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In an effort to hire more veterans, the federal government has launched - a Web site that hopes to serve as the main source for veterans employment information and provide resources to officials interested in hiring veterans. The site, which went online in February, is part of President Obama's Veterans Employment Initiative - an executive order that hopes to mold the federal government into a model employer of America's veterans. works in conjunction with the departments of Defense, Labor, Veterans Affairs and other federal agencies to provide employment information to veterans, transitioning servicemembers, their families, federal human resources professionals and hiring managers. The goal is to provide consistent and accurate information, along with useful training and other resources in a manner that will inform applicants and hiring agencies.

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April 9, 2010 - 8:25am

I have applied to several federal positions posted on USAJOBS and have not once been referred for a job. I am a retired veteran with a over 30% disability. I have over 20 years experience as a Human Resource Recruiter for the United States Air Force with a college degree. Each time I have applied for a Civilian Army Recruiting position using the Army Civilian Resume Builder and Answer program, OPM has sent a response back that I was not referred for this position, because you were not in the group of best qualified candidates. I am not blaming OPM for not considering me, I am blaming the program that is being used. The human element has been taken out of the hiring process. It is based soley on using key words that their computer has been program to search for. Regardless of my training, experience and recognition by senior management, the selection process is soley based on using specific words on a resume. Can someone look into making the hiring process veteran friendly?


April 12, 2010 - 8:03pm

Unless you have specific experience in a job they need to fill right away you will not get hired. It can take years to get in and I am not joking. Unless you start networking with people already working for the Government you won't stand a chance. I left the government to go back to school full time thinking I could go back in with my past experience and my new education, but I hear nothing not even a nibble from them. It's a big joke really.

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