Legion, Auxiliary look at 'Family Day'

On March 17, American Legion Veterans Affairs & Rehabilitation Director Barry A. Searle and Jacob Gadd, assistant director for Program Management, met with the American Legion Auxiliary to coordinate efforts in supporting veterans.

In particular, Gadd reviewed the Legion's VA Voluntary Service program and a recommendation for a "Legion Family" work day that would include The American Legion, Auxiliary and Sons of The American Legion.

Searle highlighted legislative priorities and emphasis on women veterans as potential areas of coordination between the organizations.


  1. I just filled out the information for a life membership and I am not sure it has been approved because the legion say it wants my card visa card mailing address or something to that affect.Let me know also Because I have not gone to a VA hospital foe a long time because of the poor service I receive but need a veteran card to use for veterans discounts at various shopping areas such as Home Depot because they no longer accept just a VA card from the Hospital The card also has to show which Branch of service.
  2. The VA I believe is in the midst of a struggle for survival. As a long term veteran (vietnam) but relatively recent recipient of benefits I have witnessed first hand the impending threats to "commercializing" or outsourcing Veteran Benefits, so as to create one more opportunity for wealthy people to privatize the Government's services, and profiteer them
  3. This will be a great way to get our grassroots American Legion Family members involved in projects together for the good of our veterans and their families.
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