Senate votes to end ban on openly gay troops

The Senate agreed on Saturday to do away with the military's 17-year ban on openly gay troops and sent President Barack Obama legislation to overturn the Clinton-era policy known as "don't ask, don't tell."For the complete story, click here.


  1. It was simply let gays serve openly and vote down the Dream Act 50-50 that's how the tax deal got pushed through so those dickheads could go home for the holidays!
  2. Stop all the crying! I serviced for over 18 years and during that time I had both straight and gay Commanders and NCO's. Of these service members they all did the same job and did it well. I have seen more crap from the straight ones that when they get overseas feel that they can go screwing around on their spouses. This is something that was going to come to past anyway. It might be poor timing, but it is here. I thought that this Organization represented all Veteran not just the one's that they approve of. For the person that served in the navy, I think you were just stupid to think that you weren't sleeping and working around gay service members.
  3. Those junior leaders and those up to batallion commanders are the ones that are going to have to deal with the breakdown in discipline, low morale and other problems that will come out of this in the near future. The Army, once again, will have to bear the brunt of the impact just because some bleeding heart liberals want to sue the armed forces for social engineering. Homosexuality in the open is not compatible with military service, period. Many homosexuals have served this country very well and to bring it out in the open is not going to make it any better, specially in a time of war. It appears that the scars of Vietnam have not teach our leaders a lesson. At the conclusion of the Vietnam era there was an exodus of first echelon leadership in the NCO and company grade officers because the polarization in the ranks and the low morale of the troops. May God save us , since we are again at war not only with foreign enemies but the liberals have decided to wage open warfare on US force
  4. During the 20th and 21st century America have been hit with 3 days of national infamy. Dec 7, 1941 and Sept 11 2001 marks two days when foreign enemies hit America. The third day Dec 18 2010, the domestic enemies represented in the United States Senate and US House of Representatives hit the very fiber of the American soul by passing the repeal of DADT.Most of those that voted in favor have never served one day in the military. The military "leaders" that asked Congress to endorse this calamity are traitors to the members of the armed forces. They were only looking at their own careers and future and cave in to the pressures of SECDEF Gates, JCS Mullen and of course the Commander in Chief. The President in his role as Commander in Chief could have made an executive order and get the same results, but he opted to bring Congress along as a way to get this done and basically wring his hands on this whole debacle.The NCOs and junior leaders that will have to live it are the most impacted
  5. Why do you think the American Legion is dying? Because it supports 'conservative' politics instead of people who serve their country. The Legion needs to stay out of politics, stop being stuck in the old days, and helping all the people that want to serve. This is a big step into the 20the century, now we need to try and step into the 21st! The Legion already weighed in with their discriminotory attitudes, and hopefully learned a lesson. The Legion is becoming more and more irrelevant every day, thanks to the over the hill, racist, homophobic, white guys that run it. Maybe you speak for them but not for me.
  6. Quit the Right Wing Nut crying, for Heaven's sake. You all act like you're scared to death someone's going to goose you. Trust me, it isn't likely to happen. It's the holidays. Pray for Peace, instead of hoping someone's trying to cop a feel.
  7. I served in the Vietnam era. I did not like DADT when Clinton introduced it and this recent travesty is worse. I was in the Navy and accomodations are very close on a ship and there is not much privacy. This is like asking a woman to be billeted in an all male compartment and use the same showers and heads. Rediculous! I guess we will now have to issue florals and pastels instead of digitals and camoflage. The Legion had better weigh in on this one and not play the politically correct route.
  8. Go Ahead and Blantly Ignore the Advice of the Chief's of Staff. I guess they don't know anything, in regards to, what's Best for the Small Unit Integrity of their respective Branches of Service. Civilians with NO US Military Experience are Our Downfall. Thanks to President Richard M. Nixon. They really "Opened a Door", they shouldn't have ! The JAG Offices will be "Busy" now. I say:Since they seem to have made a Great statement here, today. If they want to serve, so bad. Re-issue uniforms in blaze orange/pink colors. Re-organize into Separate Units. NO Weapons. Housing = Tent Cities. If they Disobey, start the Courts Martial Process. Dishonorable Discharges, granted. They've been handing them out, like candy, anyway. NO VA Benefits, then apply. The American Legion better start becoming MORE INVOLVED with and Promote CONSERVATIVE Politics. Put this Liberal Agenda BS in it's place. Once and for all. Or else, the American Legion may NOT Exist.
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