Legion calls for criminal investigations at VA

American Legion National Commander Daniel M. Dellinger has called for criminal investigations of all Department of Veterans Affairs employees responsible for “secret” waiting lists at VA hospitals linked to the preventable patient deaths, after a May 28 interim report by VA’s Office of Inspector General found the practice to be “systemic.”

“Now that VA’s Office of Inspector General has confirmed what The American Legion claims, we are calling not only for the resignations of Secretary Shinseki and Under Secretary Hickey, but also the chief administrators of every hospital found guilty of falsifying their waiting lists for patients,” Dellinger said. “We want every VA employee who participated in these cover-ups to be investigated and prosecuted to the full extent of the law if found guilty.”

The report said that reviews at several VA medical facilities have confirmed that dishonest scheduling practices are systemic throughout the Veterans Health Administration.

As of last month, VA’s Office of Inspector General identified about 1,400 veterans waiting to receive primary-care appointments and another 1,700 veterans waiting for such appointments whose names were not in the hospital’s Electronic Waiting List, or any list at all. The Office of Inspector General further noted its investigation has now spread to 42 other locations throughout the VA health care system.

“These findings confirm what we’ve warned of from the very beginning,” Dellinger said. “VA has been hiding the fact it is struggling to meet its own goal of setting appointments for veterans within 14 days. Instead, they lie to veterans by forcing them to wait for months on unofficial lists and some of them may be dying while they wait.”

Dellinger said VA must find a way to immediately get veterans the care they need and clean up the waiting-list scandal. “If VA needs to purchase additional private care to get veterans more timely treatment, then so be it,” he said. “VA already has a budget for fee-based care, but are they spending the whole budget? If not, that’s where they need to start. Spend every dime of funding set aside for fee-based care, then move ahead from there.”

The Phoenix facility has also been accused by whistleblowers of “cooking the books” and making false reports of wait-times to VA’s Central Office in Washington in order to qualify for big bonuses. The report noted that, while the Central Office listed average patient wait- times in Phoenix at 24 days, VA’s Office of Inspector General’s investigation showed the average to be 115 days.

The report said that veterans “were and continue to be at risk of being forgotten or lost in Phoenix (Health Care System’s) convoluted scheduling process. As a result, these veterans may never obtain a requested or required clinical appointment.”

One consequence of not placing veterans on Electronic Waiting Lists, the report said, “is that the Phoenix HCS leadership significantly understated the time new patients waited for their primary care appointment in their FY 2013 performance appraisal accomplishments, which is one of the factors considered for awards and salary increases.”

“Now that the Office of Inspector General has confirmed that VA employees in Phoenix were lying to veterans and hiding wait lists,” Dellinger said, “we need to see swift, decisive action to ensure that VA is, indeed, capable of meeting its obligations to America’s veterans.”

Dellinger called on VA to immediately implement all recommendations of the Office of Inspector General’s report and to act swiftly to care for the veterans who have already waited far too long for treatment they have earned.

“The American Legion will not allow these veterans to be forgotten while they wait,” Dellinger said. “Neither should the Department of Veterans Affairs.”


  1. Jason Elder, USMC. You posted this "Tell you what. How about I remove entitled twits like you form this existence, and then people like my wife and any other Veteran who needs LIFE SAVING care can get it, because you will no longer be in the equation. -Jason Elder, USMC - See more at: I missed both of your posts back in 2014. I do not "hold" grudges but if your sorry USMC ass has got something to say ... use the phone 423 608 4302. McK Cosby, TN
  2. I haven't heard anything from California. My husband was told by a doctor at the Redding VA that he had muscle strain and told him to go get a massage and take hydrocone. My husband died a horrible and painful death from cancer which had spread to several areas of his body within the year. Furthermore, his claim with the VA for an earlier service-connected cancer,asbestosis, was not resolved and I have thus far been denied my claim. Guess they're waiting for me to die, too!
  3. The travesty in Phoenix is not over. We have been led to believe all of the Senior Management have been removed, but that is not true. Three of the five Senior Executives remain in place. The two with the longest tenure in Phoenix remain. One of them was the Executive appointed the "Champion" for improving Veteran's access to health care both in Phoenix and for the entire Network. He has now been appointed the person in charge of the transitional plan to get all of the patients waiting for appointments seen. From the beginning the problem has not just been about a failure to ensure every Veteran has access to appointments and appropriate care, it has been about the lack of integrity, obvious erosion of professional ethics at the Executive Level and the willingness of senior managers to deceive both their staff and Veterans to benefit themselves. Things cannot get better until all of the Senior Officials, and others, who either participated in planning the willful deception and/or failed to report their knowledge of it, have been removed from VA employment and prosecuted fully. Only then, will those left understand honorable service is required in civil service, just as it is in military service. There are many who work in VA who wish to do nothing more than provide the best service to the most deserving population. They are capable and willing, but the must be supported by their managers and the system. They must be freed to be innovative and to report those who are unwilling to provide good service and believe consequences will occur.
  4. I am a disabled veteran living in South Carolina. The Phoenix incident is not new with me. I requested to see a doctor at the Orangeburg VA Clinic in Orangeburg, South Carolina in January 2014. I have just recently received an appointment to see someone on June 10, 2014.
  5. What is a shame is that it was known by Congress that there was delayed appointments 10 years ago. And that President Obama was notified of this soon after he go into office, with a recommendation to act on it. DID HE??? HELL NO. In the Greater LA Healthcare system we normally would have to make an appointment 1 year out, up to 5 years ago. Now it is at least 6 months for an appointment. I am angry and so is husband as we are both disabled vets.
  6. In my humble opinion this scandal goes much deeper than the appointment scheduling debacle. The quality of care and time it takes to get effective treatment is also often criminal. I've found false information and information later deleted from my medical records. I waited for over a year for tests and treatment for severe acid reflux caused by OxyContin that destroyed my teeth and damaged my esophagus. Even though the urology doctors in D.C. knew I served in Agent Orange territory they took " wait and see" approach" until my PSA was 10.7 before they did a biopsy. The prostrate cancer was level 3-3 with a Gleason score of 8 by then. Do ya think early detection and treatment would have been better for me instead of waiting 2 1/2 years?
