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Now that the Senate has blocked the DADT repeal effort, will it be repealed anyway after the Pentagon completes its study?


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  1. is not like any other country. Our form of government based on Judeo-Christian principles is unique and worth fighting for. The military is not the place to do social engineering. Having said that, if a homosexual does his duty, follows the rules like everyone else, he/she should not be discharged just because it was found out that he/she is living in a homosexual relationship. This issue is a tough one and should not be determined by the courts but by the people. For the military, it should be determined by those in the military that know best how to keep a cohesive, strong military. The military's job is to defend America and it's traditional values. The job of those in the military is to obey the rules and be good soldiers, sailors, airmen etc. The military should not be used to experiment with social issues.

  2. I served 30 years and I had to us Convenience of the Government to separate homosexuals of both sexes when the request separation or when caught in an act or finding communication with other in their trash can. Point being DADT should never have replaced regulations that had a proper and easy way of dealing with the issue.

    National Security would be damaged should homosexuality be just lip service. On the front line, it is definitely important to have your back covered with someone whom is of the same mind and would give their life to protect their buddy (male/female) and not worry that perhaps you are stranded to fight alone, because the support person is of different sexual preference.

  3. We as a nation have taken God out of our Schools,and many have taken Him out of their lives.
    God has said Lev 18:22 That homosexuality is an abomination. If we legitimize it God will make us pay for it. Say what you may but God made this country great because it's founders where God fearing men and our country will fall when we turn away from him.

  4. As an Army veteran who saw first hand what Don''t Ask, Don't Tell does to unit cohesion, to the moral of a unit, and to the Army Values, I say it is a criminal mechanism designed in the mold of the Spanish Inquisition.

    A fellow soldier was being discharged under the policy, and the command use it as an excuse to essentially tear apart our entire platoon, section by section, to "root out" anyone else in the unit ho might be gay. This included taking each soldier into a room with the 1SG and several other NCOs, and grilling them about who Sergeant J------ (my friend) hung around with, if that soldier had seen any of these soldiers and NCOs ever "do anything gay" or "even maybe bi-sexual". Imagine that going on for a month.

    I'll show you some broken unit cohesion.

  5. I second the above comments. Its time to join the other nations of the world and stop allowing your relgious nuts to influence national policy. We are loosing many good men because of this lunacy.

  6. I second the above comments. Its time to join the other nations of the world and stop allowing your relgious nuts to influence national policy. We are loosing many good men because of this lunacy.

  7. 22 countries that we consider allies allow homosexuals in their armed forces. Seemingly, either their straight military are adults who won't go crying to mommy if someone gets a glance at their teeny-weenies, or their gay personnel are professionals who don't mix sex and work together.

    Our military fights alongside those same troops - and somehow our men & women don't have a problem with THEIR gay service men & women. Funny, that.

    Now - on the other hand, the countries who do NOT allow gays in the military - let's take a look at them: Iran, North Korea, Pakistan, Turkey, China. My, that's some nice company to be in, huh? Yep - we're more like Iran than we are Britain, Canada or Australia.

    A racist is not allowed to allow his/her warped views to affect his/her military service, why should homophobes be allowed to?

  8. All Americans should have the right to serve in the military meeting standard qualifications. I think as a nation, as much as I love this nation, we unforinately are not good at learning lessons from history.

    Discrimination is discrimination and in my opinion not allowing gays in the military is not much different than when black Americans were segregated into separate units from whites. It wasn't right then and it isn't right now.

    I have no problem serving along somebody whom is gay the only issue I have is when somebody attempts "the down your throat mentality" (No pun intended) of acceptance of the gay lifesyle and that you must accept it as normal. The military must set in place guidelines to prevent any "down your throat mentality" and any blatant acts of homosexuality on duty and in and around military functions should be forbidden. Guidelines for off duty in the military community I am torn on. Guidelines of American sociatel acceptance should be considered.

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