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Lawmakers have promised that the health-care bill won't affect VA and military health services. How do you feel about it now?


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  1. It was pretty obvious during the campaign for President that neither Obama or his wife particularly liked or respected America or the American flag.

    Now what will happen with the big future hit on MEDICARE that he promised, and how will that affect the huge number of elderly, retired Legionnaires?

    It doesn't look good. It's time for a big hit on OBAMACARE and get those who voted for it out!

  2. We did not serve proudly to see America turn socialist! These are the United States of America - not the socialist states of america!!!

    Our government is slowly turning to socialism, and health care is just the latest. We own banks and auto mfg!

    This must be stopped and the only way is to use your right to vote and get rid of those members of congress who are in favor of the new socialist agenda.

  3. It disgusts me to see this America-hater now using the military! But it disgusts me even more to see military members gushing over obama while he is working to steal our FREEDOM and INDEPENDENCE!

  4. My Husband is also a Vet, and a very SICK Vet, Agent Orange has affeted his health,I THANK GOD for the care he gets from the Wilks Barre V.A. He has WONDERFUL Dr. there who care and don't let any stone go un-turned!
    I am so happy that he gets the care we need otherwise my husband would be Dead!!!
    He is 100% disabled and he gets FREE HEALTH CARE,if we didn't we would be in the POOR HOUSE if we had to pay for his hEALTH CARE.
    I only hope Mr. Obama and congress doesn't take away what our VET'S NEED!!!!

  5. The "veterans" link on th Prsident's website says it all. Promises to start taking care of veterns who have been overlooked for so many years. Planet wide committment vis TV and other media.when campaigning and after election. Are veterans oversights for prepaying some of the of this legislation? Are Wall Street,Automobile conpaniesd,financial institutions the only desrving segments of redemption?
    CBS 60 MINUTES TV show featured only a small tip of the iceberg of veterns' problems, not particularly flattering for the citizenry to watch and hear.

  6. I started to feel cut back from VA social dept VA hospital, NYC. Head honcho advised "take it up with Congress". Have aide 12 hours per week.(4hrs, 8hrs).
    Previously only required phone call to VA for few hours extension visiting VA hosp. Called it "overtime" and that was longer granted under "new rules" Indication of cost savings.Use walker, blood thinner, tendency to fall,life threatening. Accident waiting to happen. Winging it alone return from VA hosp. visit, fell exiting vehicle. Went to emergency room, examined, tested there, kept for 4 days+ after discovering bleeding on brain. All this BEFORE new health program passed. Imagine what is next. Sen Schuman and Rep. Maloney,Secy Schneski, Pres. O'Bama, all contacted before and after accident. Only reponses" "Thank you for your e/mail" Event happened Feb 23, 2 brain scans and X-Ray. On March 26, 1 more brain scan. I probably will make it, I hope. 87 years old, volunteered US Airforce age 19,over 25M hours. Late wife also AF vet.

  7. The Democrats, under the leadership of Obomba, have pissed all over your boots, all the while telling you that it is raining.

    Corrupt - disingenuious liberal bastards. Vote them out in 2010 and big time in 2012 - Time to take this country back from the socialist leftist bums that they are.

  8. Divide and conqueror. So many pointing fingers at others, hurling insults etc., FACT: What happens in the future affects ALL (except Congress and the W.H.). REMEMBER, WHAT IS TAKING PLACE NOW COULD NOT HAVE BE DONE WITHOUT SO MANY FALLING FOR THE VERY OLD CAMPAIGN SLOGAN "VOTE FOR ME, I WILL FIX EVERYTHING AND IT WILL COST YOU ALMOST NOTHING". UNITED STATES OF AMERICA - now is the time to stand for that more than ever.

  9. If you beleive anything that Obama says, I have a nice section of ocean front property in Wyoming I would like to sell you. These people must be stopped!

    Did we serve to see our country destroyed by these liberals?

  10. If you believe what the "Lawmakers" have promised, then I got some land in Florida that I am sure you also will want to buy....Trust me, you will like it...

  11. President Obama's Health Care Bill is admittedly not Perfect, especially against Social Darwinist Opposition: the Republicans
    know what is better: Republican President Richard Nixon's Republican Health Care Bill! Let them pass that Bill: Democrats will help them! What would be Perfect would be Universal Medicaid/Medicare! Medicaid/Medicare is the most efficient of All Government Payee Health Care Systems World Wide!
    What's Social Darwinism? A Neo-Platonist Ideology of John C. Calhoun: stating Blacks were Neo-Platonist Emmanuel Kant's Radical Evil! General William Tecumseh Sherman killed 99% of Calhoun-Kant's 300 Thousand Southern Followers! Calhoun-Kant's Northern Followers feared General Sherman or someone might come for them; So they felt a need to disguise their doctrine, expanding it to all Non-Rich as Calhoun-Kant's Radical Evil, renaming it Social Darwinism, with no known connection to scientific Darwinism!

