Federal surplus items available to Legion

Veterans groups such as The American Legion are now on the list of those in line for millions of dollars’ worth of federal government surplus items – from computers to snowmobiles – given away every year. A bill signed by President Barack Obama in late December adds the Legion, Veterans of Foreign Wars and Disabled American Veterans to the list of potential recipients.

Last year, $410 million worth of surplus was given to states to distribute under the U.S. General Services Administration’s federal surplus personal property donation program. The program funnels used-but-still-usable government equipment – including trucks, televisions and office equipment – to states and sometimes directly to the recipients. Typically, the receiving organizations have to pay between 6 percent and 30 percent of the value of the item to handle transportation or administrative expenses.

The bill, dubbed the Formerly Owned Resources for Veterans to Express Thanks for Service Act, covers groups whose membership “comprises substantially veterans” to the list.

To take advantage of the new legislation, click here.


  1. American Legion Post 40 in Chino Valley Arizona would like information on how to get on a military auction list for materials that we could use that are post you can contact me at P.O box 342 Chino Valley Arizona 86323 thank you9A3
  2. I concur with comments above as to the accessibility of viewing surplus items available and then the impossible task of obtaining anything. I did however send an email to request information, etc. and received a response. The email address I addressed for assistance was: GSAXcesshelp@gsa.gov I was given a phone number and contact in Washington. Perhaps the American Legion could make or streamline this process somewhat before offering it to Veterans Groups???
  3. Wildricer is also right. I used the link to see if there would be anything my veterans group might need to help it get up and running and found out immediately that this was going to be an impossibility unless I had about 30 hours to get registered and another 21 days to wait to find out if my organization qualified and than who knows how long before any products would be made available based on the needs part of my organization passing a review by the agency responsible for the distribution of any product available in the program. Just getting into the site is the most redicoulous undertaking any veteran might ever attempt. And providing an item direct to the user, forget it. It is known up front by anyone that has visited the link in regards articles that a veteran agency might want to obtain, is going to be next to impossible. Don't offer up access to Xcess that really isn't available, please.
  4. FrankDE is right. When you access the web site provided by the link in the article there is no place to go. One has to have an email address that ends in .gov or .mil to create an account to view what is being surplused.. So, it would appear that after one's state paws through what is coming in how much will truly trickle down to those it is intended for?
  5. After the first few clicks of the mouse i gave up, totally confused. Perhaps Legion could offer some short cuts. WalMart would be the best route for low cost electronics such as computers and printers.
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