Please consider a PUFL membership

Dear Legion Family Members and Friends,

By now you are familiar with the vast benefits of being a member of The American Legion. Today, I am not reminding you about the importance and value of membership. You already know that. Instead, I am here to encourage you to consider joining the Paid Up For Life program so you will always be a proud Legionnaire, along with me and the other 200,000 members who are paid up for life.

Why join the Paid Up For Life program?

First off, once you do, you will no longer receive annual renewal notices or be subject to any possible future dues increases. You will also receive a lifetime subscription to The American Legion Magazine.

To join the program, just head to the online enrollment page. From there you can enroll in the program and pay in full or select 12 monthly installments. Once you identify yourself using your member ID number you will be shown your personalized Paid Up For Life offer and can see why PUFL is an affordable choice. You will also be able to print out a copy of your offer to mail in if you prefer.

Each PUFL member receives a permanent plastic card, as well as an annual paper card to verify continuing membership in The American Legion. The annual card is mailed in July of each year.

Thank you for considering joining the Paid Up For Life program. If you have questions, please contact customer service at 800-433-3318.

For God and Country,


  1. Been an annual member of the Legion for several years now. I can see no reason to pay the price of your Life membership? I'm a life member of the following VFW, VVA, MOPH, 25th Div Association,14th Regiment,25 ID Association and the NRA. None with such outlandish prices for their life memberships. Mind telling me why I, a combat WIA in Vietnam and now 100% disabled Vet would be expected to pay that price?? Need to re-think your Life member rip off price!.....Don't expect a reply, but one (would) be nice..If not, I just won't renew again.
  2. I have been a life member of the DAV and VFW since @1973. I never joined the Legion because they didn't have life membership then. Recently I have received several solicitations to join the Legion and was excited to learn that they have a life membership program. After reading about it I decided that it was not very good,so I decided to not only skip life membership but alsonot join at all
  3. I submitted a Life Time membership to the VFW at a cost of $225.00 because it was reasonable and given my life expectancy. BUT, a Life Membership to the American Legion is $450.00 and does not appear to be based on life expectancies and therefore is not to my advantage. I am 75 years old. Life expectancy according to the report on mortality in the USA from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention's National Center for Health Statistics. is 76 years. However, given my family history, I expect to live to 85. Annual membership of $30 a year is cheaper than your Life Membership at $450. Suggest you adjust your Life Membership be align with stated life expectancies.
  4. I would have to live to be at least 76 to see any savings from purchasing a life membership. I am 100% service connected and doubt very seriously with my health issue I will make it close to that age. How can you ask people that are on fixed incomes to pay 1000.00 plus dollars to have a life membership? Wouldn't it be better to get more life members at a lower price and then have them through word of mouth and action bring in more members? I question the leadership of any organization that makes this decision, from what I can tell they are made up of mostly wealthy officers and those that weren't injured in the military.
  5. What are you clowns smoking?? WTF do you think makes legion membership so much more valuable than the other Veterans Service Organizations? Especially since I can use their membership cards to get the same benefits as legion members who don't realize you are so stinking GREEDY, including access to the local posts. I decline your unreasonably greedy offer to pay at least twice what your membership should be. Your greed in annual dues is going to cost you even that level of support from me.
  6. i joined the VFW paid 250.00 for life membership ,,, joined Disabled American veterans for 90.00 for life membership . what makes the American Legion so high and mighty that i have to shell out 600.00 dollars to be a life member ????? Im 68 years old served my country in a war zone in VietNam . got sprayed with agent orange , took shrapnel in my legs removed them with my k bar because our medic was killed in action . my proof died with my medic so who gives a shit ,,,it was war time and i did what i had to do . i have asked our commander to speak with the higher ups to lower my life membership by the way that was post 578 in Houston Texas .they said 685.00 dollars . you people are to busy feeding yourselfs while the vets suffer . thank you ......
