Illegal immigration strategy guide available

The American Legion is opposed to any person or persons being in this country illegally, regardless of race, sex, creed, color or national origin. The organization believes the current laws governing immigration should be enforced impartially and equally.

The Legion’s Americanism Commission has developed a strategy to address illegal immigration and has made it available to download here.

The guide provides an analysis of the current illegal immigration situation and offers a step-by-step proposal for illegal immigration reform.

The guide is not intended to be a technical manual or an extensive compendium on the many aspects of illegal immigration. The items brought out in it reflect, in the opinion of The American Legion, the more recurring concerns raised in debate on the issues of illegal immigration, whether the debate be within the halls of Congress or among the American people.


  1. I did a double take when I first read the headline for this article. It first looked like it was about a guide for illegal immigrats, like the one the Mexician government or some non-profit was handing out a few years ago.
  2. The day that all illegal immigrants, I mean Irish, Mexicans, Asians, Italians and many more nationalities leave this country not only will the U.S. be in greater debt because of eliminating cheap labor, but it will no longer be the U.S. as we know it today. In my opinion the strategy guide available by the American Legion is a waste of time. The American legion should focus their attention on other issues such as ending disabled veterans tax and not illegal immigration. Maybe if the goverment is so concerned with illegal immigration they should place all its troops that are overseas at the border with mexico and take care of our country and not others. if the excuse is fighting terrorism overseas, trust me with have plenty of terrorist to worry about, here in the U.S. I hope I did not offend anyone with this post.
  3. I am glad the American L. disagrees with illegal immigration. It is componded by the several proposals in Congress to cut VA. Benefits. The latest one about our disabled benefits. Congress and unfortuneatly our President thinks it is okay to do NOTHING to prevent or enforce against the millions of illegal invaders into this country that costs the taxpayers BILLIONS in SS fraud, public education fraud, medicare fraud...etc. And yet Congress wants to cut the benefits (or even mention/propose) of Honorable American Veterans and their families that sacraficed for the very freedoms and Sovereignty that all Americans enjoy, including the immigrants that do come to this country legally. EVERY AMERICAN SHOULD BE STANDING UP AND SHOUTING AGAINST ILLEGAL ENRTY INTO THIS COUNTRY and the very thought of cutting Vet benefits especially while we are on two war fronts should be repelled with the loudest of all voices and the strength of all VET organizations!
  4. I was reviewing some of the stances the American Legion has on immigration policies. I must agree with most of it, however, when the question came regarding why the American Legion should take a view on this instead of veterans issues, I didn't quite like the answer. Their response was something like; Veterans members of the American Legion have seen poverty, third world countries, dangerous countries, and lived in those countries or have experienced deployments to those countries....ect... (Therefore, we are more qualified than the mainstream to weigh in on the immigration issue for national security.) Is this how our troops view the rest of the world? As poverty stricken, poor, dangerous? To be continued...
  5. I hate to say it but I have seen very poor examples of diplomacy regarding U.S. troops from the Canal Zone to the Philippines, Guam, to name a few. A 20 year old, first time away from home all ready heads out on deployment thinking there is no better country in the world like the USA because that is what he's been taught all of his life. Its sad to see a bunch of American GI's hanging out together on U.S. bases instead of getting out and absorbing the culture. Maybe that is why we have become "THE UGLY AMERICAN". I have seen all the above mentioned. Poverty, third world country, danger, but I have seen alot of ignorance, poverty and crime here in the good ole USofA. I have also seen advanced countries, with its citizens speaking 3-4 languages...(Singapore for instance) and way better advanced health care than ours. Also, some countries choose to stay a third world country such as Costa Rica and Panama. They prefer the layed back scene and their folks don't migrate. Cont...
  6. Yes we should regain control of our borders and yes something needs to be done about it. I'm sure that the main topic of discussion of illegal immigration stems mostly from MEXICO and neighboring GUATEMALA, HONDURAS, EL SALVADOR. (Most of which use Mexico for crossing into the USA.) But to catagorize the rest of the "Third World" as being dirty, dangerous, corrupt, poverty stricken, and that alot of American Legion veterans have seemed to have based their opinions in war zones where running water was not available, and food was scarce, such as what you find in Haiti after an earthquake or in Africa after years of conflict is just not really a fair assessment in dealing with illegal immigration.
  7. From an article on cnn regarding "Why Americans don't travel abroad". Skepticism and ignorance We buy goods from Sri Lanka and outsource business to India, but when it comes to traveling to these destinations, Americans would rather stick close to home. "Our culture doesn't emphasize knowledge of the world," Kepnes said. "We're more skeptical of it because we just don't know about it." Kepnes attributes some of our skepticism to negative media reports about the world. For example, he said that Nicaragua always draws negative connotations because of the political and civil unrest that has been covered in the news.
  8. "When I first left I was very nervous and scared," Kepnes said of traveling to countries like Nicaragua. "What if I'm mugged in Thailand or kidnapped in a hostel?" Arndt has encountered similar feelings when he travels to lesser-known destinations. Though he is comfortable in his travels, others aren't so convinced. "Every time I say I'm going somewhere, people assume that it's dirty, they don't have good hospitals, you're going to get sick or raped or robbed," Arndt said. "If you know something about Colombia, it's drug lords, which hasn't been a problem for 20 years, but that's still what people think of." Arndt pointed out that foreign countries generally don't make it into the media for doing good things, just for natural disasters or bad news. "I think there's a lot of fears that people have that may be used to justify the fact that they don't go somewhere," he said.
  9. The US Boreder patrol is a bunch of wannabees and even if they were legimate their hands are tied. Do the calculations and compare the agents we have on the Canadian border to the Mexician border. Their nothing but pimps for Mexico!!
  10. Veterans, Once WE have Established a Viable & Efficient Solution, upon this "Infectious Plague" and have it Implemented. WE will see Employment & Job Creation. Even if it is just the building of Chainlink Fencing. Utilize Current Un-employment & Welfare Recieving Recipients, First as a Labor Pool for Workers. Longest Time = First in Line. Keep the Labor Unions out of the picture and just maybe, it'll perform "Smoothly". If anyone has been monitoring this issue, with just frequency. It's Obvious the Obama Administration is simply NOT going to Grant any Positive Results, lest any Action. Dept of Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano just rendered a Report upon findings of Virtual Fencing. Procrastination Boost Up the Overall Project Cost beyond Efficiency. I lived in Flagstaff, AZ while she was Governor. She didn't do anything for this Issue. DO NOT be MISLEAD by her BS. Present Governor Janice Brewer at least has ARNG Troops Helping.
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