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Frank Buckles turns 110 today

Frank Buckles, the last living U.S veteran of World War I, turns 110 today. Buckles, who is reportedly in good health, lives with his daughter, Susannah Buckles Flanagan, at Gap View in West Virginia.

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  1. Removing the dates for WWI from the Legion application might make it more difficult for descendants of WWI veterans/soldiers from joining the SAL or prospective Auxilians from joining the Auxiliary that may have had a grandfather that served in WWI.
  2. 110 years old. That's outstanding. So here is a question. When Mr. BUCKLES passes, and him being the last WWI veteran alive, ...(Not to say he may outlive all of us by the way...) does this mean that the American Legion will erase WWI eligibility criteria from its application? So another words, will the eligibility dates on the American Legion application commence with WWII?
  3. THANK YOU for YOUR SERVICE and SACRIFICES to this Nation. WE should Absorb ALL the Knowledge & Wisdom encountered throughout YOUR Life Experiences. I've been through your area of residence. I believe it has contributed to YOUR Longevity. Semper Fidelis. De Oppresso Liber.
  4. Mr.Buckles, Its an honor to be able to write you sir afterall if it wasnt for a true legendary hero like yourself I would not have had the opportunity to defend the freedom of this country like you started to do during WW1. I am simply amazed that you still live a richly rewarding life and today GOD is rewarding you with another year to celebrate your 110th Bday. May the grace of God continue to bless you while your here and may I a Iraqi Vet who keeps the fire of freedom going Salute You Sir for a Job Well Done. God Bless and God Speed Sgt Douglas Brinker Disbled 2004 Iraqi Vet MIARNG Transportation Vet
  5. Thank you for your service to this country.I was only 10 yrs.old when my Grandfather passed.He too was a "doughboy" in France.He would now be 115.I never got a chance to thank him,so I'll pass it on to you.Thank You Sir, and many more. Bob Howland Post #442, Horseheads, N.Y.
  7. Happy birthday Frank. I hope that it is filled with friends and family. I greatly appreciate your service to our country. You are a big role model for so many people. I served in the Army when I was younger, continuing a family tradition going back to the Revolutionary War. You certainly led the way for me and many more fellow soldiers. Hooah!
  8. Happy Birthday Mr. Buckles!!! I know you do not hear this enough, thank you for your service to our country! Without brave men and women like you we would not have the freedoms that we sincerely take for granted everyday. Again, thank you for your service!!
  9. Sir, When I saw your posting on Facebook, I was in tears! I was so glad to hear that one of our finest soldiers was still around to tell the stories of his life! I posted a birthday greeting there and am glad I can here too! I hope these greetings from all of us reach you in good spirits and good health! God bless you Mr. Buckles! John Forrett Commander 8th District Department of California
  10. Happy birthday Frank. Thank you so much for your service...God bless you and keep you safe in His hands. HUGSSS
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