  7. What crime has been committed? Or crimes? Nancy Pelosi's statement that if necessary they would pursue or should pursue an investigation is hardly comforting and may be construed as just more stalling. Officers in the IG are actually concerned the VA offices involved in this disgrace to bump up numbers for the sake of gleaning bonuses is being given time by delays to destroy evidence. Nancy Pelosi might need to go on the list of people who need to be investigated. It is a shame that a General, ret and man of Eric Shnenski's stature is down in the muck with the politicians and was offered as the sacrificial lamb by a community organizer who still doesn't know how to be a President and knows even less as Commander in chief a job he appears to have performed with disdain for the military.
  8. Ironic isn't it that the first person let go by Obama since being President (I don't believe that Shenski resigned) was a Military figure. Also exchanging five terrorists for some one who "wandered off base" a deserter basically and putting all americans at risk is criminal.
  9. No doubt about your politics. The previous president could have done something about it too but I don't see you complaining about the great WAR starter!
  10. There definitely are criminal acts committed within the VA system. The top leaders are responsible for the actions of those they placed in Administrative positions. To purposely falsify documents are criminal when it attributes to death of patients. Negligence comes to mind. These upper echelon administrators need to get out of their cozy offices and visit and examine VA Hospitals and Clinics. To busy passing the buck as they collect bonuses. The resignation of the General was the right thing to do. He has had plenty of time to handle the situation and did not. Many more firings are required before the problems can be fixed. Also 41 Republican Senators voted down an increase to the VA system for more doctors and nurses. Lots of blame to go around.
  11. At Michael DeBakey Medical Center in Houston, they have done so much damage to my husband he will never be able to recover from. The worse was abuse by a LVN feeding him in a prone position. That same aid aspirated my husband. But no where in the Medical Records is it noted that rapid response was called or why. My husband is still in a hospital away from the VA. Oh yes. After nearly killing him and causing septis and pneumonia resulting in a trachea and feeding tube, they discharged him. Now they expect us to take him back to establish a PCP when he is now bedfast. I really need to bring all this plus other serious incidents to the attention of the Commander of the American Legion, but really don't know where to begin. Houston VA hospital needs investigated.
  12. Your right couldn't AGREE MORE,, Turns out like a dog chasing his tail,, They can talk, print, investigate, all they want but getting it fixed would be a better way to spend the time !!! Oh wait they first need to know what to fix,, like they don't know or haven't been told !!!
  13. Being forgot in the PHX VA scandal is the malfeasance OF SEN. JOHN MCCAIN. I AM A VETERAN LIVING IN ARIZONA. Sen. McCain's office needs to be taken to task for not protecting Arizona's veterans' healthcare. Surely McCain has received numerous complaints about their poor treatment by the PHX VA. Instead of doing something about the problems, McCain has been hobnobbing with his cronies in DC in effort to obtain amnesty and healthcare for illegals who never served our country and who entered our country illegally. Those who have served and sacrificed for our country have been neglected by Sen. McCain. He has been negligent, at the least, of ignoring his solemn moral obligation to protecting our veterans.
  14. Have filed many many complaints in the past several years to so many government offices,, should have heard the run around I got from even the VA patient Advocate when I called for help on a unjust flag being put on me cause I spoke up about the run around I found while trying to get treated right !!! Glad to see now I am not the only 1 finding things this way !!!!
  15. This will be the first election where money is coming from out of the country. Ask McCain about the Koch brothers funding with 400 million dollars coming out of Canada. I do not know if you have the whole picture.
  16. Has anyone asked the question of why a government employee gets a bonus for doing their job correctly. Or apparently correctly. Any of you guy's get a bonus for not getting killed?
  17. Hey, the female employees at the Houston VA are shopping online or on Facebook or email instead of caring for patients. There is so much wrong at that facility. Administration does not help. The Chief of Staff said they are Federal and did nothing. Writing congressman was worthless.
  18. Yes, they do get a bonus. Defense Logistics Agency uses that practice for its line supervisors who are non veterans.
  19. They give bonus's to only non-veterans? Why don't Vets get bonus's? Seems like it's discrimination to me.
  20. I've been wondering the same thing. I have worked at jobs where bonuses were given. But when the company was having financial difficulties the bonuses were stopped. With the countries deficit why in the world should bonuses be paid.
  21. I have asked that same question several times to the PHX Regional Office Director Sandra Flint. She was upset that I asked that question and now has refused to respond to any of my concerns. Do not question the Director's pay or you will be put on a black list.
  22. How can a public official refuse to respond, unless she (or he) is hiding somsething? Are pay records not part of public record? There's no way short of corruption or blind incompetence that these waiting lists could have occurred, and I think the government is due back some bonuses and the American people deserve legal action. In addition, I think Congress is guilty of lack of oversight and underfunding the VA.
  23. There has to be a radical change at the VA. It has been operating like a criminal organization for too long cheating everyone out of something. Congress could have done more and they know it. What is their oversight for but to ask VA, What are you doing in response to all these negative OIG reports? So now they start looking to deflect blame to VSOs first, and then they will find other scapegoats as this horror story progresses. Miller says that the new whistleblower insights will make Phoenix look like "kindergarten stuff." We are in for much more. The present suicide report reveals that the average of 22 per day is based on data from ONLY 21 states, with 29 more to go. All of this saddens me for the fellow veterans and families that suffered so undeservedly due to the evil intents of others for money. What I now see is that much of this was in fact "deliberate" and the foreseeable outcome was known to them for sure. We have been betrayed and the most honorable among us have been subject to disgraceful and dishonorable treatment by those who do not care. For that, we must take steps to stop it before it gets worse. Time to unite & speak up.
