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Regarding the recent Koran burning in Florida, do you believe that Pastor Terry Jones is either morally or legally culpable?


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  1. USA is to justify . Or any terrorist act perpetrated by some unperceivable slight of Islam, and Americans commit punishable acts by Shariah Law daily.
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  2. I would encourage people to consider the base line, a Minister burned a book and a mob murdered 20 people in response cutting off two heads of the victims. Burning a book justifies killing 20 people, what are you thinking? To suggest that the Pastor did not have a right to burn a book within the Sovereign borders of the USA is to justify 9-11. Or any terrorist act perpetrated by some unperceivable slight of Islam, and Americans commit punishable acts by Shariah Law daily. This Pastor did excatly the right thing, better we confront the issue now than ten years down the road when Obama and a Military that has gone native lose or undermine all perspective on American liberties.

  3. I would encourage people to consider the base line, a Minister burned a book and a mob murdered 20 people in response cutting off two heads of the victims. Burning a book justifies killing 20 people, what are you thinking? To suggest that the Pastor did not have a right to burn a book within the Sovereign borders of the USA is to justify 9-11. Or any terrorist act perpetrated by some unperceivable slight of Islam, and Americans commit punishable acts by Shariah Law daily. This Pastor did excatly the right thing, better we confront the issue now than ten years down the road when Obama and a Military that has gone native lose or undermine all perspective on American liberties.

  4. You're right. Wouldn't it be a shame if those middle-eastern whacko's stopped acting like our best friends, stopped sending us millions in Aid money, stopped defending our country for us, and stopped selling us oil at such low prices, all because a few Korans got burned? If they don't like what one person in Florida does we should immediately restrict the Constitutional Rights of all Americans, and tell our president to stoop much lower when he kisses their butts (again).

  5. we haven't killed enough of them yet! Too bad, so sad but we won WWII NOT because we were 'better' or 'right' or even because we had 'God on our side'. THERE ARE NO 'GOOD' WARS. We won because we killed every man who wanted to kill or be killed for his country. We killed a bunch of other people besides who didn't want to kill or be killed for their country, old men, women and children. When we stopped killing people the one's who were left didn't want to kill or be killed. They wanted to live and they didn't care who was in charge. When we kill enough of these people they will give us Qur'ans to burn! It's that or...

  6. (The not so)Reverend Jones burned the Quran he is both morally and legally responsible for that act alone. If the book he burned was bought and paid for by him it is his to do with as he desires. If the actual burning was done on property owned by him or with the permission of the property owner there shouldn't be any felony arson problems and if it was done, as it was, during a time when seasonal burnings are done without the need of burn permits it appears no laws were broken vis a vis the actual burning.

    Was it moral to burn a book, any book? Your call.

    However, without a doubt tantrums resulting in murder are the sole responsibility, legally and morally, of the barbarians committing those crimes. Whether Rev. Jones knew or should have known is immaterial. He didn't commit the barbarous acts and civilized people don't murder nonchristians when Islamists or others burn Bibles.

    Robert Ireland - Post 174 (PUFL)

  7. We should cut off Foreign Aid to any country that allows the burning of our flag. They should do the same to us any time someone in the US burns a Koran.

  8. Those radical idiots are burning US flags every day! Maybe that crazy guy in Florida should keep on burning Koran's until the flag burners finish killing each other.

  9. Hmmm, someone burns a koran here and thousands of muslims over there riot and kill each other. Sounds like a strategy to me.

  10. I am from NYC. The Towers falling while it is an image the world will remember is especially meaningful to a "New Yorker". Al Qaeda and Taliban will continue practicing Sharia Law burning or not. We will remember the 10Th anniversary this year(2011)because it is a milestone. Lets remember Patriots Day (9/11) was established for honoring those that died in the Towers as well as our soldiers that continue to sacrifice in the fight against terrorism. I burned the Quran in front my AL Posts below our American Flag during a post barbecue on 9/10. The Towers, Pentagon and American Flagships (Shanksville Pa, PanAm 103)had our flag flying. I noticed a variety of "Memorable Reactions" by post "Lounge Lizards". My only regret is that I did not think of burning a Quran first instead of "Pastor Publicity". I could have used a trip to NYC to meet the Imam to tell him what I felt about their Muslim Community Center two blocks from the Towers Memorial. The post won't forget 9/11 in the future. TMCKMA

