Health-care reform questions to get answers

Peter Gaytan, executive director of The American Legion's Washington office, will be on the FOX News program "FOX and Friends" at 8:45 EST Wednesday morning.

Gaytan will address how the recently passed health-care reform legislation will affect Department of Defense and Department of Veterans Affairs health care. Gaytan also will answer specific questions from active-duty servicemembers and veterans regarding their health care and how the new law will affect delivery of that care.


  1. I am reading all the comments/questions. Where are the answers to these questions?? No one is posting. Several of the above questions I would like to know the answer to also. Thanks, Glenda
  2. The idea that only service connected issues receive VA system care is not only absurd, but an outright slap in the face to all of us that have served our country. I have earned the right for life medical benefits just as much as the ones with disability/medical issues. To serve was an honor that will associate with the veteran forever and just to be honorably discharged , never will take that away. I feel sad that a person that has service injuries, feels he should receive more credit or advantage than anyone else that has served their country.
  3. The Congressional Budge Office drafted proposed legislation: The one item most interest to Retired Military is in Article 189. If approved by congress how is this going to effect Tricare for Life?
  4. If im a veteran that's not a retiree or Medicare and/or Tricare for life eligible - I'm 50% SC and currently exempt from co-pays & deductibles from the VA - Will I still be required to pay for private insurance under the new national health care reform bill or if not, get fined and tossed in jail. I already understand that VA Care isn't Health Insurance - VA billing office in my area make that bit of information VERY clear and understandable to its veterans.
  5. Maybe the Veteran William Bean below who say's his health care has gone down hill since Obama took over is just getting old and senile or maybe there is a serious question to ask? I have been retired overseas for 6 1/2 years and for the first 5 I never had one single medication or procedure refused for my service related conditions but since obama I have had a whole boat load of rejected requests for payment. What changed? Is there new management and what are they telling their personel as far as policies? With the new health care requirements am I going to have to buy insurance or will the VA give me basic preventative health care as of now they will only give me as little help as they can get away with.
  6. If a veteran has access to a local VA clinic (not service related), when he becomes MEDICARE eligible will he be able to use both or will he have to choose.
  7. I have the same question as the person above, will TRICARE Prime extend medical coverage on children over the age of 23 living at home. As it stands now our son will lose his coverage upon reaching his 23rd birthday this June. Thank you for your assistance.
  8. I have a similar question regarding enrollment for our 23 year old son who is now living with us again. He was dropped from the system after he graduated from the university. When does the new health care law permit re-enrollment and what is the process for doing so. Thank you.
  9. The new law allows children under age 27 to be added to the parent's policy. My college son was dropped by Tricare at age 23 and would like to ask when the law takes affect, what procedures one needs to follow to add them back?
  10. After 30 years in the Air Force, I retired, and now have Tricare for Life. To be eligible for Tricare for Life, you must also have Medicare. I have been told by my doctor, as well as my wife, that they may drop Medicare patients. In other words, you will have to find another doctor who will accept Medicare. I have called many doctors, and all have said that they are not taking Medicare Patients. My Tricare for Life is a suplemental insurance only, therefore if we have no doctors, what good is the insurance? With no doctors, we will not be able to get our prescriptions filled.
  11. Will the new ObamaCare effect how T4L will be administered and funded by DOD? Will the premium we pay for Medicare pass as an insurance premium coverage under Obamacare?nlc
  12. If the new law which was signed by the President allows children to be kept on insurance plans until the age of 26 does this mean that DEERS will permit new ID cards to be issued to those dependents that are over 21 years of age but under 26 years of age? Concerned Vet
  13. I can see where we comment but how do we get answers? If you are 100% Veteran owned small Business (retired Military) We are covered by Tricare. Our Employees are also Retired Military and some still active duty (part-time on weekends. How do we and they fall in the system of Businesses having to furnish Health care. We all are already covered under Tricare. But since I am also a Business Owner this concerns me.
  14. I understand that once I retire, my children will have their benefits until the age of 18, after that it is on the parents or the child to purchase insurance (that has always been the case), however, under the new Law it states that a person can remain under their parents policy until the child purchases his/her own. The price for a standard insurance plan now, is significantly less than the 1-2.5% of my yearly income I will have to pay after retirement. Is that per child? Will Tricare continue to extend their hands to help alleviate a mandatory insurance payment? Will vets and family members be eligible for the tax break to help pay for it? In my opinion there are too many grey areas and that makes me very concerned for my children.
  15. as a 100% disabled vietnam veteran i've been dealing with the va healcare system in houston, tx since 1970. the care then could not have gotten any worse. as the years went by it continually improved. until the care became excellent, appointments were on time or within 30 minutes. they employees were nice and cordial to all the veterans. now, today, under president obama, thecaree has gone back to the '70's. a 9 A.M. appoinmebt means you will be there all day. the employees are rude to the veterans and the quality of care has diminished. i could go on and on but i think i've made my point.
  16. Will our current premium go up with the new Health Care Bill? Also I feel as a Veteran all military personnel should be covered not just retiree's. By the way I'm Retired. Chuck
  17. Its not ironic at all. The VA system should take care of vets with service connected disabilities/medical issues and retirees. Everyone else belongs in the public system.
  18. Does it seem ironic that Americans will have universal health coverage and yet today not all veterans have access to their own VA Health System? Are we truly to feel thanks from a greatful nation when this is the case?
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