  24. Very good post ... PVT Kelly. What's your first name? That is important too.
  25. Here is my promised post about the VA and what SHOULD BE! BUT FIRST, and this should not matter for purposes of this post, but it does especially here. My name is John P. McKenzie. I served honorably and was discharged from two periods of service. "ALL" of my service was in units designated as "combat arms" units. I served in Vietnam at the very beginning of America's involvement there with (Rifle) Company B, 2nd Battalion, 327th Parachute Infantry Regiment, 1st Brigade, 101st Airborne Division. Yes, I was wounded and Yes I take VA meds and No I am not ashamed of doing so. It is necessary and so I do what the VA tells me to do. This is what the VA charter should read; "YOUR" VA has been chartered to "fix" the COMBAT disabilities suffered by young Americans that do the DIRTY WORK so that the VAST majority of American citizens can live their lives without fear or guilt. Therefore, we, the VA will always direct ALL of our energy and resources to and for the combat wounded veteran suffering from his combat acquired VA disability. Time is NOT a factor for the treatment of these veterans as their suffering has been recognized as requiring treatment when necessary. These men will ALWAYS be the first to be served. Only AFTER every single combat wounded veteran has been treated for his combat wounds and disabilities will we direct our energy and resources to the second target group. The second target group shall be combat wounded veterans applying for care for any OTHER disability than his combat wound. Once there application for treatment is recognized by the VA these veterans will ALWAYS be treated secondly. And only after this second target group is fully medically serviced will the VA be able to get to the third and last targeted veteran group. That group will be honorably discharged veterans who have not served in actual combat AS A COMBATANT. EACH AND EVERY ONE OF YOU PEOPLE I TELL "THIS" TO, NOW. Yes the VA is populated by two kinds of employees. Honorable and dishonorable, just as veterans in general and Americans in general can be categorized. I have had the vulgar dishonor to have spoken to all manner of veterans that are PROUD of ripping the VA off to the fullest extent possible. Guys telling me they "travel the world from VA to VA just to follow the sun and do some surfing". Guys laughingly telling me "Shit man. I go hurt riding my Harley while I was drunk". And you know what really pisses me off? The VA serves these people KNOWING by their medical records that they deserve NOTHING! lOW LIFE SONS OF BITCHES MILKING THE SYSTEM. Get rid of these pigs and the VA can be the medical insurance company for the combat soldier. IF you are a "support" troop understand this; I am NOT belittling your service. IF it was honorable, it was and is important. But I believe your medical insurance should come from your private insurer. Cut the size of the VA. Cut the scope of the VA. And cut the targeted veteran population cared for by the VA. Care rendered by the VA should be and can be "WORLD CLASS". A man who joins the military and serves in an MOS which calls for him to place his very life on the line daily deserves no less than WORLD CLASS medical care. John P. McKenzie, Cosby, TN
  26. To John P. McKenzie, Cosby, TN. Listen up you self entitled twit. Both myself and my wife are Disabled Veterans. Neither of us is capable of getting employment anymore because of said disabilities and we survive off of our disability from the Military. I am a Marine and she is Army. She just recently went through a life saving Full hysterectomy this past January, because she had ovarian Cancer that the VA NEVER diagnosed which became a 30lb mass. She lost everything, she will NEVER be able to have children. This was because the VA Ignored her women's health care for over a year. Despite numerous requests for said care and appointments. I had to take her to the emergency room at Good Samaritan Hospital when she went from a flat stomach to looking like she was 9mos pregnant in less than 2 weeks. Good Sam found the tumor and diagnosed the problem in less than 2 hours. Less than a week later she was in surgery at GBMC under the care of one of the best Cancer Surgeons in the world. If he hadn't given her that operation she would have died a week later. That is how bad the toxins had gotten in her system. During all of this all the VA would do is say she needed to see a nutritionist. A Fucking nutritionist. Now the VA is trying to pretend like it never happened. We now are fighting them in a Medical Malpractice Claim. No my wife didn't server in theater, but according to your opinion she only deserves to get treated AFTER someone like you? Tell you what. How about I remove entitled twits like you form this existence, and then people like my wife and any other Veteran who needs LIFE SAVING care can get it, because you will no longer be in the equation. -Jason Elder, USMC
  27. I served honorably for twenty years and volunteered for Vietnam while we were there. I was never selected to serve in country though I did serve support in Thailand. You are a non-deserving veteran who gets more care than you may deserve. When you divide our ranks as veterans, period, you are helping to create the very problems that need to be fixed. When you demand non-service connected medical care for combat veterans ahead of service-connected care for non-combat vets, you reveal your true colors, and they are not pretty. The VA owes care to ALL VETERANS WHO SERVED HONORABLY, period. If YOU don't like that fact, then sir, I suggest YOU go find your healthcare somewhere else and quit your bellyaching. I served proudly and have service-connected medical conditions and I'LL BE DAMNED IF I AM GOING TO CRAWL AWAY AND PAY FOR MY MEDICAL CARE JUST BECAUSE YOU DEMAND YOUR PERSONAL WAY OF DOING THINGS. If you don't like my stance, then you, sir, have a personal problem you need to deal with.
  28. I agree with your posting. I am convinced that 50% of all Americans are liars and cheats. I personally know a veteran that spent his 3 year Army enlistment in Germany discharged in 1960 having served during a period of no wars. He did not want to pay for health insurance so he told the VA in Baltimore he only made $12,000 per year so he was accepted into the VA system. The VA does not verify income eligibility from your tax returns. Although I am sure this person also lies on his taxes. The VA should only be taking care of veterans wounded in combat, then veterans injured while in the war zone (but not in combat), then veterans that served during a period of war with a service connected injury. All others must prove a need based on income. Peace time veterans and those that have no service connected disability should buy their own private insurance. Dennis Schehl, USAF, 1958-1962,Radar Maintenance,CONUS
  29. Thank you. Not just for seeing what I am trying to say. But also FOR YOUR HONORABLE SERVICE and your civil nature. You are certainly intelligent and reasonable. Mac, Cosby, TN
  30. i do understand your post but all of our veterans took the same risk while enlisted. regardless of war or injury they all deserve the same benefits. everyone signs up knowing at any time they could be injured or even die for our country. over all i understand your comment but they all deserve respect weather injured or not.
  31. i do understand your post but all of our veterans took the same risk while enlisted. regardless of war or injury they all deserve the same benefits. everyone signs up knowing at any time they could be injured or even die for our country. over all i understand your comment but they all deserve respect weather injured or not.
  32. Thank you for you civil comment. "We all took the same risk"?? How can you say that? How can your mind conceive that logic? YES in only one sense. Complete mobilization as in WWII and even then the huge percentage of that American army was in "support" of the army that dealt with the enemy face to face. What I am talking about is the "tip of the spear" ... and if you wish to imagine your personal risk was as great as a person in combat ... you are free to do that. Please read the man's post directly above yours for a second time. I am in no way besmirching your service, nor anyone else's service with the exception of the dishonorably discharged garbage. JPM. Cosby. TN
  33. I do not believe 50% of american servicemen are liars and cheats, but then i am not going to get into a pissing contest with anybody as i believe the subject was about the V.A system and i don't feel I have the right to decide who gets care and who doesn't. I served 3 tours in vietnam, have a service connected disability and the only health care coverage I have is the V.A.. I have never used medicare A and do not have medicare B. The V.A.'s poor service to veterans started a long time ago. I needed a hip replacement in 1995, but got the run around so much I didn't get it until 1998, 400 miles away from my own V.A.. I had an episode of going from a temperature of 94.3 with cold shivers to 102.7 in a matter of minutes with heavy sweats. I went to the emergency room and this Doctor Hulet gave me 6 tyenol tablets and sent me home. I got much worse and went again. This time their was a P.A. in charge and she took blood and urine samples and found I had a very bad urine tract infection. In 2008 I needed a left knee replacement and was sent to omaha Ne. V.A. where the doctor was very unconcerned and gave me a cortisone shot even though I told him I had already had several that had not worked. Omaha was an 8 hour drive for me, for a lousy shot. I was then sent to Cheyenne wy. V.A. 300 miles away. I was told by the doctor there that he had to put his veterans first and I told him we were all his veterans but i had to wait 11 months before he got me in to have the knee replacement in april 2009. I am 73 and know that my V.A. is so unconcerned with my health that if I had a stroke or heart attack I would die before getting help and this is what has to change. I have a wonderful doctor who will readily make appointments for me but getting those appointments in a timely manner is out. Our healthcare should be just as important as some congressional members is because I doubt many of them have served in the military let alone in combat. This is what we should be fighting for and definitely not each other. That gains nothing.
