Three more diseases linked to Agent Orange

In early November, the Department of Veterans Affairs acknowledged three more diseases as linked to Agent Orange exposure. B cell leukemias (like hairy cell leukemia), Parkinson’s disease and ischemic heart disease are now officially recognized by VA as connected to Agent Orange - the herbicide used by the U.S. military during the Vietnam War.

Since the 1980s, the controversial defoliant has been associated with a number of diseases and afflictions. VA formally acknowledges a list of them. It’s important that Vietnam veterans become familiar and stay up-to-date with this list, as studies are still ongoing into the affects of Agent Orange.•Acute and subacute transient peripheral neuropathy•AL amyloidosis•Chloracne•Chronic lymphocytic leukemia•Diabetes mellitus (Type 2)•Hodgkin’s lymphoma (Hodgkin’s disease)•Multiple myeloma•Non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma•Porphyria cutanea tarda•Prostate cancer•Respiratory cancers, and soft tissue sarcoma (other than osteosarcoma, chondrosarcoma, Kaposi’s sarcoma, or mesothelioma)


  1. I was stationed at Nha Trang, RVN from Jan 66 till Jan 67. I lost my hair after returning to the states in a short time, then I contracted Cataracts 4 month after returning to states in both eyes. I have had2 retina operations, one triple Heart by pass, High Blood Pressure, Kidney disease, and now Parkinson's disease. I always thought these might be normal, but now seeing what other Veterans of Vietnam have said and the fact that most of this happened when I was in my 20's and 30's, makes me kind of wonder now. I think there is a pattern here by VA and I agree with all Veterans meeting in Washington DC while we can and get this fixed and fixed right. Maybe we could fix other things too.
  2. In country 1970, in 1997 I suffered a cerebral bleed and almost died, No reason was given I was 49 at the time and in good health. 17 years later I went to see the surgeon who operated on me. Again, no reason. Medical records show no sign of high blood pressure. nothing! I had a claim filed with the VA for the bleed, peripheral neuropathy, right arm and leg condition, and ED. 19 months and I was denied on all counts. They have since agreed o re open my case. Stay tuned. JB
  3. Please keep me updated about your case. We have been experiencing the same experience with my husband. He has always been a very healthy man. Then one morning he collapsed while getting ready for work. He had a spontaneous brain bleed severe enough that it crushed part of his brain. The VA has screwed up his claim, lost his records 3 times, and denied his case. God Bless You
  4. We are new to this forum. My husband was in VietNam in 66-67 and was exposed to Agent Orange. he has several service connected illnesses but they do not include his brain bleeds that started before 1999. In 1999 he had a brain bleed and the doctor said he saw evidence on the CT scan that there were two prior bleeds that my husband and I were unaware of. He has continued to have brain bleeds since and had a massive one in July of 2013 which has left him totally disabled. He has no use of his left arm and very little movement in his left leg. We are going to open a new claim at the VA because we believe this is Agent Orange related and therefor service connected. Anyone have any success with these claims?
  5. My husband had a heart attack in Nov. 2008. His father was in Vietnam War and was exposed to Agent Orange and many more things. My husband and his brother were born after he came back from Vietnam. There two sisters were born before he went. The only two that have heart problems are my husband and his brother. The VA is telling my husband that him and his brothers heart problems have nothing to do with there dad being in Vietnam. I think that they are getting the run around because the VA does not want to give them what they are entitled to. If you can help us with any more information on this subject PLEASE send us an email at Anything will help. I think that the Vets should get everything they are entitled to.
  6. i was in nha trang vietnam from dec 66 to dec 67. in dec. of 2010 i lost my job because i could not do a job i have been able to do for 40 years. i got checked by a neurologist and found i had a brain bleed of the entire forntal lobe. Since then i have had 4 more. i am looking for any others that are experiencing what i am going through. i would appreaciate finding others if there are any.
  7. i was in nha trang vietnam from dec 66 to dec 67. in dec. of 2010 i lost my job because i could not do a job i have been able to do for 40 years. i got checked by a neurologist and found i had a brain bleed of the entire forntal lobe. Since then i have had 4 more. i am looking for any others that are experiencing what i am going through. i would appreaciate finding others if there are any.
  8. I was in Nha Trang from June 66 to June 67. I worked on C 123,s which sprayed Agent Orange. I Had Colon Cancer and had half my Colon removed. I had Prostate cancer and had to have my Prostate removed. I had to leave my job of 23 years because I could no longer perform my duties. I am now having Bladder problems( so far biniegn growths.) The VA will only recognize the Prostate cancer. Good luck with your efforts with them.
  9. I'm 63 and served in Korea from April of 1967 to May of 1968. I am a Type II Diabetic and I have high blood Pressure. This should qualify me for the Presumptive Service-Connected Agent Orange Disability Compensation.