  7. I fail to see the benefit of a life membership. My VFW life membership was far less than my Legion membership. I only receive requests for more donations and higher dues. I came back from Nam in 1970 and have been a loyal member almost without interruption. Where is the chart that tells us what the PUFL costs are? I'm slipping away and I don't see any response to all of these negative comments. We are your strength as members.
  8. this stinks! Not only does the VA treat us like crap and slap us in the face, so does the pufl practice of the legion.
  9. Been a member for quite some time and got my renewal notice, I was floored having gone up over half,65% of last years dues if I'm not mistaken. Now, you're asking $1145 for PUFL for me??!!!!, what the H*LL is going on?! At the old rate I'd break even at 98 of age and with the new rate it's 83! Who the H*LL are we supporting here? I am done with American Legion! VFW here I come and if not I still have my DAV card! It's not going to happen and I'm not looking back.
  10. I came to this sight to check out what the amount would be for PUFL membership for me. I could not get anywhere on it that looks like a chart for this. I have been a member for 15 yrs alreadybased on my 2014 membership card. After this long it seems like I should be given a free PUFL membership. I am seriously thinking of dropping out of the membership. Thanks
  11. Those who comment on the high cost of a PUFL are absolutely right. The costs are entirely too high. If other veterans service organizations can manage with quite a bit lower rates, why can't the Legion. When I find that my income does not meet my expenditures, I have to cut back on expenditures. I can NOT get a group of members, who are not effected by a PUFL or regular dues raise, to push through a resolution to do so. The Disabled American Veterans has a minimum annual dues of $40.00, each ensuing payment goes into a fund for a life membership. If you pay dues for a period that amounts to your life member fee, you become a life member. Most DAV Chapters have about 75% life members because of this.
  12. There is no incentive to pay up for Life with the Legion. I have been in and out of membership here before. Decided to join again and seriously look at Paid Up For Life. Wow! What a surprise. No break over the annual dues unless one plans to live to be 100 or more. Even with the $100 online discount it was 2 to 3 times the cost of my PUFL with the DAV and VFW. Who sets policy in this organization? If it is the rank and file then shame on us. Obviously after reading this board it needs to be addressed at the top. No breaks for anyone disabled alike. I doubt I'll live long enough, already 65, to see the PUFL to be a good deal. We all did our time and paid the price, do we need to support this as a charity or just pay a reasonable fee to belong to Our Legion?
  13. I came on here to sign up for life time membership , but after checking and see the plus and minus , I thing I will pass you cost of my age is really stupid for anyone to do it . You guys really need to check other places like the VFW , you would see why yours is a bad deal .
  14. I have been a member for 40+years already. Your paid up for life is the worst I've seen from any Veteran's organization. I have life memberships in 2 other groups. To me, the older you are, the less you should have to pay. I would love to see the salaries of the individuals who put this PUFL together. If fact, I would like to see a complete accounting of the whole American Legion books. I am sure we would all be surprised as to what they might find about where all the monies go.
  15. I would really love to know how the AL came up with their figures for PUFL. Most organizations with similar programs require many fewer years worth of dues to get lifetime status, as shown by the comments here. Why not take the expected dues paid until say 80 year old, subtract 20% and offer that as the PUPL cost. This would encourage younger members to pay up. In my case such a formula would reach payback in 16 years vs the 33 years offered to me in the PUPL e-mail (and that was including the 10% discount).
  16. I am 90 years old and have 31 continuous years in the Legion. To take your offer of PUFL it would cost me $434.88 or $334.88 with your $100. discount. Without the discount The break even point would take almost 11 yrs. or over 8 yrs. with the discount. NO THANK YOU! I have been a life member of the VFW and the DAV for many years and that has paid off.
  17. Why after paying the high dues for AFL do we get such a cheap, thin paper card showing membership? I was considering joining PUFL but after reading the comments made by others I quickly lost interest and am thinking seriously about cancelling my membership completely and staying with the VFW only. I am and have been a LIFE TIME MEMBER OF the VFW since I retired in 1969. In fact I have given it deep and thought now and I,ve decided to cancel my membership in AFG effective today. Thanks...