  34. Mr. Peck. Thank you for your response and your reasonable nature. Your last sentence is absolute true, I believe, you said that it is congress we should be fighting and not each other. THEY are the sorry bastards that created the problem. They handle EVERY SINGLE complaint from their district as if it were "A VOTE" and it could be "THE VOTE" that assures their re-election. America was once the hardest-working, most honest, non-criminal nation on this planet. Thanks to the "KIND OF VERMIN" that clogs the arteries of our nation's capitol that is no longer true. Sticking to the VA question. I say after 50 plus years of dealing with it I say that is was originally conceived as a combat medical answer to problems and was allowed to be POLLUTED by unscrupulous politicians. I am truly sorry for you problems ... and I share some of your exact experiences. However I have come through it all highly respecting the VA medical personnel who are left to deal with the garbage veterans that use, abuse and DISGRACE the system. Good luck to you. John P. McKenzie, Cosby, TN
  35. John, I agree with you. I served as a MSC Army Officer for 8.5 years beginning in June 1962. I never saw combat. I have never been in a VA clinic other than to take a WWII veteran that was a friend. I have been told I could qualify for hearing aids but I feel the way you do. All money and services should go to combat vets!
  36. Thank you Dr. It is answers like yours that keep me going. The VA that grows out of this cesspool had BETTER be a vast improvement. It will probably be the last hurrah! THANK YOU SIR FOR YOUR HONORABLE SERVICE. You honor is clear to all. There should be and there IS money for hearing aids for MEN like you ... and it should be after the combat vets are served. I am certain that you are far more than a doctor. You, sir, are a physician I am certain. John P. McKenzie, Cosby, TN
  37. I diagree with you. In the Marines - Every Marine is Combat infentry First MOS second. I do not care if you are a machine gunner or a remington raider, we were all trained in combat tactics, and weapons training. You sir have insulted me and every other military retired person who was lucky enough to not have to witness the full horror of combat. I may not have been in actual combat but I was awarded the Armed Forces Expaditionary. Not every conflict is a war. If you remember right, Vietnam was not a war but a police action - not trying to take away any honor from those that served you understand. Sir you are an embarassment to the uniform of every service person who ever served. GySgt William L Sabin USMC/Retired
  39. Thank you George. I answered the man you are talking to just below. He has a definite right to his opinion. I do not and will not treat lightly and honorable discharge from the USMC. I cannot despise the guy for his opinion, but again he did compare me to "Bobby Garwood" and ranked me behind or underneath that Marine misfit ... hey Lee Harvey Oswald was a misfit Marine. I was 101st Airborne and combat in VN 65-66. God bless you and ALL the good Marines and Troopers. America is more lucky than she is willing to show. All The Way. John P. McKenzie, Cosby, TN
  40. I asked for people to rip me (and my post) apart. This is straight from me to you. I insulted no one. YOU on the other had were so infuriated by what you THOUGHT I was saying missed this at the end of my post: "IF you are a "support" troop understand this; I am NOT belittling your service. IF it was honorable, it was and is important. But I believe your medical insurance should come from your private insurer. Cut the size of the VA. Cut the scope of the VA. And cut the targeted veteran population cared for by the VA. Care rendered by the VA should be and can be "WORLD CLASS". A man who joins the military and serves in an MOS which calls for him to place his very life on the line daily deserves no less than WORLD CLASS medical care. ... I am NOT belittling your service Bill. If it was honorable and I am sure it was then your right to post and think are all fine with me. But because of your excellent Marine training you have walls erected around you and your belief system. You - GySgt, were so angry, so hyperventilated that you spelled you name William "Wiloliam" .. now that right there is when both of use should stand back and laugh a little (I figured you are Dutch or German) ... and after the laugh get back to the work of breaking down my argument without the personal vitriol. Saying this to me "Sir you are an embarrassment to the uniform of every service person who ever served." Is pretty damned low because there have been some real scumbags that wore the American uniform. In Vietnam a guy named "Garwood" a Marine I believe served in COMBAT AGAINST THE U.S. MILITARY. Do you think I embarrassed him? How about General Benedict Arnold? I look forward to your response and please tear up my "agreement". Mac - 101st
  41. LaRochelle, You outta come back here and see some of the more recent posts. Take your post "Not a MARINE, but SEMPER FI!!!" You see ... you tell on yourself. You are so eager to show you know that words ... but what do you "DO" ... What is it that you DO with your life besides burp and fart dumb responses to men you can only attempt to emulate? Go ahead John I am fascinated to contemplate your next response. John do you still watch a lot of children's cartoons? Are you a paintball diehard? I think battlefield RE-ENACTMENT would be real good for you. Not a MARINE, but SEMPER FI!!! Very cute. God bless you and thank you for your service. John P. McKenzie, Cosby, TN
  42. You John do not know when to stop ... though it is your right to act the clown! But you are making an ass of yourself. It is probable that I read ... mmmm ... 100 to 400 % faster than you. If you could keep up you would have found my olive branch. After having offered you a way out of this dilemma you continue to act the pesty and petty little horse ('s ass) fly. I am going to ignore you and you will go away. Go away John.
