New PR campaign designed for posts

The Public Relations Division at National Headquarters has put together a new campaign, specifically designed to be seeded by local posts and individual Legionnaires.

"A Powerful Force for Our Nation" consists of several professionally made, high-quality TV spots/public-service announcements and print ads touting the Legion's Four Pillars - Veterans Affairs & Rehabilitation, National Security, Americanism, and Children & Youth - and the work toward those ends that the Legion does every day. Designed with the younger veteran in mind, it features Ryan Gonzales, a Legion College graduate from the Department of Florida, as well as several others.

Although all materials feature the National Headquarters Web site as a contact point, the TV spots provide space that can be customized with a post's own contact information. They are packaged on a DVD, which comes with a booklet describing all the places a post can arrange to have the spots run - from local cable TV systems to movie theaters - as well as how to go about doing so. These spots can also be run on a laptop computer at a community festival, or anywhere else potential members are gathered. As the booklet says, "any medium that offers an audience is a potential marketing opportunity." For a preview of the spots, click here and search for "Powerful Force."

These campaign kits will be available, free of charge, in the Public Relations Division's office at National Convention in Milwaukee. They can also be requested from National Headquarters, at (317) 630-1253 or Additional PSAs, for both TV and radio, are also available from PR.


  1. sealeggs123, We hear you. Don't let your voice be drowned by all the reterick. We hear you!!
  2. I am a Korean vet, and I do not know why the veterans of all our actions do not stand up for thier rights, we were promised things when we signed up and our representatives act like they never heard of those promises. It makes me sick to see what Wash is doing and getting away with it. They take our measly little cola benefits from our SS and then give themselves a $3000 increase in thier cola benefits. And I cannot see why we have to pay a loser in the election after one term he gets fired and we pay his sorry a___ for the rest of his life, where did this garbage come from? come on Americans, when do we say NO MORE, this crap has to stop. Most Americans have to work 20 or more years and then after good service get a small retirement, who gave these political losers these rights? look at how much we can save by sending these millionaires back home to work for a living and pay taxes.It's time for tea in the river, let's be heard.
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