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2014 Legacy Run route announced

The route plan for the 2014 USAA-sponsored American Legion Legacy Run has been finalized. The Run will traverse 1,336 miles through eight states, eventually ending up in Charlotte, N.C., on Aug. 21, 2014.

The ride leaves Indianapolis on Aug. 17 and will make stops in Kentucky, Virginia, West Virginia, South Carolina and Georgia before ending up in King’s Mountain, N.C. The Legacy Run even will make a stop at The American Legion World Series in Shelby, N.C., on Aug. 19 for the series championship game.

The route is as follows:

Aug. 17 – Indianapolis to Pikeville, Ky. (stops in Florence, Lexington and Stanton, Ky.)

Aug. 18 – Pikeville, Ky., to Danville, Va. (stops in Grundy and Bedford, Va., and Princeton/Bluefield, W.Va.)

Aug. 19 – Danville, Va., to Shelby, N.C. (stops in Winston-Salem, Statesville, Shelby and King’s Mountain, N.C.)

Aug. 20 – King’s Mountain, N.C., to Buford, Ga. (stops in Waynesville, N.C., and Rabun Gap, Ga.)

Aug. 21 – Buford, Ga., to King’s Mountain, N.C. (stops in White Plans and Rock Hill, S.C.)

The complete route is available here.

Eight previous Legacy Runs have raised more than $4 million for The American Legion Legacy Scholarship Fund, which was established so the children of servicemembers killed on or after Sept. 11, 2001, have the opportunity to pursue a college education.


  1. It was a pleasure hosting the riders in Waynesville North Carolina and i am very proud of all of them for their kindness and support. we would love to do this again and next time maybe i can ride
  2. Secretary Hudson, Post #256. You have made contact with the right person, Bill Sloan. He can actually provide you with a contact number with one of our Support Vehicles and a passenger in the vehicle can provide you with up-to-date locations and ETAs. It is virtually impossible to absolutely nail-down an accurate timeline for a large convoy of motorcycles. Thank you for your interest in supporting this wonderful Legion endeavor!
  3. Winston-Salem is looking forward to receiving all the riders at Post 55 on your route to Charlotte. Ride safe and we'll be greeting you in W-S, NC.
  4. If you want to experience a week with the most patriotic, flag waving, energized Legion members, meet comrades that will become life long friends and have the wind in your face for a safe, fun week, then please get registered and join us. The American Legion Legacy Scholarship Fund was established to provide an education for children of service members killed in the war on terror since 9-11. At last accounting, D.O.D. will contribute up to $36,000.00 towards these children's education. Not a lot even today, let alone in 15 or so years. Our goal is 20 million dollars so the fund will be self sustaining.It is up to us to insure these young Americans have the opportunity for an education. One their parent would have provided. The Legion motto is "Still Serving." We are serving our comrades that went the full measure for America and our way of life. Be part of the American Legion and American Legion Riders family and register today! If you don't have a motorcycle, you may join us in your car or pick-up at the end of the procession. Either way, you will be helping with a great cause and have a fun memory of riding some of our great country. As a participant for the last eight years, I will continue as long as I am able and until our goal is met. Charlie Hotel, out.
  5. Be sure to read the Safety Corner riding tips in the ALR newsletter. There are up to date articles covering some of the many things you should be mindful of on the Legacy Run and every time you throw a leg over a scooter.
  6. To bad all national bike groups couldn't plan their rides to end at the Finally on Sept 11 in Washington DC with the 2 million Bikers to DC 9/11 memorial.
  7. May we have the list of campsites for riders, so that we (non-rider supporters) might have/may have refreshment and aid available to the riders?
  8. Working on that. Expect great camping at Bessemer City post in NC near Charlotte. Good thought. Will look at camping at all stops.
  9. Great route! I will make the run at long last. I am also a long timeUSAA member and am glad they sponsor the run. However, I think we should unite in asking them why they refuse to insure our motorcycles!
  10. Probably because so many idiots ride without the common sense required safety gear, which tends to jack up the cost of insurance for us all when they languish for weeks in a hospital due to preventable brain damage. But one could argue they were already brain damaged for even considering riding without a helmet. God Bless America, no one else seems to be these days!
  11. Hey man I agree we need a united front, but my experience has shown USAA rates are much higher. I had great rates with GEICO. What I would like to see is a united fight to have VA push to open enrollment in reasonable health insurance for disabled brothers and sisters. You know such as CHAMPVA or others.
  12. Ride With Pride++++What you Riders do can't match with any verb. YOU GUYS AND GIRLS ADD VERBS. There are'nt any words that can express the Nations memories of Thank-Yous and high expectations you've proved = again worth feeling. God Speed++++
  13. I did neglect to ask if an approximate time has been established for the group to be at fuel stop in Floence, Ky. Can you give time and place so we might meet the group? Jim Hudson Secretary of ALR Post 256 Loveland, Ohio
  14. Jim, we not only want, but need your members' help. Looks like KY riders can help at the Walton exit (south of Florence, KY) But...I would love to see Ohio Riders at the Ohio state lines and at the Walton, KY refueling. We enter Ohio this year. Ohio ALR deserves to be seen.
  15. Question...If we here, at Post 256 Loveland, Ohio wish to meet with the group at Florence, Ky.... FIRST: I assume it will not cause an issue with the group? And ... SECOND Where are you planning to stop? Jim Hudson Secretary Post 256 ALR Loveland, Ohio
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