  43. The issue's & problem's at the VA are not new -Just ask any Veteran who has ever applied for Health Care or Disability Compensation -Investigate also the Outside Consultant's who apparently get paid to discredit our disabilities -investigate the Appeal's process -the list goes on and on -Redundancy by the VA is reason for the Backlog - We like to refer to the VA Motto as --DENY --Delay and Hope You Die =on disrespect intended -My suggestion would be also to talk to the Veteran's and get input from them as to their experience's with the VA
  44. This is a letter I sent to Senator Grassley of Iowa about the Des Moines VA. See the date. I also wrote Congressman Latham and Congressman Boswell. Boswell's staff informed me that this was a political football and they would not investigate it any further. So the VA's issues go way back and politicians have been kicking this football down the road forever! 9-2-09 Senator Grassley: I was wrongly discharged from the Des Moines VA Hospital on September 18, 2008 due to discrimination against me as a Veteran. I am asking for assistance in returning to my job at the VA in Des Moines. I am also asking that Veterans be given a protected status so they can protest and fight any discrimination against them from VA employees and management. I am also asking that civilian employee Jennifer Clarke be terminated due to her discrimination against Veteran employees and unethical conduct towards Veterans at the Des Moines VA. I am also asking that civilian supervisors Larry Rice and Bobbi Karr be dismissed from the VA due the fact that they also discriminate against Veterans. I furthermore ask that the Director Don Cooper be terminated due to the fact that all this discrimination against Veterans by VA employees has occurred while he has been overseeing the Des Moines VA Hospital. Since my discharge from the VA my complaint has fallen on deaf ears. Initially Congressman Boswell’s staff was going to help because he has Veterans on his staff. But since I am not in his district he had to back out. Then I tried to work with Congressman Latham but again this fell on deaf ears. Latham’s staff are not Veterans and they have no comprehension of the issue dealing with the VA. So Senator Grassley I do hope there is something you can do that hasn’t been done already. Other Veterans have experienced the same discrimination I have as a Veteran at the Des Moines VA. I have attached one letter from a John “Woody” Nicholas who worked for the same guy prior to my working there and he experienced the same problem. I have been told of many others who were subjected to this also. It was common knowledge in the MSA department that they had high turn over. An anesthesiologist who works on the fourth floor (who is not a Veteran) told me that his wife worked in the same 2W as I did and she was a Veteran and she was let go for no reason. Rather than fight it she just moved on to another job. I believe this issue of discrimination against Veterans has been going for years in the MSA department. Why I don’t know. This I do know. After I filled out a form concerning problems with ethics violations everything seemed to change. MSA’s normally work in one clinic. For some reason I was assigned to 2W which is one of the most difficult to learn as I was told. But I was also assigned to work outpatient surgery on the 4th floor. This was another difficult area to work. To my knowledge other new MSA’s employees were not assigned to more than one area at one time. I learned from those I worked with and did as I was taught. It was mostly OJT on the job training as the initial training did not cover most of what you did in the clinic area. I really enjoyed the job but the unethical situations that occurred almost daily were an issue that bothered me. And when I tried to discuss these with my supervisor Larry Rice he stated he didn’t care or have the time to listen. He also stated to me that he wasn’t a Veteran and didn’t know the VA system and didn’t particularly care for Veterans period. I asked him how he could be working for so long (about 30 years) at a VA Hospital and he didn’t answer. In the 2W area I observed many unethical situations. Bonnie Wood, herself a Veteran would get mad and throw things occasionally and then just get up and walk out of the area. Jennifer Clarke did this too. Bruce Meuneir also (a Veteran) one day after a female Veteran scheduled her next VA gynecology appointment stated while two Veterans were standing at the check-in window that this female Veteran was taking this medicine and that medicine by name for HIV and AIDS. The two older Veterans took a look down the hallway at the female Veteran and said what a shame as she was very good looking. Jennifer Clarke (a civilian only) told a patient one day that had just come from seeing the Urologist that she didn’t care what the doctor told him because she runs the clinic and not the doctor. And she didn’t care that he wanted to get a hard dick and that the shot the doctor said he should get next Wednesday would not happen. She told this Veteran that he would get the shot when she finds the time to schedule him and it won’t be the next Wednesday as the doctor told him. This was said in plain view of the waiting area, the elevators and all of us in the check-in area. The Veteran got really upset and left. And Jennifer just laughed at him as he walked away. Another Day Jennifer Clarke and Dr. Coffman were discussing a patient that had just left. They discussed this patient’s private confidential information in the check-in area as well within hearing range of those walking by, the elevators and waiting area. Dr. Coffman was discussing a Veteran’s penis and why it was bent incorrectly and describing the procedure to correct the problem and the primary cause of it. When you call the VA if you don’t hit the number nine before you press the last four digits many times you end up in the wrong clinic. On another day Jennifer Clarke took a call from a Veteran patient who was contemplating suicide. This call came in around 1500 (3PM) Jennifer kept putting this Veteran on speaker phone for all in the area to hear. Anyone walking by, near the elevators or the waiting room could listen to this. This Veteran was crying and talking about killing himself and saying he needed medicine and to speak with someone. Jennifer at one point put her hand over the speaker and stated this guy is just jerking my chain and I know him so I should just hang up on him. She did not hang up on him but let him talk. The conversation was going no where and Jennifer Clarke was just an MSA like me and she should never have stayed with the call and she should have gotten someone from mental health to intervene. We were due to get off work at 1600 (4PM) and Jennifer made the comment that she should just hang up on this guy. Then she said if he wasn’t done whining by four she was hanging up and going home as she was off the clock then. I reached in my pocket and gave her the number for a Veterans Suicide Hotline and told her to have this Veteran write down the number and call it immediately. The Veteran did take the number down and repeated it and said he would call. Jennifer immediately hung up and left for the day. This past May I had $18,000 worth of testing done at the VA. During one of those tests a tilt-table test two doctors and two staff members were discussing patients by name and their problems and potential diagnosis they were working on. I was strapped to a table and couldn’t move. So this problem of ethics and violations of the HIPA rule are still going on. So as you can see now there are problems at the Des Moines VA. This is much more serious than any cockroach problem that occurred at Walter Reed that got so much attention previously. Maybe Senator Grassley you can get through to the VA IG to make them really check into this complaint. All that happened previously for Congressman Latham was that they sent him a letter that said proper procedures were followed. Discrimination is still discrimination no matter how they try to cover their tracks. I could live with being let go during a probationary period but when I see that they are lying to me I have an issue with that. When they create a problem where none exists I have a problem with that. Also if I had to be let go from my MSA position why wouldn’t I be allowed to go back to Housekeeping and my term job? This is pure discrimination against a Veteran. A proper investigation needs to be conducted and MSA employees and former employees need to be spoken with. That has never been done. As you can see John “Woody” Nicholas was never spoken to even though he has more knowledge about incidents. Why? And Don Zoute also has knowledge as he speaks to Veterans all the time about problems at the VA and discrimination against Veterans. No one spoke with him either. So Senator Grassley I am asking for your support in seeing that a proper and thorough investigation does get conducted. I am asking for your personal oversight into this complaint. I am asking that as much time is spent on this investigation as was given the Walter Reed investigation. And most importantly I would like to you work on making Veterans a protected class so civilians can not mistreat Veterans at the VA whether they are employees or patients and that the HIPA rules are followed. It is time we as Veterans get much more than words from our elected. It is time for action. Showing up at Welcome Homes and Send offs is not enough. Show us you care by listening to us and really helping us with issues that affect us. Sincerely, Michael J. Nieland 305 E 2nd Woodward, IA 50276 515-975-2948
  45. There is one thing & one thing only that the United States federal government understands, & that is to do nothing about something that needs to be done. So as a veteran, I call on all my brothers & sisters that served in the military to write their congressman & let them know that they have 2 options, they can get on the veteran's side & prosecute every VA official that had anything to do with any veteran dying will waiting to be seen or close down the VA & give every veteran the same health insurance as congress & a 1 time payment of $1 million. That would be more money than they will ever get from the VA being 100% service connected.