  12. I am so glad that you have such a profound but extremely narrow minded concept. Your idea of Universal Medicaid/Medicare, will only work if we pay a tax like the Europene countries with social medicine. They have to pay as much as 48% of there income to have this wonderful system. Have you looked at the Canadian medical system and that sure the medicine is less expensive but why are they coming to the US to see the doctors. For the Baby Boomers (VETERNS) this system will become the same as the VA Deny-Deny-until-they-die.

  13. When will Veterans and all Americans realize that this O-Bama-care legislation is the start of SOCIALISM, and in the process will bankrupt America, and that is
    predicted by almost all economist. Veterans, it is not about us, it is about our children and grand-
    children. Don't you realize that this legislation is going to bankrupt America? The consequences of this legislation is frightening. We (veterans) will survive, but our children and grandchildren face an extremely dim future. Democrats are looking out for you & I, but that is now. Please look ahead - it is not
    a solvent dollar plan! GOD BLESS AMERICA.

  14. Do you people even know what Socialism means? Seriously find a definition before you go throwing a word around. Are the doctors, nurses and hospitals suddenly going to owned by the government? If you want to see an example of socialzied medicine look no farther then the VA, where the gov't hires and runs the system. So if you use VA medical, run away IT'S SOCIALISM!!!

  15. Not all vetrans have access to the VA for treatment. I know that thtere are many old vets who depend on Medicare to survive. The New plans took 500 Billion Dollars out of Medicare to pay for giving Insurance to approximately 40 Million people. That takes 500 Billion Dollars worth of Medical Care away from Seniors. This could amount to a death penalty to many who will no longer receive the care they need. As the Medicare money runs out Doctors will not be able to treat the patients for free. Therefore they will go without treatment. I will be 80 years old in a few weeks and I am in excellent health for my age but I fear that if I should develop a health problem that needed Medicare will not be available.

  16. I find it hard to believe that so many of my fellow vets view the passage of healthcare with such a negative vein, but then I know that most of the guys and gals at my post are republican. I feel that healthcare has been a long time coming and am glad it was passed. I feel it can be nothing but a positive for us as veterans. Once it gets going and the general population see the benefits, I feel there will be more for us veterans. The general public and those who served our country will have the best healthcare possible. At least that is my hope and dream.

  17. OUR Grandkids and Great Grandkids can't afford this absolute healthcare debacle! Healthcare for those who need it, don't touch what we have already that is working. Just like our (USA) debt bill of over 16 Trillion USD, sir this has nothing to do with a party affiliations the dc CESSPOOL and all the BOTTOM DWELLERS to include K Street need to be eliminated RIGHT NOW but we can in 2014 and 2016.

  18. When I entered the service in the 70's we were told that we would have free health care life if we retired! Boy that didn't happen, so anything can change! My feeling is to take what you have now, try to plan if thing changes down the road.

  19. We receive our rights from god not government. The progressive liberals in congress and the White House are hell bent on destroying the greatest country the world has known. They would love see Europeon Socialism and will stop at nothing less.

    Please remember that a government that will give you everything you want will eventually take every thing you've got.

    I will cast my vote for anyone who will uphold the constitution and restore fiscal responsibility.

  20. YOU SIR GET IT! Thank You and just maybe 90% of the legion will get it and vote all the BOTTOM DWELLERS IN the dc CESSPOOL OUT come 2014 and 2016. Maybe the leadership of our Legion will set up a MILLION VET MARCH on the CESSPOOL come this summer and have a good weekend and picket the whitehouse, senate, and the house especially if they were all at work!

  21. There is no provision for care givers. Just for for veterans not dependents, I guess they crawl away and die limited to $800 a month. That is the Republican and McCain way.

  22. I am a totally 100% disabled veteran. I have been recieving my health care, medications,and dental at the VA in Denver at no cost. I signed up for medicare part A but did not sign up for part B. How will that affect my healthcare at this point?

  23. This bill is a declaration of war on the health insurance industry and will put an end to them. To replace them, we will get inefficient bureaucrats that will not provide insurance, they will essentially rule our health care, the doctors, nurses, hospitals, all will be government (union) workers that get paid to do less with more the same as the Post Office, Medicare, Social Security, and every wasteful government bureaucracy that exists.
    This is the beginning of the end of America as we used to know it. Independence will be replaced by total dependence; rugged individualism replaced by "sit down and shut up" we have already witnessed; capitalism with Obama's Marxism (stop drinking koolaid and read the truth about him); and if you don't think this will happen, read the book Philip Dru written by the chief advisor to Woodrow Wilson, the beginnings of the progressive movement. Your medical bills are your responsibility, not mine.

  24. Too many years and President's have worried about Wall Street and not about Main Street. Now the tides have turned and IT'S ABOUT TIME!

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