  11. Veterans, If You're going to spend time, whether to contemplate/differentiate between the Morals in a predominately Immoral Society. Then you'll be here for awhile! As I see from the comments, alot have been.
    I don't believe this is even remotely linked to the War Issue, at ALL. When you enter the military, you better well be prepared to Fight, Kill & Sacrifice Your Life, for the Nation, in which You Serve, period! Regardless, of Service Branch & Military Occupational Specialty. NOT to mention, Stateside & Civilian Acts are by Their Choice. The Vietnam Era Veterans, especially, out there should've realized this, above the rest. What this Pastor does is of NO Consequence, to You or I or the Military. ONLY a Liberal Revissionist/Progressionist Minded Sympathizer would consider it otherwise. In My Opinion. Semper Fidelis. De Oppresso Liber.

  12. What an act of intolerance, disrespect and idiocy. Sure, the stupid man had the right to burn the Koran, as a matter of free speech. Even though the moron had the right to do it, was it the right thing to do? Just as the right exists to build a mosque at ground zero in New York, is it the right thing to do? Fundamentalists give Christianity and Islam a bad reputation. For myself, I am befuddled about the concept of religion, as it may have started thousands of years ago to where it is today.

  13. For the westbrook church
    I am happy to know there is a hell and vengeance belongs to the Lord.
    Luke 16:13
    Terry was right to burn the Koran but I don't think he should have burned the Koran while our troops are in harm’s way.
    Burning the Koran is simply burning trash. mohammed was a pedophile. I am glad I am not in charge I would pull our troops home and nuke all muslims. They have no idea how many people like me they are creating. Their sands will be turned to a sheet of glass and their mountains will be brought down. Will the Lord do this or will we still his vengeance? The muslims know in their heart that they have to take action themselves to prop up their false religion because God is not with them. God is with the Israel’s and true Christians.
    Where is the love in vengeance? The Lord claims Vengeance.

  14. I have to agree. I am almost always on the liberal side of an argument, but this one -- I can't do it. I think we should organize a Quran Burning event nationwide. If every newspaper had printed the Danish cartoon about evil Allah, it would have shown the world that terrorists, and extremists who feel theirs is the only way, would have had to think twice about taking on the world. The idiot in Florida notwithstanding, this is and should be made to be a FREE SPEECH issue.

  15. Yeah, he has the right here in America to be an idiot and put lives in jeopardy by burning the Koran. He also has the right to USE COMMON SENSE. If he lived in a Muslim country,HE would be one of the radicals chopping out heads!

  16. The decision to burn the Koran was based on the belief that the christen god is the true god and to send the message you will be tortured in hell if you don't follow the bible. The response by Muslims was that the Koran is sacred because god wrote it and the punishment for disrespect is death. (Not sure which action "god" would view as most immoral, damning someone to eternal torture for not believing in Jesus or sending someone to meet their maker for disrespecting god's book.) The stupidity of either position is mind boggling but is consistent with the history of religious competition. It defies logic that people continue to believe a superior being floating in the clouds controls the world. If the humanist philosophy prevailed that we, not god, are responsible for ourselves and for our fellow man society would not tolerate such immoral behavior in the name of a god and the world would be a better place.

  17. What is more mind boggling is assuming that man left to his own machinations in the form of your humanist philosophy would do any better than they are now. Stalin was very much a believer in the humanist theory and wanted nothing to do with God, and millions died under his watch. How about that religion free society that starves their own people in North Korea? How about Cambodia and the killing fields? You are so fast to point out the stupidity of both positions, but you are not even aware of the history of your own, so which is worse? Or perhaps you are and just don't want to put the real facts on the table. The guy, while not the brightest, has his first amendment rights, regardless of how silly he may be, but it in no way whatsoever makes him the moral equivalent of those beasts and murderers that jump at ANY excuse to kill the infidel. Open a history book and learn about the history of atheistic and humanist following, you won't find it to be as rosy as you profess it to be

  18. The burning of the Kuran is wrong. Think of it this way...should the bible be burned? Should the flag be burned? These things are represenative of a people not represenative of terrorists. A whole civilization cannot be blamed for the actions of a few. Terry Jones was morally wrong!

