Legion Baseball registration begins Jan. 1

As American Legion Baseball swings into its 86th year, the 2011 season gets under way with online registration beginning Jan. 1 via the Legion Baseball website.

This year marks Legion Baseball’s second season for online registration, which was launched to tighten administrative communication efforts and provide additional value to players and fans. With online registration, coaches no longer have to collect, complete and mail registration forms, insurance forms and payments to various locations for processing. The user-friendly online capabilities simplify the entire registration process, allowing coaches to enter game schedules and team rosters for parents and fans to view.

Furthermore, because of improvements recently made to the Legion Baseball website, coaches will have better access to detailed, printer-friendly reports along with the ability to transfer player profiles from the previous season to the upcoming one.

For questions or concerns regarding 2011 baseball registration, please e-mail baseball@legion.org.


  1. Hi I'm a team manager from Sandusky Post 83 Jr team. We were registered last year and participated in the state tournament. When I logged in today to pay my fees for this year I can't find our team or a place to pay these fees. I reregistered. I hope we can still get in. Thanks Troy
  2. Our Goal is to continue to provide the most competitive and challenging baseball program for our age group, demand the highest standards of sportsmanship and patriotic values, and have fun while doing so... Remember to have our Stars and Stripes flying at all your games. Your players are special people to have earned a spot on your American Legion Baseball Team. Through hard work, over many years,sacrifice, sweat, and more, they are committed to this game of baseball which is so much more than a game. This team they have earned a position on, is an American Legion Team. Look at the Stars and Stripes flying in the outfield. No AAU team has a flag like that. PLAY BALL Peter Biz Post 223 Duxbury Massachusetts
  3. On the backend of this online registration of the legion baseball program, can we have the data on the coach and team rosters delivered to the sponsoring Legion Posts? From year to year, there has been some lack of communication between the teams and the legion post who sponsor's the teams. Remember these teams are wearing our patch and post numbers on their sleeves and play their games in public in representation of our posts. Recently our sponsored team has moved further out of the region of the original towns supported when the program was first started. This year we plan on pulling our team back to the original region of support or they may loose our sponsorship.
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