Legion advocates for veterans on C-SPAN

Peter Gaytan, executive director of The American Legion's Washington's office, appeared on the March 29 broadcast of C-SPAN’s “Washington Journal.” He discussed several veterans issues with show host John McCardle, and answered several call-in questions from viewers.

Gaytan discussed how The American Legion, with more than two million members and nearly 3,000 accredited service officer representatives, reach out to America’s veterans and help them get benefits they have earned through their service. He said the Legion is continuously working with the Department of Veterans Affairs to improve the delivery of care and benefits to veterans.


  1. Is the VA health Care system ever going to change? Today, I suffer rom severe insomnia, and today I contacted the VA regarding my prescribed medication, because I have been out of it over a week, and they told me I have to wait another couple weeks for it in the mail. REALLY?
  2. do you have a projected date you will be caught up reviewing submissions fro va washington i was quoted 2 n years
  3. I am now used to the "no" response from VA.After denial of oral care, hearing care,etc., I had to reimburse VA for health care because I am now married and wife receives Soc.Sec. Benefits were promised when I was a single enlistee but now Soc.Sec. throws me above $$limit.I also lost GI benefits because I made a chang in degree programs early on.I paid years of college out of pocket to earn my Ph.D.
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