Legion setting up phone bank for VA questions

As part of its return to Phoenix next week, The American Legion will man phone lines June 10-13 to answer questions from veterans about their Department of Veterans Affairs health care and benefits.

The American Legion is sending a team of experts to Phoenix next week to set up a Veterans Crisis Command Center to help veterans and family members affected by the health-care scandal at the Phoenix VA Health Care System. A “triage team” will be on site at American Legion Post 1 in Phoenix to identify problems of those who visit the center, then direct them to appropriate stations on site for benefits claims, enrollment and bereavement counseling. At the same time, four dedicated phone lines will be available for veterans to call in and ask questions about their VA health care, benefits and any other issues relating to VA. The phone lines will be available from noon-8 p.m. June 10, 8 a.m.-8 p.m. June 11-12, and 8 a.m.-2 p.m. June 13.

  • (602) 315-3179

  • (602) 315-6489

  • (602) 315-6195

  • (602) 315-4576


  1. All the phone banks in the world will not fix the problem. And it is not just the hospital systems that need investigations it the complete VA.
  2. the Primary nurse from Mesa east valley clinic and 5 her white gang members came to my apt to beat me up at my front door while my foot was in a cast why is she still working there? why is it ok for her to carry on like is? why is it that we complaint about abuse by med staff members and nothing get done. she still there! why!
  3. Seriously? A phone center? Phoenix Ratings Office has one of those too. You will be rerouted to a call back on another date. Good Luck though. Anything to "check the box" for Veterans. Still waiting for a call back from Commander Dellinger and or Letter response. Its been almost a year now. Still no response from Commander Dellinger
  4. ur right, this is nothing more than lip service, it seem as to the attitude from commander Dellinger is he get his and to hell w/the rest! the American Legion was told about the wrongs at the phoenix va hosp. for yrs. but did nothing why. one of the biggest problem in the American Legion is post 26 because of the racism and they have the habit of throwing away Brown Vet's paperwork in the trash! because it happen to me plus they refuse to help me because the color of my skin. shame on them
  5. Glad that the Legion is stepping forward to ease the crisis but where is Obama's federal government to set up the phone bank.
  6. we need the phone banks because American legion is not doing its job because they where out looking for donations or play baseball!
  7. Is there a phone number for veterans in California to call? The VA hospital in Riverside told me I don't qualify for VA benefits. I know I qualify because I used to go to the VA Hospital in Long Beach when I lived nearby. And besides that I qualified myself with the VA in Washington DC to make sure before going to the VA in Riverside. If I qualified for Korean War benefits when I went to college that means I qualify for VA medical benefits,too.
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