Obama to nominate Bob McDonald to head VA

According to White House officials, President Obama on Monday will nominate Bob McDonald, a West Point graduate who served as the chief executive of Procter & Gamble, to take over as head of the troubled Department of Veterans Affairs, the Washington Post has reported.

For more details, read the Post's article here.



  1. I guess its just me , but I have yet to see anything good for America come from anyone that don't believe in God or that worked for a corporation that didn't . And if my memory serves me right that is what we have here .
  2. I don't believe in God and I can say that with, as contrasted to M Boaz, good grammar. I graduated from West Point, as did the nominee, and I hold great respect for the integrity of other individuals who graduated. The idea that belief in God is essential to managing health care is nonsense. Health care for veterans has long been an issue (see Robert Gates, exSecdef book). Shinseki was a sacrificial lamb. I hope the new appointee will be able to break through the bureaucracy and convince our dysfunctional Houses of Congress to allow him to manage the care of our wounded warriors to the level of quality they deserve. Hopefully he will not have to battle with silly, narrow minded, folks who think, such as M Boaz, that religion or any other dogma has any place in treating injured American Servicemen. It doesn't.
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