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Legion staff is attending a Senate Armed Services Committee hearing on a Department of Defense working group reviewing the possible repeal of the “don’t ask, don’t tell” policy. Staff is reviewing the DADT report prepared by DoD and advising members of Congress on the Legion’s viewpoint.


  1. I think the powers to be should step back and look at the real issue and make a policy regarding the real issue. While in uniform, the military personnel should refrain from the expression of physical attraction except upon long term separation arravial or departure of their spouse, domestic partner, or love ones. Under normal day to day activities, no one cares to see another person grouping another person same sex or two people of opposite sex. Getting to know a person prior to learning their sexual preference give you a chance to appreciate that person. Then you learn they are gay, they are still the same person. Grow up and accept diversity and again set the guidelines that apply to all equally.

  2. I believe it is time to repeal this law. I agree....there should not be any show of affection while in uniform but who you love and how you love should be allowed by everyone and known by everyone and accepted by everyone.

  3. I served with a Staff Sergeant who was semi-"flaming". He was not really picked on but whispered about behind his back. He became my roommate back in the world and we became friends. He never made any inappropriate comments to me and we got along fine. Was I guilty by association? I think not. If gays are already serving and laying down their lives, let them be proud to serve. Just keep the affection private. Most couples with any class do so anyway.

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