  46. Here is further info from a 9-18-08 Letter I also informed Kim that I had just got an E-mail from Bobbi Karr wanting to know if I was interested in a temporary job with a promotion as QM. This E-mail was sent to my mailbox at 1347 and I happened to see it just before I went to the meeting at the AFGE office. I also showed her an E-mail that Larry sent out on August 6, 2008 threatening disciplinary action against anyone who didn’t follow a certain procedure. The procedure has to do with putting Veterans on a wait list that can’t be seen in 30 days but I have never been shown how to use this. This issue came up June 19 but again Larry never followed up with me on anything.
  47. And on a side note to all of this I was diagnosed with agent orange related cancer as well as diabetes II and my claim has been out there over a year. My service officer at the Iowa Dept. of Veterans Affairs told me recently that the VA doesn't want to pay me as it will open the door for all Veterans who were stationed at Ft. McClellan, AL. The doctor gave two years to 10. I have made it 13 months since my diagnosis. I have been very sick at times. They just might deny until I die. What is my wife to do then?
  48. Manuel. Good that you posted your name. That lends credit to your opinions. Please see my post above your which details WHAT the VA should be. Thanks for your service. Stay in shape. John P. McKenzie, Cosby, TN
  49. We need to elect people to the house,senate,and the exec branch that have a concern for our returning troops. We will always have greedy managers willing to sacrifice others for personal gain. We need to create a capitol division of troops,send them to six weeks training,then give them the same benefits the military members get,including pay,health benefits and care through the ca program. Most members have no idea of the problems faced by the people faced with the elements of war to satisfy the likes of a few power hungry people. of
  50. As an organization concerned about how our fellow veterans are cared for healthwise, we need to support our Commander in Chief in his efforts to correct a long standing problem. Congress is only interested in trying to embarrass the President, not in fixing the problem. This problem started more than 20 years ago. The Legion should not support the right winged agenda.
  51. Sir, when the President stated he" heard about the VA Scandal on the news " tells Americans and most Veterans he's not up to par in leadership skills. This problem started when Obama and Shinseki took office.
  52. Agreed, long standing problem. Let us not forget the stated knowledge of and broken promises of our president to fix these known problems over the last 6 yrs. By the way, congress appropriates the money but does not manage the VA, the president and his administration does. Our president need no help from congress to embarrass himself and his incompetent administration, he is is doing a wonderful job all by himself. Maybe they will get another loyal insider to do another pseudo investigation to clear all involved. Yea, that's the ticket. This and all the other scandals must be created by and the fault of the right-wingers???? Maybe we can blame it on Bush? The legion supports no agenda except better care of our servicemen.
  53. Your thinking is clear. Your deductions are reasoned. What is with the GEN Patton bullshit. Smartboy - while I absolutely share you political ideas - at the least spell the man's name correctly or risk being called a (f-ing) moron. POST YOUR NAME - that will do you wonders. You know feel like a man!!!! John P. McKenzie, Cosby, TN
  54. COL Penn, You support you commander in chief! Embarrass that sow's ear? How the hell could anyone embarrass that absolute jackass? You SIR, COL SIR, are still on active duty. AMAZING how bullshit artists LIKE YOU stay comfortable in the government woodwork until retirement and only then find their long lost conscience and mind. A "COL" that is a flaming liberal lefty jackass - just like b.o. Now that is laughable. Be very careful going in the "MEN's" room at the O.C. - there might be some young Marine or Airborne officer that caught you sedition here on this AL rag. YOU "SIR" stink and so do your PINKO STINKING ideas. John P. McKenzie, Cosby, TN (WHAT DO YOU THINK OF THAT "COL"?
  55. (Just in case you missed the original post) To John P. McKenzie, Cosby, TN. Listen up you self entitled twit. Both myself and my wife are Disabled Veterans. Neither of us is capable of getting employment anymore because of said disabilities and we survive off of our disability from the Military. I am a Marine and she is Army. She just recently went through a life saving Full hysterectomy this past January, because she had ovarian Cancer that the VA NEVER diagnosed which became a 30lb mass. She lost everything, she will NEVER be able to have children. This was because the VA Ignored her women's health care for over a year. Despite numerous requests for said care and appointments. I had to take her to the emergency room at Good Samaritan Hospital when she went from a flat stomach to looking like she was 9mos pregnant in less than 2 weeks. Good Sam found the tumor and diagnosed the problem in less than 2 hours. Less than a week later she was in surgery at GBMC under the care of one of the best Cancer Surgeons in the world. If he hadn't given her that operation she would have died a week later. That is how bad the toxins had gotten in her system. During all of this all the VA would do is say she needed to see a nutritionist. A Fucking nutritionist. Now the VA is trying to pretend like it never happened. We now are fighting them in a Medical Malpractice Claim. No my wife didn't server in theater, but according to your opinion she only deserves to get treated AFTER someone like you? Tell you what. How about I remove entitled twits like you form this existence, and then people like my wife and any other Veteran who needs LIFE SAVING care can get it, because you will no longer be in the equation. -Jason Elder, USMC Seriously, the way you keep "flapping your lips" so to speak, you need to take something for that Verbal Diarrhea, or you will probably suffer the same fate that you predicted for Col Penn.
  56. tear up that picture ... it is just as I picture you flaming lefties. And for crying out loud - FIND a brain.