  18. Just received a mailing that offered the PUFL option, supposedly with a $100 discount. I've been in the Legion for 31 years and wouldn't mind being PUFL, but it's just ridiculously expensive. Tried to find the cost structure on the website, but it is apparently hidden from the members. WTFO? The legion does some good things, but so do other veterans' organizations, and they are apparently more in touch with their membership. I'm retired military and the stupidity of the people at Legion HQ reminds me of the incompetent military REMFs who don't have a clue, who get people killed, and just generally piss us ops guys off. I noticed the Jan 22, 2014 HQ response to these postings, and the idiot only reinforced my negative impression. This leads me to wonder how the Legion is spending our money and to seriously question the qualifications and effectiveness - not to mention the integrity - of the Legion leadership. The Legion has a proud history, but what really counts is what they are doing NOW. I'm wondering if perhaps it's time to go to the VFW and tell the Legion what to do with the rope.
  19. I just received my life member information packet today requesting I consider a Life Membership at a cost of $640.00. As a Life Member of the Marine Corps League and VFW I cannot imagine such a request especially when I'm fast approaching 68 years of age. It is no wonder membership continues to decline. National had better realize this as well as their reach has exceeded their grasp. I cannot imagine anyone paying $640.00 for a life membership. You are so far out of step in todays economy that its ridiculous. Thank you
  20. I am 78 years old and pay a raised fee of $40 a year for membership. Today the Legion wants from me $550 for a "life time" membership which they offer to discount by $100. That's $450. Imagine incompetence and perhaps even gross greed of the American Legion Actuaries. Before that could become a real bargain I'll be a 100 years old or more. Go figure!
  21. I am a life member of VFW & DAV. I am commander of a legion post. I will never be a legion life member until someone gets they're head out of their(sand) What it costs is uncalled for. I'm a 10 year member so far and I'll continue to pay yearly.
  22. Thank you for your offer of a life membership.I can see now why you cannot reveal the cost of such.I have been a member for a number of years But after reading these previous comments of the cost of a life membership i must decline.I ask who in the organization has lost touch with reality? DO the math, its a ripoff I do my share of donations and handouts but this is pretty close to a scam.please take another look at at your plan.respect fully Herb Hamblen sr.
  23. Considering I'm 36 and my husband is 35, the PUFL was a great move for us. We plan to live much longer than the "break-even point," and we're 99% certain that dues will increase several times before we reach that age - especially since the Department of CA just raised per capita by $5 and our post voted to raise dues from $30 to $40 this year. As both of us receive VA disability compensation, we can't even really attach a price to the fact that someone is out there standing up for us when no one else will. To us, the Legion isn't really about the social nights or the activities, although that can be important too. It certainly isn't about a magazine or travel discounts, because my generation can't afford to travel - we're too busy working and raising children (who, incidentally, are often excluded from many Legion events for being "under 21"). For us, lifetime membership is about ensuring that Congress doesn't screw us over while retaining their own benefits. However, we have many older veterans in our post who were initially interested in PUFL, but shied away because of the cost. As the post commander, I reminded them that they were under no obligation to pay up for life, and that it may not be in their best interest - they just need to do their homework and make the best choice for their situation. They seemed to feel a lot better after that.
  24. I went Paid-Up-For-Life about a year after first joining the Legion. Back then, it was in fact much cheaper than it is now. Regardless, I no longer have to be frustrated over dues going up, nor will I be badgered by Department or National to pay said dues after they have gone up. I urge all potential members to look into going PUFL, you will find it to be cheaper when all is said and done.
  25. Like so many others, the cost is not a benefit or incentive to become one. I am a Post commander and enjoy being an active member in the Legion and Legion Riders as well as my family being involved. The cost even making payments at this time for many is not going to happen and in fact chase folks away... WE NEED HELP to keep what we have and bring in new, This program is not going to do it ! I think you are missing the big picture of just how much is given in donations to our programs by members and non-members.. You chase them away... no winners.. The benefits currently offered are the same you can get just being a Veteran... and in some cases even better !!! Just the truth.. Take a look at all the "NEW" Veteran based organizations popping up, ask yourself why... Those are folks we could have as members !