  19. Pastor Terry Jones is free to burn any book that he desires as long as he is the owner or has permission of the owner to do so, and also it should not be the concern of anyone but himself when he does.

  20. As long as we continue to read the press about them they will continue to get press coverage! The press is on a feeding frenzy...and we are supporting the press. The only way to stop them is for EVERY Veteran to send a letter to your newspaper (and to your editor) with a request to terminate your subscription to the local paper and the reason is because they are sensationalizing the Westboro Scumbags & you believe Veterans deserve to be treated better.

  21. Why is it that we as American's have to be so concerned about the rest of the world's opinions that we can not express ourselves as individuals. I would not have burned the Koran, But I will fight to defend the right of those who do. We must not let the extremists anywhere tell us how we as free American's can express ourselves. We do not restrict rights of other's to express themselves, and go on a rampage of destruction and killing to express ourselves, because we do not like what is expressed in some other part of the world. Stand up be strong be a free America.

  22. I think the sad thing is, that if this were a Bible being burnt I doubt anyone would have noticed. Why is it that when anyone who isn't a foreigner or a minority does this type of thing it's a major deal. So they're upset that their holy book was burnt, oh well! I'm not happy with the things they do but I don't react like they have. Bump them if they don't like it, I could care less.

  23. I spell his name in small print because he is a very small person trying to become somebody. When does it become ok to lower yourself to the level of the people that you you don't approve of. It hurts to have someone burn our Bible and our Flag and it angers us. Do you really think that you will make a positive case in point by acting in like manner? NO, all you do is show them that you are no better than the ones you are angry at. Think dear people, doing on to them as they have done onto you is not the answer and you all know it.


  25. While the burning was stupid, the reaction says more about the Muslims than it does about the Pastor.

  26. Having the RIGHT to do something has never automatically made it the RIGHT THING to do. This applies to burning the Koran, the flag, or building a Mosque at ground zero. Whatever happened to common sense, good taste, and respect for others? Because those exact words are not in the Bill of Rights, does that mean we don't have to abide by them? It seems to me that common sense and respect for others was implied in the original Declaration of Independence with the phrase "Pursuit of Happiness". I fail to see how any of the above mentioned actions could actually bring any form of "happiness" to anyone. While I agree that people should not be held legally responsible for the actions of others, I think they should accept a moral responsibility for the end results of their own actions.

  27. The fighting words doctrine in the United Staes Constititutional law, is a limitation to freedom of speech as protected by the First admendent to the United States constitution. In its 9-0 decesion, Chaplinsky v New Hampshire(1942), the U.S. supreme court established the doctrine and held that isulting or fighting words: Those that by their very ulterance inflict injury or tend to incite in immediate breach of the peace are among the well-defined and narrowly limited classes of speech that the prevention and punshment of i.e. have been thought to raise any constitutional problem. Hey supreme court wake up and stop these manics that twist the law its time our government step in also look at the 14 amendment

  28. During the sixties anti-war protesters burned the American flag. It was allowed because we have freedom of speech guaranteed by the first amendment that also guarantees that we can practice our chosen religion. I did not like the flag being desecrated but it comes with the territory called freedom.

    "Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances."

  29. I was extremely offended when some Mexican students hung their flag ABOVE an upsidedown American Flag, but I didn't run about killing every Mexican I saw! Those people over there have absolutely no sense of self control, that's why their women have to go about with nothing but their eyeballs showing!!!

  30. One simple fact and/or observation:
    An American Christian burns a Koran and the world screams!
    Muslims kill U.N. workers in retaliation and the world says and does nothing!
    Do I see a similarity between Nazi Germany and the Muslim Radicals?
    The world needs to wake up and see what's happening!

