Taking care of business

The American Legion isn't just fighting for veterans and their benefits. The organization wants to ensure that they have equal opportunities as well. That's why the Legion is constantly facilitating employment opportunities for military and actively ensuring that veteran-owned businesses are at the forefront of the political agenda.

The Legion will advocate further for that cause with its Small Business Task Force seminar, which convenes at the Marriott Renaissance Hotel in Washington on March 2, from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. The annual event, now in its fifth meeting, brings lawmakers, political leaders and veteran entrepreneurs together - snow or shine - for a meeting of the minds. Veteran business owners can dialogue directly with legislators who will be writing and lobbying for laws that affect them and their business ventures. Featured speakers include government officials who sit on small business committees, representatives from service branches and Rep. Glenn Nye, D-Va., who is assigned to Committees on Armed Services, Small Business and Veterans' Affairs.

The Legion's Small Business Task Force, which is free of charge to veterans and their business associates, has always provided useful information and profitable opportunities to veterans who own their own business or wish to start one. Information and literature is available on relevant government programs, business evaluations, federal contracting and sub-contracting.

The event can accommodate only 130 attendees. Last year's Small Business Task Force reached its maximum number of attendees in only six hours, so space is limited.

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  1. A stand needs to be taken aganist the rule concerning a veteran can only have one business listed with the VA as a VA business. This is generated by the SBA and is unacceptable and probably discrimanatory. What is Legions position? What actions are being taken, or will be taken?
  2. As usual the Midwest is left out. All anyone seems to care about are the two coasts. I really looks to me like many employers only want to hire either those vets with several years of experience or the really highly visible wounded heroes. The normal low key veteran comes home to no jobs, other than minimum paying dead end jobs. Helmets to Hard Hats is a wonderful idea, but even there, I have seen vets apply for every trade mentioned and to hear absolutely nothing from any of the trades. Something is wrong with this picture.
  3. As a member of the Legion for sometime now, I would like to see more of these events being held at the local level. I want to see these events being held in every state. Its not right to just include Veterans that can make it to D.C. but exclude Veterans that cannot like myself. If we held events like these in say Los Angeles, New York City, Las Vegas, Miami etc. more and more Veterans will be included. Just invite all the local and state elected goverenment representatives and officials as well as Veterans and Business leaders.
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