  26. I belong to other veteran organization as a life member! Your PUFL program is out of line with the others. I have asked the legion top officers why it is so expensive and they admit it is GREED! Great for the organization but not for the veteran who the organization would not exist without them! Stop sending me your annual recruitment forms every year. I can live with the other true veteran organizations that i belong to, that think of the hard fighting veteran. The American Legion has it priorities all wrong!
  27. Just received a 'Nomination For Lifetime Membership' in the mail today. Wow! Sounds pretty attractive with all the 'freebies.' So, let me get this straight; even with $50.00 off I would enjoy and my previous membership payment NOT counting, you want me to pay a one-time fee of $885.00!!! Now, I have been a Legion member since 1992, but let's forget all that...I have a number of Lifetime memberships, to include the VFW. I don't think I have "STUPID" written across my forehead folks! Oh, and by the way, you're thanking me for my service is profoundly RIDICULOUS!!!!!!
  28. I paid $375.00 to be a life member of the VFW. I can pay 400.00 to be a Life Member of FRA, and am considering it. And while, if I pay in installments of 77.00/mo, it is triple of what I paid for my VFW membership and 200.00 more than joining both the FRA & the VFW,I am still considering a PUFL membership. The reason is I believe in the mission, programs and work of the Legion. I would like to see more transparency in how exactly my PUFL dues will be used to further the misson with my never having to pay dues to the Legion again, like the VFW does with their Bronze Silver or Gold Legacy Life memberships. Perhaps an additional benefit or two may increase the perceved value.
  29. Served in the USAF for four years. entered in the Sixty when draft was in effect. For many years after I served never heard from any Vet. group. By chance I learned I could join The American Legion. Have been a member for four years. Do not go to the hall much too much smoke and dranking plus the one close to me is not family friendly and would allow families to join. Want to keep the wife out or in the aux. The PUFL program would be good if the price was right. I would have to be a member till I was ninty to break even. Wake up and adjust the dues down. the Legion need to be more active with the younger Vet. They do not like smoke drank or old men dressed as motor cycle gangs.
  30. Mr. Stone: "old men dressed as motor cycle (motorcycle) gangs" is wrong on your side of view. We are American Legion Riders (ALR) and we are family orientated riders that do a lot of charity work. You need crawl out that rock that you live in and maybe talk to those (gangs) ALR and you might find out that they are great bunch of people. I ask of you to look at programs on this web site read about the ALR and you would find out that we are NOT "gangs" but a recognized program of The American Legion Kevin J Tontala ALR - Director Wheatfield, NY Post #1451 Greater Niagara Chapter
  31. I get what your saying, but unfortunately the appearance of the AL Riders leads to the perception of it a being a "niche" club within a post. When everyone looks the part of a biker gang with the leather vests and patches, others may feel like outsiders and decline from joining because they don't "fit in". It is no wonder that young vets are not joining.
  32. You have got to be kidding me! I'm a Vietnam Veteran and presently Life Member of Amvets, Disabled American Veteran and Veterans of Foreign Wars. I am also 69 years of age and you telling me my PUFL is $640.00! Good luck with that, it is entirely too HIGH!!!! Get serious, are you really telling me you think that fee is fair and acceptable? I think I'll just save my hard earned disabled dollars to spend on things that our ass of a President will make rise in $$$, kinda like your Life Membership!
  33. I'd like to push the PUFL program as a way to retain members, but the price is still too high. I'd have to live to be 89 years old to break even. You need to revise the program to make it more financially attractive.
  34. I just became a PUFL member. It did cost a lot and I can see why members have an issue with it. Vets are at war with Washington right now. Its a shame but we are.I figure these organizations need all the help they can get to fight for us, I worry every month that I may not get my check or be able to make my payments because some suit in Washington decided I get too much money for my service. Use my money to fight on!
  35. I also believe it is too much. The paid up for life offer I just recieved from the NRA is only $500. Why make PUFL for The American Legion so much more? I am a proud Viet Nam era vet, but feel we deserve a better deal than this program. Sorry.
  36. I just checked and age 59 it would cost me $835.00 and I would have to live to be 87 years old to break even. Get real. You need to take a really hard look at this program because the American Legion is WAY out of line with what other VSOs are asking for life memberships.
  37. I can't squeeze enough numbers to make me believe PUFL is a good deal. I am a life member in the VFW and AM vets, I'll stay an annual member, maybe. Just not worth it!
