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Should the U.S. be intervening in any way in Egypt?


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  1. I'm glad to be assoicated with such people thank you for everyone that wrote in! I'll take a pay cut anytime the leaders up on the hill are willing to do the same!! I don't care what happens anywhere outside our borders because I know that no one cares for those who pay the price!!

  2. Until veterans recognize who their friends are in Congress we will continually be screwed. Know what the party stands for before you choose. Do not cut your own throats!

  3. I often wonder about how many veterans actually vote for this republican party that is always out to get the little man, midddle class, and disabled veterans. Until all of you wake up and realize that this party is only for the rich,,,you will be screwed until you die. Hopefully, they will not take away your privilege of being buried in a Veterans Cemetary anytime soon!

  4. Veterans, I received a Master Card Application yesterday, in the mail. Sponsored by & Teamed Up with USAA or whatever.
    Personally, I'd like to see our Organization Promote the Reverse in Finances. Instead of Saving Money on the Spending side. Rather suggest Investing Money, with kinda the same "War Bonds", some members may have remembered.
    A viable solution to this Nation's Economic Recovery & to the General Welfare of It's Legal American Citizens is that of "Investing into America". It certainly does not take a Rhodes Scholar in figuring that out, nor does it take a MBA to set Money away, in a Legal Funding Account, for One's own purpose. Primarily Tax Free, on the Federal side, possibly the State side, as well.
    This is a Win-Win situation for ALL Ages & Generations, present & future. FYI, I did not present this idea for personal gain, either.
    PLEASE, I ask that EVERY Post & Member contemplate investigating this topic. Toss it around !

  5. I'll give 20% of my retirement the moment "El Negro" and the
    Congress reduce their own pay the same 20% - not before.

  6. Veterans, I'm expressing the same Opinion, shared with most others.
    I Truly Believe Our Elected Officials are Lacking in a Fundamental Leadership Principle & Statesmenship, that Our Founding Forefathers possessed. I know it's hard to fill the previous footsteps, but the Attempt & Effort exhibited here, is Non-Existent.
    Set the Example ! Start with YOUR Wages, Benefits & Retirement Package. Political Party Affiliation does not matter.
    STOP "Playing" the Average Legal American Citizen, with a notion, that WE are Blind of YOUR Actions.
    Take Responsibility !
    EVERYWHERE there is an Internet Connection, WE are Informed ! Knowledge is Our Power !
    US President Ronald Reagan stated it BEST of ALL: "The Best Social Welfare Program is a JOB".
    Reasonable Compensation for an Honest days Worth of Labor.
    EVERYTHING Else will Naturally Fall into Place.
    Get It or Get the Boot !

  7. A cut in benefits is nothing less than a kick in the face, especially to those who have no legs, arms, sight, hearing. We gave and are giving it all.

    Stop giving to dictatorial, autocratic, and communistic governments. The billions of dollars allocated to these monstrosities will go a long way towards balancing the budget.

  8. When the House, Senate, President, and federal retirees cut their disability and pension plans I would consider taking a cut as well.

    When our government officials become serious about balancing the budget and stop sending money overseas, do away with earmarks, stop spending in costly green energy grants, pull the military out of Afghanistan, create a flat tax, and propose an across the board percentage cut in pensions and disability payments; the American veteran might consider sacrificing for our Country once again.

    Unfortunately our Representatives are all talk and no action.

  9. Your feelings are felt by many. The reality is that unless and until we, as Americans, but especially as American veterans, eliminate the division of libs versus cons and GOP versus DNC we will remain at the mercy of the two political businesses vying for power. I supported McCain since he ran in '99, largely because he was military but also because he seemed the most legitimate politician I've seen in a long time. But I would have supported him if he was a Whig or a Tory; the fact that he was a Republican wasn't an issue. If we allow ourselves to be polluted by the media talkingheads who are only in it for the money (cut off the cash flow and the Limbaughs, O'Reillys, Maddows, Becks, etc will vanish into the night). Having said that, the only way we will see genuine reform that will benefit Americans is if we stand up, like we did when we served, and make our presence known in a non-partisan AMERICAN way. Anyone believing the parties are in it for us is in denial.

  10. We vets and other Americans need to take back our government from the god's we have previously elected into office. They maintain there own welfare very well while making it very difficult for us to survive on Social Security. All they have to do is get elected for one term and their retirement becomes the same as their normal annual pay. There medical coverage is never in question and they never have to worry about when or where their next meal is coming from. We need to vote out the incumbents in the next few elections to remind these legislator's of "WE THE PEOPLE". I'm tired of serving these self-serving legislators and I am ready for them to start serving me. We need to stop serving all the countries in the world and start taking care, good care, of our own citizens. I don't want any of my benefits cut. Cut your own benefits and maybe I'll consider cutting mine. Let's keep our money in the United States to help our own people who are starving and sick.

  11. Before those bums in Congress start cutting funding to our vets, seniors, disabled, and programs that benefit the majority of Americans, Congress should severely cut their own special perks and foreign aid by 50%, and stop foreign aid altogether to countries that are openly anti-American. Then after those cuts, they should bring and end to their nation rebuilding programs (other than our own), and the wars in Iraq and Afganistan that are costing billions daily, burning up US resources, human, material, and financial, that has been allowed to drag on longer than it took to fight WWII, and return to the strategy of hitting terrorists hard and fast, then leaving them with only their dead and no viable US targets for their weapons....a lot less expense and waste!

  12. As a combat Vietnam veteran, I believe there are ways to save money without cuting VA veteran's benefits.
    1) Eliminate redundancy in disability examinations. Most are no where near as thorough as my regular VA doctors that I see and waste government time and money.
    2) Eliminate waste in facilities planning offices. As a retired architect that worked on several local VA projects I can tell you there is too much bureaucracy and red tape. This costs everyone time and time is money.
    3) Computerization of health records is the most helpful thing the VA has done to be sure all VA patient doctors are on the same page. By linking the VA with my family physician, I am able to reduce redundant exams and testing through shared information. This should be standard practice.
    4) Better proactive screening of returning vets could head off potential health care issues. Many slip through the cracks not wanting to admit problems and there are those whose problems surface a long after with PTSD.

  13. I do receive both SSDI and 100% VA Comp. because I suffer from injuries sustained in the military during the Vietnam war. It was for both mental and physical injuries I received. I enlisted to fight for the freedom Our Country enjoys. When I came home it wasn't to a welcoming by the people of the USA. My injuries put me in a wheelchair, cancer, and thoughts that haunted me for many years. If they took away my compensation from either. The only means of income I have, along with the medical care I receive at the VA Hospitals, I think I would have to end it all. As it is now I barely am able to live any kind of life, 2 years with no COLA raise and the costs of everything else rising hasn't made it any easier. I don't feel the country owes me anything? I earned it!! The thought of Cutting Out the Benefits received by any Veteran is Rediculus and Stupid. Unless you've been there you don't know or understand, and should never bring any kind of recommendation like cutting Veterans Benefits.

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