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What should be done about the Social Security crisis?


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  1. Carter took the S.S. money and put it in the general fund so his budget would look better. Ever since it has been spent on other things than what it was intended for. Also, it was never intended to support small children. That is what welfare is for! I am sorry for people who lose their spouse young and have small children to support, but they are not my problem!
    They also need to eliminate the cut-off - pay S.S. tax on everything you earn - I always had to! Now the government acts like I am stealing THEIR money by collecting S.S. In fact one S.S. office employee told my husband "that's not your money, that's the Government's money"! Did you ever hear anything so absurd?

  2. Government needs to stop taking loans for pennies on the dollar out of SS funds and shore it up. Also, our younger generation should be allowed to find their own retirement programs and is that what SS was meant for. They have taken and taken both in blood of our sisters and brothers in the service and then cheat the American Tax payer when they need the money in their time of need.



    It seems to me that everything that is transpiring are the reasons we took an oath to protect Our Country against terrorists both foriegn and DOMESTIC (TO PROTECT THE CONSTITUTION OF THE US AND ITS LAWS AND PEOPLE)!

    Posted by SSgt William John Trapp II

  3. of course the politicians need to stop dipping into the funds. the whole country was up in arms when ENRON did the same thing. its no less unethical just because its congress, and its just as much a violation of the public's trust. what we could do instead is run it like TSP, or maybe have a TSP-like option to add to it. parents could have the option to put money in it from the day their kids are born, with the kids taking over the responsibility when the turn 18/register for selective service. maybe they could even have an option to use it for college. and just like any other retirement fund, the government could tax it when its time for you to withdraw it. seems to me like everyone would benefit.

  4. In addition to Captain Ron's comment reference taxing incomes of 200k or more, since the government wants to start a guest worker program involving immigrants, they should issue each immigrant a social security number/card which will include a letter identifying their country of origin and tax their income which would go directly into the Social Security Program.

    With roughly 12 million illegal immigrants, this will give them the opportunity to step forward and sign up and give the government the opportunity to tax their income which is usually under the table.

    Pros of this program.
    1) More money for social security
    2) Illegal immigrants path to citizenship
    3) Government knows who is in U.S.
    4) Forces businesses to pay immigrants legally
    5) Only U.S. Citizens collect the benefits

  5. I have only been a American Legion memeber for less than 1 yr and also a VFW and DAV life memember. I don't support ANY kind of gays in the uniform and will with draw any support for Veterans support groups that back any decision in Washington allowing gays to serve openly.

  6. i also dont support any gays in uniform, although its plain to me and most of the people i serve with that theyre already there, but at least they cant get pregnant (generally speaking). so while it may make me and a lot of other people uncomfortable, it may actually be a smoother transition than when we allowed women to serve alongside men. we are still struggling with that YEARS later.

  7. The basic premise of Social Security is good, i.e., making sure those who pay in and their families will have something to help them, especially in later life. No OTHER payments should be made from the SS fund. Rather, such payments, if any, should be made from the general fund. The rate or amount paid in to the SS fund by the participants must be determined by generally accepted actuarial standards and adjusted as necessary. In addition, the SS fund should be entrusted to competent managers for investment purposes, and who make annual audited reports of the fund to the public. Finally, it is only equitable that payments, within limits, to participants must be determined by the amount each paid into the fund.

  8. The actual problem with Social Security and for that matter Medicare; is that CONGRESS (BOTH PARTIES)have been and continue to RAID those two funds to pay for pet projects and to cover deficits CREATED by Congress, and then do not pay back. IF all the funds that have been taken out of S.S. and Medicare were paid back in full, these two programs would be self-sufficient probably well into the next century or longer. Sadly, we will never live to see that happen. As long as we have politicians who believe and do use the two funds as 'private piggy banks' we will never see either program stablized.
    Think about this, Congress creates ALL the laws, creates ALL the deficits, spends ALL the funds, creates ALL the problems and then tells the American people they just don't understand how ALL this happened. Along with this fact is that BOTH parties do it, and it makes no difference which is in power. BOTH share in the blame equally.

  9. The problem with Social Security is that people believe it is a retirement program. Socail Security was designed to assist in your retirement. It was not intended to be your sole retirement.

    Just freeze entitlements for the time being and let people choose how their Social Security is to be invested (such as stocks, bonds, etc). Publize that Social Security is not a person's only retirement, that it is a cushion but that a person must plan for their own retirement.

  10. If Congress and the President had the guts to revolt against the rich (the only people represented by "our" government) and rightfully tax the rich, there would be no problems. The rich are running the federal and state governments and "our" representatives in those governments are puppets. The rich are going to get richer and will use the government to squeeze the rest of us.

  11. There would be no ss problem if our politians did not dip into the fund and put it into the general fund to pay for their pet projects. And until they stop this process, there never will be a stable social security. And then to have the gall to put the blame onto thoses who have paid into the fund all of their working lives is just another tactic on thoses who only know how to spend and not save is intolible. I love this country and have served it thru the military,being a policeman, and then a licensed nurse. I only hope the young, bright people of our land can do something constructive about the mess that has been created. Thank-you for allowing me to express my opinion.

  12. As of now, no SSI taxes are collected on income over $100,000.00 per annum. Create a window of exemption from 100K to 199K, and collect SSI tax on incomes of 200K or more. This would be a minimal tax imposed on those who can most afford it to benefit those who are in most need of their SS income. It should extend solvency into the distant future.

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