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SSG Giunta received the first Medal of Honor for a living person since Vietnam. Should there be more awarded for OEF/OIF?


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  1. Sorry everyone for the error in Sgt. Giunta's name. We've corrected it and apologize for any distress or confusion it might have caused.

  2. Come on AL I know we can afford spell check...! Anyone that did what Giunta did and I think his squad agreed at least on 60 Minutes deserve this country's highest honor. However, we don't need to go around handing out medals to everyone on active duty especially in situations like the Ft. Hood shooting. Last time I checked Texas is not considered a war zone!

  3. Service members have not been recognized for their valor during OIF/OEF. In the fall of 2004 the security team from the Kansas National Guard attached to protect a dignitary saw a suspicious vehicle pull a u-turn on the road leading into Baghdad from the BIAP. They, being the rear security vehicle, accelerated, and placed themselves between the suspicious vehicle and the dignitary's vehicles just as the suspicious vehicle exploded. The explosion killed all three of the soldiers in the military vehicle they were driving thus saving the dignitaries life and the other occupants in his vehicle. Their quick thinking, immediate response and dedication to their mission of providing security for this dignitary was in the highest traditions of military service and valor. For their actions however, they were awarded the ARCOM with "V" device. It would seem to me they should have been nominated for at the least the silver star. What a travesty to not get them the award they earned.

  4. Legion, PLEASE correct this page, it's embarassing. No harder to spell than McGrath or

  5. Personally, I feel that the DOD has failed our troops in the awarding of medals. Too many heroes have made sacrifices above and beyond any possible expectation and have had their award recommendation downgraded. I believe it has more to do with politics than much else, any more. There are also many award recipients who have been given high honors who have not earned them, but are awarded based on rank, position, or influence. This is a disservice to the military in general, and to the troops personally.
    Why is it that a general is awarded the MoH for riding up a hill and taking out a single machine gunner while never dismounting and is not ever wounded, yet a sergeant who is wounded multiple times, expends all his ammo, and defeats several enemy combatants hand-to-hand to defend the body of a fallen soldier, then continues to fight until he can fight no more, is only awarded the Purple Heart and a Bronze Star?
    That is an injustice and a dishonor to the fighting troops.

  6. Let me recommend that the poser of the poll question should learn to spell SSG Giunta's surname.

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