  31. I agree wholeheartedly with your assessment (PIAFREDUX)KORAN BARBECUE. Now if our LIBERAL SHARIA LOVING audience wants to assail any American for for following his/her conscience or religion under OUR CONSTITUTION, let them reap the seeds they sow in allowing muslim intimidation of OUR WAY OF LIFE.


  32. It is both illegal and immoral to yell "Fire" in a crowded theater. This is the kind of act Pastor Jones did. He should have been more conscientious. He probably invited the media to his shenanigans so he has responsibility there. The media ran with sensationalism to make a buck. Both parties are equally responsible. I am an ordained minister cannot believe any minister can preach forgiveness and love out of one side of their mouth and spew such hatred out of the other. The crucifixion of Jesus was the most vile act ever. Yet, he chastized Peter for defending Jesus when Peter cut off the ear of one of the usurpers. That is love and forgiveness.

    It seems to me that neither Pastor Jones nor the Muslims truly understand love and forgiveness.

  33. as a Christian, Christ teach tolerance and love. He did not try to change Jews, He just said be the best Jew you can be for an example. He did not care what kind of tree you were, just be the best tree you could be. Judging no one.

  34. So, why is it that some hairbag can burn or otherwise desecrate our flag or a Christian Bible and call it art or free speech, but people get outraged about the Koran? As a career Senior NCO, and a Christian, I don't agree with what he did, but if he felt morally strongly enough about it, then why all of the fuss?

  35. I spent my entire adult life (so far) defending the Constitution of the United States so that citizens of the United States could practice their Constitutional rights without fear of reprisals. While burning the Koran would not have been my choice I don't think any American citizen should abstain from exercising their Constitution rights out of fear or threats. Especially from threats emanating from foreign nationals.

  36. The First Amendment does not protect such speech as yelling "fire" in a theatre because of the inherent risk of a human stampede. There is no equivalent decision for the burning of holy books, so legally he is not culpable. Morally, however, he is culpable. I think it is fair to say for a preacher, he seems far from being a moral person.

    Ron Kriel
    CAPT USN (Ret.)

  37. What do you do when you blame Pastor Jones for gratuitous murders he did not commit? You enforce Moslem sharia law - you support Ayatollah Khomeini's fatwah that ordered Moslems to murder novelist Salman Rushdie to establish among us infidels that Moslems and Islam are our masters in their endless "Who's your Daddy?" lethal game: you condemn a free man for execising his freedom of speech and this makes you a good little dhimmi who enforces Mohammedanism's sharia law - not our US Bill of Rights.

    I pray you should wake up to this, to what you're really doing, which is to help Mohammedans to intimidate & silence people by threats and deeds of violence to carry out the Moslem aim to destroy free speech - and with it, free thought; wake up to how Moslems see your submission to their sharia prohibitions as their rightful due to them from your dhimmitude: wake up to this so that none of us feels he has to play good little dhimmi & bow to and enforce sharia for the Moslems.

  38. What the pastor did was nothing. Watch Ann Barnhardt from Colorado as she burns the Koran one page at a time. Most educational. I'll vote for her anytime. I tried to paste the link, but this site won't let me. Just try looking her up on youtube.

  39. It seems that it is okay for people to desigrate the American Flag while we do nothing but, let some american desigrate the Koran and the musslims riot and kill americans. Some how the radicals win again.

    The pastor should have used some common sense and realized that the radical musslims would take drastic actions against americans. Freedom of speach is great but, sometimes there ar formidable consequences.

  40. There is no room in our society for censorship. Every person has the right to free speech, and the Koran is an expression of speech.

    Burning books or statements of ANY kind, including our American Flag, has no place in our society. It is an overt act of aggression and must not be allowed.

  41. It is interesting that some want to blame this idiot cult leader for the MUSLIMS murdering non=muslims because their "prophet" or "scriptures" were insulted.
    The only people in the US that are to blame for this are the MEDIA, who made sure that it went out to the world, knowing what would happen.

    The westboro cult is much more harmful, deliberately trying to hurt mourners at military funerals. Where is the outrage about that?

