Legion, VA look at veteran hiring practices

On March 24, American Legion Veterans Affairs & Rehabilitation Division Director Barry A. Searle met with Dennis O. Day, director of VA's Veterans' Employment Coordination Service, concerning hiring practices and ways that the Legion can assist VA in increasing its percentage of veteran employees.

Currently, VA has a 29.97 percent veteran-employee rate. Hiring rates vary across VA‘s three divisions - Veterans Health Administration,Veterans Benefits Administration and the National Cemetery Administration - due to skill sets required and the size of the division.


  1. I was hired for a term position with the VA in September 2008 with 2 other veterans. We were all educated with degrees. We were told on the first day by our civilian Chief that we weren’t her first choice and if she had a choice she would have hired the 3 civilian temporary employees. We were told by our civilian supervisor that the VA is stupid for hiring veterans who need training when they already have civilian employees that know the job. We received 2 days of training and I was terminated within 90 days. I filed an EEO complaint and an investigation was initiated. The EEO rep convinced me to accept a resignation to take the termination out of my file. As a result, I couldn't get my job back because I was deceived by the the EEO rep. After the Inspector General investigated, the EEO rep was moved from her position and so was the Chief of my department. Every time I apply for another job at the VA, my application is denied. The VA doesn't respect veterans. Good Luck!
  2. I have to agree with kcbell's comments in that there have been roadblocks in the hirings of veterans at the VA because of age and status. The post says that the VA has a 29.97% percent veterans employee rate, the last time I checked the numbers they were closer to 25%. I understand that not all the positions can be filled by veterans, but I find that every time I have applied there are always ways that they will use to deny our applications, either not enough education or some documents have gone missing. Once an application of mine was denied because I did not mention how many words per minute I could type. So now when I call at the VA I have to talk to recent college types that never served in the Armed Forces, just so that can stick it in our faces that we are the dumb ones for putting our lives on the line.
  3. too many special disabled vets that are QUALIFIED don't even get interviewed....but they hire freagin' losers
  4. I have been on many interviews but have not been able to land a job. I am thinking that it is not what you can do but whom you know.
  5. I'd sure like to land a VA job. I've been applying and applying, but never seem to get accepted. Is it my age or what? I never thought 57 was too old to work and I'd sure like to work. I've been unemployed for over a year now and I think I'm on my last week of unemployment benefits.
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