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Should the United States provide more direct military support for South Korea?


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  1. How about we start worrying about our own country heading straight down the toilet? Keep an eye on them with the technology we have instead of sacrificing our troops for a change. If our spy satellites pick up silos, send the drones in. If the White House makes any other stupid decisions, it's time to impeach!

  2. I votes Yes, Defense only, but after reading the comments I wish I could change it to NO. We are spread too thin, spend too much money on being policemen and we get nothing in return. SKorea doesn't want out goods they shouldn't get the lives of our troops or the costs for that support.

    An isolationist policy is beginning to seem reasonable, even to a former Naval Officer like me!

  3. Trust me, S. Korea is capable of fighting their own battles. Not so when I was there 1966-67. Today is a different ball game. ROK troops can get it done. Or how about the UN? We need to butt out and take care of our problems for a change!

  4. How much more can we take of being a big brother to these countries when we can not afford to take care of our own people young and old.

  5. If you're going to let Your Trigger Finger do Your thinking, then:
    Just a reminder: It takes 30+ years for an area to recover from Nuclear Radiation/Contamination, to subside.
    So, use them WISELY!
    Want or need a parking Lot?
    How about a Barren & Inhabited Wasteland? Fine, as long as it's NOT here.
    That's what is the Result of the Final Outcome.

    In this situation, usually what goes around, comes around, with an average time of 6 minutes to react.
    Dig Fast!!!

  6. NO !!! NOT a Chance. NOT even as Peacekeepers.
    Bring the Troops Home on CONUS soil. Redeploy to the Northern & Southern Borders, Armed & @ the Ready. They're needed much more here, than over there. Increase Troop levels in the South Pacific Islands, next.

    We've been in South Korea on the DMZ for Too Long.
    Nothing "Fair" is coming out of conducting business with any Country in the Far East. Especially with China.

    We've been involved with the United Nations for Too Long, as well. Dissolve Our Membership/Association/Support. Tell them to kindly leave American Soil. Same with NATO & SEATO.

    Throw ALL Members of the CFR & Tri-Lateral Committees in Jail. Loose the key, forever!

    I'm tired of Paying for this "Crap" and Absolutely Sick of serving/dealing with a Tyrannical Government.

  7. South Korea just refused to negotiate a fair trade agreement with the United States during the President's recent visit to South Korea. They like to sell us Hyundai's and Kia's, but don't want to purchase American goods. It would be a huge mistake to intervene militarily in any dispute between North and South Korea. It is too costly to maintain troops all over the world. We should pull our existing troops out of South Korea or insist South Korea pay the full cost of having them there,

  8. For an "S" use the "$" like kiss my @$$. No, not meant for you or anyone, just an example.

    Ron Kriel

  9. No, we have to quit being the world's policemen. Not only should we bring all American Forces back home from all posts throughout the world, but we also have to quit sending the many millions of dollars to every Tom, Dick & Harry (Chan, Louis & Pedro?) in the world. They take the money and still resent our interference in their affairs.

    We have stirred the pot in the world too much already. North Korea is a problem for the area, like China, etc. While we got ourselves into the mess in 1950, we have never learned, like following the French into Viet Nam.

    With all of the money saved, we can put this country back on an even economic keel and work to improve education and other important programs for our own people.

    Perhaps someone will list some benefit we get from our involvement all over the globe.

    Isolationist, you bet! Perhaps this would stop the departure of manufacturing and jobs defecting to those countries we are supporting.

    Ron Kriel CAPT USN (Ret.)

  10. It's time to show Dad and the boy general just what nukes can and will do. which should have been done almost 50yrs ago. Might just bring the rest of the little pi@@ ant country's that are a pain in the bu@@ what can and will happen if they don't leave us alone.

  11. We should have left long ago -- No economic or strategic benefits, just pouring money and manpower down a rathole.
    We are overextended militarily and borrowing 40 cents of every dollar we spend.
    The sole excuse for being there was to prevent the north from gaining atomic weapons. We failed and now there is a price to pay.

  12. Should we send boy scouts or scout girls? Coast Guard? How about bringing back the draft? We CANNOT afford TO enter another war on any possible level. And if we do, American Revolution II and, indeed, World War III, cometh!

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