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How much does the federal budget deficit really matter?


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  1. President George W Bush told the American people that the war in Iraqi war would cost the American tax payer, 20 Billion dollar and Iraqi oil would pay for the rest. well a Trillion Dollar later, no oil. I tried to tell people we was headed for another vietman. I was right Iraqi has a surplus and we are still Paying for the war. and no WMD. And to a people who hate us.All we did was to make it easies for Iran to control that area. Yes the deficit really matter to me. I gress that we will need to tax the h out of the middle class and give the rich another tax cut. All I see in this country anymore is HATE, AND MORE HATE. God tell us in the bible as long as we obey his 10 law, we would be blessing but if we turn not do His law and statutes. We would received His curses. This country was founded on the the faith of the bible. we are 1 of the 10 lost trible of Israel. that Jacob gave the two sons of Joseph the birth rigth to. if as a nation,we don't chance our evil way, the USA is history

  2. If you want to kniw if it matters go visit another country and find out what currency they want to accept, NOT the DOLLAR the YEN!

  3. Veterans, We the People of this Nation are faced with an Absolute & Complete Moral Crisis. Located within the Means of Control of Our Elected Officials and Every Branch & Level of the Government. Also, Yes, within the Membership of this Organization.
    There's NO Doubt that a Double Standard exists between the people and the politicians.
    With the recent events being so closely noticed & reported, both here and global, it's NO wonder the populace has exhibited a "Heated Rhetoric".
    Though some acts displayed are much more Distasteful & Disrepectful, in their nature, locally & such as the article above. To me it Only substantiates my perception of a "Meltdown" is going to occur in the USA.
    It's on a Daily Basis of When it Will Happen.
    Now, to Prevent it or Not depends entirely up to YOU.
    Excercise "Free Assembly" @ the County Courthouse or even the Statehouse. Or Think with Your Trigger Finger !
    However, Conditions from the Yugoslav War of 1990 can occur here !

  4. We have seen this all before and have gone to war in foreign lands for fear that socialism would dominate a small natiion. Vietnam comes to mind.
    Now, we are in a battle on the home front that is designed to restrict our civil rights, break apart our unions, and destroy our economy by printing unsecured funny money all done for power.
    We are blinded by don't ask, don't tell, same sex marriage, and yet again - abortion. All of these issues really affect a small percentage of the total population but because of the news media, pre-occupy most of us emotionally because it is in our face each and every day.
    The Democrats have learned that the minority vote can be bought and so, are content to allow a runaway population explosion (paid for by allowing unrestricted unwed mother births, paid bednefits to illegal aliens, and cowtowing to muslim extremist groups) to fuel thier voting registration roles.
    The bottom line is power and control without regard to consequences.

  5. The presidents stand on same sex marriage is nothing more than an emotionally charged issue that affects a relatively small percentage of the population intended to divert attention away from more important issues that affect everyone in the country. We need to recognize when political magician's use one handed tactics to divert attention away from issues that they would rather we don't see. It is also used to mask inexperience in foreign matters that potentially can have catostrophic results.
    What are more important issues?
    1) Securing our exposed northern and southern borders from illegal aliens.
    2) Making everyone a part of Social Security including all government employees, and legislators.
    3) Establish term limits for welfare and stop paying unwed motthers to have additional children.
    4)At 22 billion per Raptor,are these necessary?
    5)NASA needs to be reigned in. Who care about planetoids 100 million light years away?
    6) Balance the budget dammit. I have to.

  6. In addition to spending more than we are taking in, our current debt load is overwhelming. There are many, many things that the government is doing right with our money and that should not be ignored. But what about the costs for a decade of war? Our citizens recommend cutting veteran's "entitlements" - a word too often misused - but they forget that there is a huge cost for war! I often use a simple phrase to sign off a post - Bucks, blisters or blood - every American pays for our freedom somehow.

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