify. About 2 years ago I noticed a change in vision and I called the VA to make an appointment, but this was not on the treatment plan, so, 6 months later I was diagnosed with Macular Degeneration and will never have more than light in my left eye. I have filed a Federal Tort Claim, because I can no longer even drive to keep appointments. That is the recourse for all who have been harmed by these attempts to save the taxpayers money. Any vet who would vote this year to retain those who voted against increased funding is just asking for worse problems. My annual appointments have been delayed by a month or two, and the local ER is not the solution unless you are bleeding or have a broken bone or heart attack.I find it strange that I get 'thank you for your service' from people, but from my TEA party Rep. I get nothing but a form letter when I complain about the need for additional spending. I have even written to him telling him that by not adequately funding the VA he is loosing his supporters. You should do the same. They had enough money to make us disabled but now there is not enough to treat us.
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  3. After taking and passing the ALEI training I will be committed to getting the word out about the American Legion, its benefits to Vets, their families, and communities. There is so much history in this organization, it should be a required course in high school to learn of ALL of its effects on military families and their communities.
  4. I passed the American Legions Extensions Institute training program.Lots of useful INFO.I have a better understanding and Respect for the Legion.Look forward to becoming a life member next year.
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