  10. we will all be 6 ft under by time an of us have are claims approve all you here now is what they are doing for the vets in the new war this way they can say that they are taking care of the vet a bill was pass with a lot of money to pay for claims of vets with the new agent orange where is it an when will we get it no one can say if any knows can you email me at thank you
  11. Need to add this. The VA is dragging its feet on the TORT Claim for my brain bleed as well. They have had it almost a year and according to National Commander Clarence E. Hill they only expect the time frame to go from 158 days to about 190 days, guess they missed again. Not to mention that they got my type ll diabetes under control with diet, so they took the 10% I had away. I really think that instead of a million man march on Washington, or a Rolling Thunder Run on Memorial Day we need an appearance made by the people who fought for this country to meet at the VA Office and stay until they start taking care of us and listening to us and not leave until they do. They can't hurt us any worse then what they have already, THEY KILLED US SLOWLY and are waiting for us to lay down and go away. If anyone is interested contact me at THANK YOU BROTHERS AND WELCOME HOME.
  12. I too received a letter from the VA stating they had to go through legal proceedings to add the three new maladies caused by Agent Orange and publish a notice in the Federal Register.They know that they exist and publishing it in the Federal Register isn't going to make the disease go away. What's going to go away are the vets who are so far along they will die before they get what is due them. DELAY, DENY and MAYBE WE'LL DIE. The new motto of the VA.I have complained since 1976 and they have no record of it!! AMAZING. But they have records of me injuring my knee in a parachuting accident! I never jumped out of an airplane!! I had quad by-pass in 1997, several myocardial infarctions, quad by-pass again in 2005, a stent placed in 2006 and a subdural hematoma in 2008 and lucky to have survived that. I do have some memory loss due to the brain bleed. Oh by the way my doctor says that by being on Plavix and aspirin for 2 years under the care of the VA caused the brain bleed.
  14. Regarding the November 2009 Agent Orange Update. On 2 Jan 2010 I had an "acute myocardial infarction" (heart attack). Immediately after discharge from the hospital I filed my claim for ischemic heart disease. I was awarded disability for hypertension in 2004 which indicates a history of heart disease since 1984. I received a letter from the VA which states in part"....this disease has not yet been added to the Dept of Veterans Affairs regulations governing diseases presumptively associated with herbisde exposure. In order to add this disease, we must follow a series of legal requirements, including publishing a notice in the Federal Register. We have begun this process, but are holding your claim until these legal requirements are met." Point: Same old administrative and bureaucratic crap from the VA. I'm beginning to believe what my deceased father, a disabled WWII vet, once said, "The VA bureaucrats are hoping you'll die before they may have to pay you additional comp.
  15. I am looking for help in proving my father's death from Agent Orange exposure. My father was in Vietnam for his entire tour in the Army. His brother, who he was stationed with, had confirmation that he died from exposure to agent orange. My father, only 58 years old (died a few month's ago) had so many health problems it was crazy. Over the years he suffered from: COPD Massive Heart Attack (requiring a quad bi-pass) Corrugeted Artery Disease on both sides Type 2 Diabeties Anerysum in Main Aorta (Came on in later years of life) Colon Cancer - cause by squemous cells (a type of skin cancer???) Lung Cancer - caused by the same squemous cells He ended up dying from the Lung Cancer....he always told me that he was exposed to this horrible spray. How does a person go about (I am his daughter)getting information to apply for his benefits, I am not sure the years he served either. Can someone direct me on which way to go, and how to start? Thanks
  16. The true care of our soldiers after times in war zones is sad. I just signed up for VA after serving time in Viet Nam, tested for agent orange & care was terribe & have no faith in real test results or the care I received. Will never return.
  17. I'm 60 and served in Vietnam from 9/71 to 3/72. I have Diabetes Type II, High Blood Pressure and Cataracts, but the VA will only allow benefits for the Diabetes. It's pretty hard getting benefits/treatment for aliments acquired in Vietnam.
  18. I am so disgusted that the US Government has put such beaucracy on a Vet to get medical attention. As the VA researches, more and more diseases are connected to Agent Orange and it's side affect. GOD BLESS ALL OUR TROOPS!!
  19. I have TypeIIdiabeties butever since I have been back from Vietnam I have had 10 facial and 2 bladder surgeries for cancer. One of my friends that was at Long Binh where I was said the base was cleared by Agent Orange.Dozens I know have cancer.
  20. I served in Vietnam in 1962 and still have not received any benefits fron the V.A. Exposure to agent orange has weakened my heart and given me a skin desease just to name a couple of maladies. I have filed claim but nothing.
  21. Yeah: good luck proving to the V.A. that what you have, you got in the NAM. PHU LOI/QUAN LOI/HON QUON--- LONG TIME AGO---
  22. I am 63 and served in vietnam during the tet offensive of 12 Jun 68. I had a TIA and suffer high blood pressure.
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