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Small-business workshop set for Jan. 18

As veteran-owned small business operators well know, federal government business practices are unique and not altogether “user friendly.” In order to take advantage of the preferential treatment given to military veteran entrepreneurs in the awarding of government contracts, business owners need to know how to navigate the Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR) and understand the bids announcements and solicitation processes (Requests for Proposals or RFPs).

To impart this knowledge, a free three-hour workshop, “Understanding the Federal Government Acquisition Process”, is being offered in California this month by the Southwest Veterans’ Business Resource Center and the Riverside Community College-sponsored Procurement Assistance Center.

The seminar is Jan. 18 from 9 a.m.-noon at the Perris Valley Chamber of Commerce and Municipal Court Building, 227 N D Street, in Perris, which is located 70 miles southeast of Los Angeles.

To register online, click here.

Seating is very limited, so those interested in attending are encouraged to register ASAP.


  1. My name is Steve Walters and I am a legionaire from post 611 easton,pa and I want to help out all of my brothers and sisters of all branchs. I help families get properly protected, debt free, and properly protected. Now you can do this as well and you will not have to put out a ton of money, so please call me at 484-358-7425 any time.
  2. Why doesn't the Legion offer small business workshops on line like so many others these days. It is surely known that a Maryland person is not going to register for a workshop being held in California. It should be possible for the Legion to sign up its partners that offer workshops and seminars to put them on line for participants all across the country. It sure would be helpful to myself. A veteran owned small business with a service connectecd disability would love to get knowledge on government contracting and information about understanding the FAR's and other matters related to government contracting. What seminars and forums are available on line from the Legion? I sure would like to participate. I need more opportunity to get my small business invovved in the government contracting arena. I certainly can't be 70 miles southeast of Los Angeles for a three hour workshop or in D.C. for a less than a day forum that is being sponsored by the Legion. Help me.
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