    Flag desecration is protected as "free speech" in our country. I have seen people desecrate the bible, and that is protected speech. But these terrorists are allowed to murder anyone that disagrees with their beliefs is acceptable? Riots all over the islamic world because of a cartoon? How long would that last if a SINGLE "Christian" were to do anything along those lines.

  42. This is just another idiot wanting 5 minutes of fame on CNN. If the cameras hadn't of been there, we wouldn't be talking about this. MUCH of the blame can go to the national media - they TOO knew that this was going to cause unrest. Why they would "honor" such an idiot is beyond me......OOPS! Sorry....I forgot about the "bottom line".....
    If he gets "taken out" by some Muslim, I personally will not lose sleep over it. "Reap what ye sow...."

  43. If you know that your actions( buring the Koran) could lead to harm to others, why do it???, Yes it is legal, but it is not morally or political correct. Just like the Westboro church, they both have moral issues(they do not have any morals)

  44. The survey choices don't cover what the situation is. Jones is free to do what he did. He is not responsible, either morally or legally, for what morons in the Middle East might do.

    However, he said he was doing it to highlight religious tolerance. So, I want to point out how Christlike I am about other people's religion, by acting like them and burning their scriptures? Not so sure that's logical.

  45. To disrespect anyones belief is reason for WAR. How would you feel if you see someone burn the American flag, US Constitution, bible or even a cross of Jesus etc.? Where does it say its legal to burn anything, this is not freedom of speech its an action that should have been dealt with differently. I believe Terry Jones should have been locked up for what he did. Its people like him that piss off people in other countries against us Americans.

  46. Terry Jones may be an idiot, but he just won in the US supreme court the right to demonstrate at military funerals. Should that be an act of war also? Can we go out and kill people that don't believe in him. Wake up.

  47. Snyder v Phelps (2011) protected protests of public protestors at a funernal against tort liabiltiy. Court ruled 8-1 for Phelps. You ever watch Rain Maker? It shows how people with money try to beat out good people, problem is we all not lawyers and its this kind of thing gets folks talking and thinking. I think Thomas Jefferson were alive he would go back and change some admendents and articles to the constitution now for todays problems with the law. Look likes to me our vote for wrong people in government, making changes and judgements that have showed that they made bad decisions,the bottom line its all about money, has nothing to do with peace and we the people. I have had opportunity to live in these countries as a vet and guest what they are no different than us when its comes to their own beliefs. So who is right, who is wrong, I'm not God I'm not for any wars wonder why; but when you do something to me or anybody thats good, kill them all and let God sort them out

  48. They can burn every damn copy of the Kuran in this country and kick all the Muslims out as far as I'm concerned. My opinion!

  49. It is ridiculous to blame the pastor for this. I am shocked and amazed that 51% of the people in this poll, (so-called patriots) would buy into this garbage. If you go burn my Bible, or my flag or a picture of my mother, I am mad but I don't go killing people. The only ones to blame for this are the murdering bast**ds that did the killing!

  50. Where were the media when Americans were drug thru streets, or hung, or had their heads chopped off ? Let a few of those whiny - I can't think of a printable vile term - get killed, and have their killing televised for the world to see what the koran freaks are really all about and Maybe people will wake up and realize what the real problem with islam is.

  51. It seems that so called "Christian ministers" like Terry Jones and that Westboro church are getting a lot of media attention lately. Although they may have a right to express themselves under the 1st amendment, they also have a moral obligation as Christians to act responsibly, show compassion and to love their precieved enemies. It is churches like these that gives Christianity a bad name.They seem to more interested in following their own hate filled agenda than in being true followers of Jesus. There is a 30 year old hymnn that we sing in the Catholic Church which quotes John 13:35 that states that "they will know we are Christians by our love, by our love. They will know we are Christians by our love". Were's the Love Terry?

  52. What's difference between his so called freedom of speech and Westboro freedom to protest funnerals of returning servicemembers? If our entire military is so unstable in any region that they can't handle the consequences of one preacher that never served a day then it's time to rethink the situation! I don't agree with what he did but the rest of the world doesn't have a problem with burning anything American even bodies for that matter!!

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