  57. It is YOUR picture that is stinking up the joint. Let me see you clap your pink little hands and shout "goody, goody, goody". I told you to kiss my ass. I am waiting! John P. McKenzie, Cosby, TN (Now I am done with you because you are dull and stupid and not worth any amount of time).
  58. Really? Are you that stupid or just blind? The current administration is full of morons, Shinecki included. This isn't a "right-wing" problem. This is a problem created by Democrats, Republicans, and Independents alike. Perhaps your ignorant line of thinking is part of why the VA is screwed up.
  59. John, he may be a decorated veteran and a fellow Legion member but that has no bearing on his job of running the VA, just like your military service has no bearing on your performance in your civilian job. He needs to resign.
  60. Thanks. Now post you name on the AL rag. It's ok. You are safe here. Do like this: John P. McKenzie, Cosby, TN
  61. Good man Mr. Steimle (KLS). Now we can get down to business. Post some more please. Mac
  62. In 2009 the Director of the Fresno VA hospital was awarded over $60,000 in bonuses. This problem as been going on for years. Veterans are no longer a top priority, it is now a number games to the higher ups in order to justify them getting their bonuses. All while the lower people on the totem pole go with out any kind of recognition. Many are veterans themselves.
  63. Lovell FMC a Joint Military/VA Medical Facility in Northern Illinois is a premiere health care delivery organization. I too believe the Legion has jumped the gun and is the only service "lobbying" organization that has called for drastic action without a thorough investigation. Congress is playing for the squirrel driven media when they (Congress) have IGNORED job and health care bills for polarization & political ideology. Have there been problems, absolutely and when the dust settles, I am willing to bet it comes down to some over zealous bureaucrats who wanted to pad metrics for personal gain. Its time for Congress to stop pointing fingers and enact laws that provide for our Veterans. Training, Jobs, Counseling and Health Care!
  64. Commander ... what or who in the hell did you command? That positively bogglers my mind. Have there been problems, absolutely and when the dust settles, I am willing to bet it comes down to some over zealous bureaucrats who wanted to pad metrics for personal gain. Pound salt moron. Have there been problems, absolutely and when the dust settles, I am willing to bet it comes down to some over zealous bureaucrats who wanted to pad metrics for personal gain. Yeah right, YOU bet! Bet what? Pound salt moron. John P. McKenzie, Cosby, TN
  65. John, T R Y to keep Y O U R hands off yourself. John P. McKenzie, Cosby, TN
  66. Jumped the gun? If it were your son that died do to VA inaction and subterfuge YOU'D be screaming another tune. SIR! I think you are less than intelligent. (I don't want to "jump the gun" and call you a moron .... yet).
  67. Hold on there John-boy. You are not the only parent that has lost a son to the wars in Iraq & Afghanistan. VA did not start the wars; and, VA did not fail to fund health care for the wounded veterans that had to fight them. Identify the congressional members that voted for the wars and then identify the ones that voted against funding veteran's health care. Those are the individuals that need to be persecuted. While you are at - keep a cool head - reckless rhetoric will get you nothing but animosity.
  68. Things could be worse ... Take John La Roastelle .... please. John P. McKenzie, Cosby, TN
  69. "Involuntary manslaughter is the unlawful killing of another human being without intent. The absence of the intent element is the essential difference between voluntary and involuntary manslaughter. Also in most states, involuntary manslaughter does not result from a heat of passion but from an improper use of reasonable care or skill while in the commission of a lawful act or while in the commission of an unlawful act not amounting to a felony." Quote courtesy of The Free Dictionary, by Farlex.
  70. Bill, congratulations on using your name. "Real", I hope. That is why I publish my home town. So you are a lawyer? Or you "quote courtesy of the free dictionary, by Farlex"? I am not ridiculing you or your post - it is a good post - But Bill ... with some of the ass-kissing nabobs that haunt these pages you have to say directly what most intelligent people will ultimately determine. Tell these idiots here what they need to hear. Shinseki and his band of do-nothing managers have to be immediately STOPPED from injuring and killing more veterans. YOU'D think they could figure that out for themselves?? Thanks for your post.
  71. The Northern Arizona VA (Prescott, AZ) is lying to patient's and doing whatever necessary to avoid scheduling appointments for veteran's. Primary care providers and their nursing staff cannot even get their stories straight. Primary care providers are outright lying in an attempt to make patients feel guilty about demanding care. Referrals for treatment are made and never filled or answered. The same thing happens with ordered tests such as MRI's. When my husband's prior provider left the VA failed to notify us and when requesting refills the medication nurse, assigned to the treatment team, took it upon herself to alter the dosage for multiple prescriptions, to refuse to fill some prescriptions and during multiple time periods made my husband go "cold turkey" on multiple medications that easily could have caused the need for emergency stabilization and even caused permanent harm to my husband. I passed the point of frustration with the Prescott VA and conveyed in a secure message, to primary care, that if my husband was not seen to address his problems rapidly that I would be communicating with the facility director (prior communications with the patient advocate resulted in no changes in care). I then conveyed that if the facility director was not listening or no changes were seen in primary care that I would be contacting the media and/or our local congressman and senator. While primary care decided to call us and schedule an immediate appointment (within 2 days) the provider called the VA police and had them on site when my husband and I showed up for the appointment and were taken to the exam room. The provider then closed the door and stated that the VA police were prepared to arrest me for making threats of physical violence. I made no such threats. The primary care department then posted an exact copy of the secure message to my husband's medical records, for all providers to see. Providers outside of primary care were flabbergasted when hearing that arrest had been threatened for me simply advocating for my husband's rights. In addition providers felt it was not necessary to post a message addressed to primary care in my husband's complete medical record and that the message sent had no threats of violence.
  72. YOU fight these bastards ALL THE WAY. You do not give up. Go after the specific moron that did this to you and your husband. "THAT F-ing moron should NEVER have been hired by the VA. See to it that he lands on a job at Wal-Mart or McDonald's ... that SOB would be very well suited to shoveling up dog shit. McKenzie
  73. I said I was sick of you John and that is only the half of it. In your picture (what is that an avatar???) You look so ... gay ... positively ecstatic. Let's leave it at that and you can just jump up and murderously flap your little gossamer wings and fly away. I have been known to swat flies and - PAL - in my book ALL lefty liberal nose mucus lying hypocritical commie pinkos qualify for a swat. Be gone now. Mommy calls. Time for your bath. John P. McKenzie, Cosby, TN
  74. Hey now I did NOT refer to "AS" a gay. If you take the time to read what I posted (at what 22 words an hour) you will plainly see I post that you look gay as in ecstatic ... what are you doing in that little cubicle JonBoy? Are you diesel fuel contaminated? Drawing a pension for???