  38. Gentlemen, When are you going to share the details of this program? All I have been able to find are vague promises about how it is different and wonderful. But it seems that only individual members can access any calculations. Until these details are shared, Posts will not be able to recommend the program to members. All the Posts will be able to base their perceptions on is the previous program which was a disaster! Here is the bottom line. No Legionnaire in my area would sign up for the previous PUFL program. Most were insulted by it. And my Post lost several perspective members because of it. And now the Posts don't even know how the new program is structured! Quit playing "I've got a secret" and provide all the program details. And if this program isn't significantly better than its predecessor, do not expect any Post to promote it.
  39. I am a life member of the VFW and a Past Commander of our Legion Post but it doesn't make economic sense for me to pay the charges for a Legion PUFL.
  40. I paid for lifetime membership into the DAV and VFW for me as well as for my wife to be in the auxiliaries. All of that combined is still HALF of what the PUFL cost would be just for me. Unless the Legion gets the rates to a reasonable amount, I'll just pay annually, thank you.
  41. Everyone, thank you for taking the time to write about our renewed Paid Up For Life program. We value your membership and hope that you will still consider becoming a Paid Up For Life member of the largest veterans service organization. We understand there may be confusion about the program. If you have questions, please contact customer service at 800-433-3318.
  42. VFW lifetime member for less than half of what the Legion wants, get real people !! at 75 and $550.00 for a PUFL account it makes no sense to become one. Those fees are so out of line as to be unbelievable and as for calling customer service, what good does that do ?? You get a clerk or volunteer that has no say or input toward the issue on the table. Reduce the price or go with a lot less PUFL members (nobody than can add 2 + 2 is going to sign up for that program) Don
  43. Please, I see no confusion here only question of why so costly compared to other service organizations. Have you really read these letters?
  44. I dont normally disagree with the National organization on issues. The PUFL issue is one that I do have a problem with. I thought we were going to change this, I just figured out that a member at age 85 in my Post would have to pay $375.84 for a PUFL. That means he would have to live to be almost 98 to realize a savings for being a PUFL. I am a PUFL but got mine before the new rate structure went into effect and I encouraged members to become a PUFL but I cannot encourage anyone anymore besides when they do the math that usually ends any chance of them purchasing one.
  45. people cannot afford life membership in the legion. DAV and VFW are much more affordable and practical rates. when will the legion learn? there should be a reduced cost and benefit to life membership. I would have to be a member for the next 40 years at $35/yr to break even.
  46. I love the American Legion and have dedicated much of my time and effort to the Post/district and department, but I will continue to pay my yearly dues. this PUFL thing has gotten out of hand. Amvets is currently 250 for life time membership. Dav, when I joined about 4 years about two years ago was only $195.00 I am a member of all but spend most of my time with the American Legion. I calculated out the Pufl costs, at my age of 65 and at at post tat charges 30 per year, I would be required to pay $663.12 with in the next 3 years. If I divide that figure by the $30 that i would normally pay each year, I find that i must live to be 87 years old before, I would break even. While the life expectancy is continuing to increase, or so they say, I do not see myself making it to the ripe old age of 87, but for the sake of an argument lets just say that I did. By the time i reach 87, I will no longer be interested in even going to the post as I will be spending most of my life figuring out when I am going to die. So good look American Legion with your revised Pufl schedule. you will not so those funds from me as they just do not justify the expense.
  47. After having seen the American Legion advertise their "Paid Up For Life Program", I decided to look into. I was shocked to find out that I would have to pay $1,399. Therefore I decided to do some financial calculations/modeling and wrote "Why You Shouldn’t Join the American Legion Paid Up For Life Program" after finishing my calculations. Take a read and share, so that you have tools with which to make a large purchase decision.
  48. I am a member of VFW and now a life member of The American Legion. Thank you American Legion for all you do for veterans and their families. Proud to be a member.
  49. You people can take your membership and shove it, I paid 300.00 for my VFW life time membership, and you people want 835.00 along with being a 16 years of membership. I do not think so.
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