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Would you like to see Wiki-Leaks founder Julian Assuange prosecuted by the U.S. or allies for releasing classified documents?


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  1. Simply put, this is a war crime against this government and our military forces. Since this is a war crime this individual should be taken to the Hague and tried and summarily hung. There that problem is taken care of and now we move on the win this war and should others decide to release information like this...They too would have a date with the hangman !

  2. Let's get to the source of the disclosure of classified materials. I certainly took my claerances serious and to the grave if necessary.

  3. If the material obtained by WIKILEAK was Classified.

    1)How did they get it?

    2)Why is there not an investigation as to the leak of classified documents?

  4. Capt ,USN Ron Kriel is exactly right and its the media who has led the public off on this tiraid about this norrow minded so called celebrity. The real traitor is within and we do have the authority to go after this traitor. We have enough intelligence to start a war but not enough (yet)to try the traitors within.

  5. Julius Rosenberg was a spy. His wife, Ethyl, may just have been a victim of circumstance. As much as I despise what he did, Assuange didn't break any laws. The person with the security clearance who made classified documents available to Assuange should be prosecuted.

  6. . . . he is on the side of truth. It's about time our government gets out of the business of lies and deceptions, and lets the court of public opinion have the facts. Assuange is bringing the sterilizing light of noontide down on the rotten moth-infested business of government-assisted private intrigue.

  7. I seem to remember a couple, I believe it was during WWII, the Rosenbergs, who did the same thing in a different way and were executed for their deeds. What is the difference now?

  8. I feel that anybody associated with this website should be classified as TRAITORS. Anyone who leaks any type of military information should be classified as such. I guess our politicians think they feel more important if they leak information that they have been made privy to, regardless of the consequences. They also should be publicly tried and hung like the traitors they are!

  9. glad we didn't have this traitor around during WW2. But then, they would have put him against a wall is short order. Treason is the lowest form of life. Most were shot out of hand. Pay attention to how the Nazi and Communist handled treason during the War.

  10. I believe that we classify to many things, that we classify them to high. everyday actions that mean nothing are routinely stamped classified. I've seen some of the leaks and wouldn't mind seeing them published in the NY times on a regular and authorized basis. they would be good Indicators for the American public just how the war is going., and what is actually going on. I think the National security card is played to often and these leaks are of no danger to our troups. anyone on the ground can see them on a daily basis, where they patrol, what time of day, etc. they don't need somebody on the other side of the world relaying information they read in a stateside or european paper.
    As to the release of known classified information by US Personnel, they should be prosecuted by authorities. There is nothing we can do about the civilians who run wiki leaks.

  11. At the risk of drawing zymurgy's wrath, it is an issue of shooting the messenger. WikiLeaks published what was provided to them. The real culprit is whoever prvided the classified information in the first place, and we already have a mechanism for dealing with trators. Many classified documents have been published in major American newspapers in the past. It is the one who leaks the material that is at fault.

    Oh, well, zumurgy, give it your best shot.

    Ron Kriel
    CAPT. USN (Ret.)

  12. If there is a legal basis for prosecting Assuange, then by all means we should do so. He has a right to his opinion but not to the publication of info that can cause people to lose their lives. Rights have responsibilities. As for Manning and his ilke, he should, if found guilty, be blindfolded and shot like a traitor on the public square. It is not American nor patriotic to damage property or put people in harms ways as a means of protest. Assuange and Manning can make their point without jeopardizing military personnel or operations and still be effective. However, for Manning, his release of information is against the law and not a valid protest procedure. To be irresponsible, both men take on the responsibility for those who are damaged or killed regardless of their opinion or motive.

  13. STRATFOR says that these leaks were primarily field reports covering the period 2004-2009. Pfc Bradley Manning has been arrested for these and the previous Wiki breaches. If Manning is guilty, a little time in Leavenworth would be appropriate. As for Wiki founder, Assuange; He is not worth the time.

  14. Wiki-Leaks founder Julian Assange said he has four 'secret' bases he moves between for his own security purposes.

    How nice he can control HIS life and location and not afford the same to the hundreds of operatives who have helped the US or allies and are now exposed to those who might do them harm.

    Where are those under the skin microchip GPS transmitters when you need one?

  15. Classified information is for a reason, the security of our nation is in risk, including our troops safety. Every action has a reaction and negative reaction should has a consequence on the person or group that caused it. WikiLeak should accept punishment for putting our troops in more danger.

  16. The unfortunate thing is that Julian Assuange did in fact not do anything illegal. We do not have the right to prosecute him and thinking about it is a waste of time.

    The question is who did the leaking. It had to be one of our own, and that is the sad thing. That person is the one who needs to be found out and prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

    Does our government lie to us? Absolutely. Do I like it? Absolutely not. The same way I do not like all the foreign policies of our government. That being said, I am also of the opinion that leaking classified documents is an offense against our national security and should be punished openly so all can see. I would not be opposed to a public hanging if the evidence to convict was irefutable.

  17. I call on my Legion Comrades and all other true American Patriots to recognize our need to accept God's teaching, confess our sins, turn from our wicked ways, and pray so that He will forgive our sins and heal our land.
    Our forefathers founded this Nation, formulated the Constitution, and enacted the Bill of Rights while depending on God and His Guidance. They opened every session with Bible study, prayer (sometimes lasting over three hours), and listening to sermons preached boldly by ministers who advised them FROM THE PULPIT as to how God was leading them.
    We the People of the United States have long since turned away from those pillars and precepts in a downhill slide toward complete depravity in a search for "personal freedom", "personal 'rights'", and total desregard for authority and personal responsibility. We must teach them an ethic to enable living rather than just surviving.
    The onus is on each of us to lead by living righteous lives.
    May it not be too late!

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