  75. Flippin, Arkansas ... is there really a place called Flippin? Funny how you gravitated there. Well listen Jonnie sweat off ... mmm 18 - 24 inches from that ... belly and get ready for Armageddon. The Ayatollah (who is definitely an assaholla) needs and wants you. "I" don't. Flippin!! Arkansas!! Well I will be dipped. Vwery sorry about your mom. All else I maintain fervently!!! Is that a receding hairline I see in that picture. Probably all that diesel smoke! Buy a wig or get some of that flat black head spray! 2-ta-loo.
  76. A precursor to what is to come when a bureaucrat has life and death power over another human being. These people stood between a veteran in need and his doctor and their decisions were dictated by personal gain. Isn't this what will happen to the rest of the needy seeking healthcare under Obamacare. Someone will die due to a bureaucrat needing to look good to get his bonus. I've been to the VA for treatment and in my case it's been very good and the people working there top notch. Those who are responsible should be put in prison, no pensions, no slap on the wrist, throw the book at them.
  77. Dignify your EXCELLANT post with your real full name. Like you I have had many very good (and wonderful) experiences in the VA. I have had more than a few very BAD experiences, too. But I am not dead. These forty guys, fathers, brothers, vets are no longer living. I would love to kick the shit out of the fat bottomed VA SOB's that "HAD ANYTHING TO DO WITH THIS IMMORAL BETRAYAL OF TRUST. My name is John P. McKenzie and I live in Cosby, TN and HELL YES I'd love to smack these pissants! Yes I would.
  78. John - ok! I give up. And I forgive you. Living in Arkansas you have to be terribly "affected" by the Clintons. How could you not be? World I fully acknowledge that John Is a human being and pretty darn "ok" because he posts his real name. Right John? Look - you are just too liberal for me. And that is all I should have said to you ... but you see John the ring knockers like the Colonel and the Commander they really piss me off. It is an honor to command men especially in combat. And to think that so many of those ring knockers (do you know what a ring knocker is John)?? - to think that they can get off flight status one day and be 100% service connected the next day ... well, John MEN like I know just would not do that. And when they start kissing up to a president so devoid of any ability ... make me sick John. Now you go about being ecstatic. I should not have ridiculed you. It is not correct. Not "protocol" as you say. And you are right and I am wrong ..... I. I. I am sorry! John P. McKenzie, Cosby, TN
  79. Everyone involved is responsible for what is occurring. They should all be charged criminally for their action. They commented a fraud to receive a bigger bonus, failed to perform their duties which resulted in deaths. When it was time to deploy I was never placed on a secret waiting list to see when I would have to go, why would anyone thing that placing someone on a list was right. If they can not provide the services then the VA needs to find support in the local community to see patients that need care not just place them on a list and wait.
  80. Mike ... Flesh out that "S" and add your full, real name to this effort to PUNISH the sons-of-bitches that had anything to do with this (as you say). Root out this disease within the VA just like the "S.S." had to be "rooted out" ... read that as "KILLED" in their case. Shinseki is at best a bumbling moron and at worst a cold and callous murder. What he did in combat means as much as what Adolph Hitler did during WWI. You'd think that "our brother Leagionair's would instinctively know that in their gut (if they still have gut). Also Mike you and your peers did a great kick ass job on the worst criminals on this planet since das furher und his "merry and GAY S.S. bullies. My generation salute you young guys! All the Way ... 101st Airborne Central Highland RVN 65-66. (Co B, 2nd Bn, 327th PIR to be exact). Be very proud of yourself Mike and your unit and what you did. I am 70 and I am telling you and everyone else that reads this in the very near future we are going to have to send these muslims right back to hell where they belong. I am ready and all of you should keep yourselves ready.
  81. I go to the Reno VA for my health care and I feel that they are doing a very good job. So, I don't think all of the VA is at fault.
  82. I was refused treatment for hepatitis C because, as the VA liver doctor stated, "if the VA treated every veteran for hepatitis C, we would go broke." I wonder how many veterans have died from hep C because the VA has refused to treat them.
  83. Ed you failed. It is you and your fault. When that last word came out of that guys mouth you should have spit on his shoe (or pants cuff). McKenzie, Cosby, TN
  84. As the users of the VA system were subject to the UCMJ, so should the bureaucrats, career employees, those RIP (retired in place)and others that have participated in this practice should be subject to criminal prosecution. If those receiving care had participated in such actions while in the military their BCD would have kept them from this care. We need to insure the government does not continue to treat the veteran as a unwanted stepchild / minority that many want to have hidden since the veteran is no longer of service to the government. At one time there were many elected congressmen that could band together and act independently of political party affiliation for the good of the veteran. Unfortunately we no longer have those numbers in congress, or as appointed officials. The Legion along with the VFW, and other organizations such as AmVETS, Combat Vets and retiree organizations need to band together and turn this trend around and promote people that will not let the care of the veterans be reduced to less than what is given to the general population.
  85. Thank you for your post. Thank you for posting your name. The spineless bums that "CANNOT" seem to do that deserved to be highlighted for their cowardice. I have some very pointed views on why the VA is failing and I will post it at the bottom of this. I hope you will read it and "tear me apart" if you disagree. McKenzie, Cosby, TN
  86. John La Ratshit ... sleeps in the nude with an Adolph Hitler life-sized doll ... weeeeeeeee. John P. McKenzie, Cosby, TN
  87. Cease and Desist on paying Federal bonuses to everyone in Federal Government including DOD, VA, etc.. They all work for their awards, bonuses, promotions. Fraud, Waste and Abuse is rampant across acquisition organizations in all the government. The biggest suck butts get the higher bonuses.
  88. Caballero. First, good post. Second, good to see you use your name proudly. It honors you, your parents and the unit with which you served. If you are a combat vet thanks for kicking the asses of those asses (muslims). Stay in trim and be ready. Day is coming we are gonna have to clean they up FOR REAL. McKenzie, Cosby, TN
  89. Post 205, Bluffton SC It should be obvious that falsifying appointment data to collect a bonus is criminal fraud. I support Secretary Shinseki as I believe he would never knowingly participate or allow such practice.
  90. Bill, thanks for your post and full name. You are entirely welcome to your opinion. I am certain that in the next few weeks you are going to be very disappointed in Shinseki. He is NOT the man you think he is. What I think he is does not matter. Keep your eyes on this story and be prepared to change you opine. THAT is the mark of a good man. McKenzie, Cosby, TN
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