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Should the requirement of birth in the United States be lifted for those seeking the presidency?


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  1. my title and comment were regarding j.booth's comment/reply to shawn. And I am damn tired of this love it or leave it crap-it didn't fly before I went to the war in 72 or after the war either! I sacrificed my body protecting EVERYBODY'S right to their own idiotic opinions.

  2. Great comment-this was never about his citizenship, it was always about his color. He produced a birth certificate when this issue was first raised despite his being a citizen for the first reason cited-HIS MOMMA WAS AMERICAN! The bigotry on display here and elsewhere does make me ashamed of my fellow citizens sometimes. I am the parent and grandparent of mixed race children and look forward to the day when, as Maximillian said, and I paraphrase, we will all be Mexicans. (he actually said "If people around the world continue to marry and prosper in 400 years we will all be mexican.") I dearly love my little cinnamon babies and think they are the most beautiful things on earth. Their future is not threatened by budget deficits, it is threatened by global climate change and the collapse of the middle class. President Obama does not set the price of oil, wall street speculators do. And Shawn-my family has lived here 10,000+ years. I suggest YOU leave if you don't like it here.

  3. We should get rid of the requirement for "natural citizens", we need to change the constitution for any legal citizen of the United States. There is a lot of outstanding mem who could run the country better than a lot of people born in this country! The people who come to this country and become legal citizens have to jump through a lot hoops to become United States Citizens! Sometimes they have alot more respect and patriotism than many who are born here.

  4. If proof of citizenship is required to RUN for the Presidency, won't that mean this situation should have been settled before Mr. Obama even became the Democratic Party candidate for the office?

    If there was any credible evidence that Mr. Obama was not eligible, I am sure Mr. McCain and all of the other candidates (Democratic or Republican) would have jumped all over it.

  5. •Any one found in the U.S. under the age of five, whose parentage cannot be determined, as long as proof of non-citizenship is not provided by age 21
    •Any one born outside the United States, if one parent is an alien and as long as the other parent is a citizen of the U.S. who lived in the U.S. for at least five years (with military and diplomatic service included in this time)
    •A final, historical condition: a person born before 5/24/1934 of an alien father and a U.S. citizen mother who has lived in the U.S.
    * There is an exception in the law — the person must be "subject to the jurisdiction" of the United States. This would exempt the child of a diplomat, for example, from this provision.

  6. The question is invalid, so the results are useless. The Constitution lays out the qualifications, and it does not require that one be"born in the United States.
    "No Person except a natural born Citizen"
    at least 35 years old, and
    a resident of the United States for at least 14 years.

    A "natural born citizen" is (U.S.C. Title 8, Section 1401):
    •Anyone born inside the United States *
    •Any Indian or Eskimo born in the United States, provided being a citizen of the U.S. does not impair the person's status as a citizen of the tribe
    •Any one born outside the United States, both of whose parents are citizens of the U.S., as long as one parent has lived in the U.S.
    •Any one born outside the United States, if one parent is a citizen and lived in the U.S. for at least one year and the other parent is a U.S. national.
    •Any one born in a U.S. possession, if one parent is a citizen and lived in the U.S. for at least one year
    (to be continued)

  7. Part of the argument about the presidents so-called citizenship is - According to tyhe Constitution of the United States of America; Natural Citizen is anyone born in America to LEGAL parents! The term "legal" means anybody who is in the United States Legally! For too long we have given "legal birth" status to babies born to illegal immigrents. IF A BABY IS BORN TO AMERICAN PARENTS IN A FOREIGN COUNTRY, THE BABY IS CONSIDERED A LEGAL AMERICAN CITIZEN IF - THEY WERE BORN ON A MILITARY POST; OR 2: IF THEY WERE BORN IN AN AMERICAN COONSULTE. Babieas born to American parents that are working in a foreign country (not with the US Government) or the parents are in that country illegally
    - the baby has the status of the parents. If the parents are in that country legally; then the baby is a legal citizen of that country. You cannot go to Frace and have a baby and expect that baby to be an American citizen! It is a French citizen and needs to go through naturalization like any other

  8. I believe that my 26 plus years of service would make me a better President, but to have service as a requirement (especially war time) would eliminate too many good people from contention.

  9. I can't answer this poll because it's not asking the right question. A person does not have to be born "in the US" to be eligible for president. A person must be a "natural born" citizen. All persons born in the US qualify, but they aren't the only ones. A person born anywhere, who is the child of at least one US citizen, is also a "natural born" citizen.

    We've now seen the document that establishes that Barack Hussein Obama was born on US soil, specifically Hawaii, and so is a citizen under the first standard. But he could have been born on Mars and would still be a citizen, because his mother was a US citizen. Had his mother been Kenyan and his dad from Kansas [his mother's home state], he would still be a citizen by birth.

    The difference matters. A child born to a foreign diplomat, in an embassy, is not a citizen. If that child is born in a US hospital, I'm not sure. There may be separate rules for diplomats' children, because issues of diplomatic immunity may arise.

  10. Let's not forget another life certificate. Donald Trump beat Dick Cheney's record for getting draft deferment certificates. Cheney only had three while Trump had Five!!

  11. It seems you can't stop talking when you get started ... going from one person and/or group to the other. Wow! you must be using your "Conservative Christian Shotgun" again. You are really beginning to sound very confused. Please go take your meds!!!!

  12. I strongly believe that a person should be born in this country as a requirement for the Presidency. I would also like to see that someone who is seeking the Presidency has had military service as a requirement. I don`t mean the reserves, but full military service. I think that a person who has seen action wouldn`t jump into a war-like situation without careful consideration of the troops being put in harms way.

  13. The requirement of being born a U.S. citizen to run for the Presidency was made to provide a more solid commitment of loyalty to the nation, but there are many wealthy elitests born in this country that have little loyalty to it, shown by their business dealings. These traitors have distroyed this nation from within by economic terrorism, fueled by greed for more power and wealth at the expense of the welfare of an entire nation's people. Yet, these individuals qualify to run for president, while they raise interest rates, fuel costs, and the overall cost of living for Americans while at the same time tossing them out their jobs, stagnating wages and cutting benefits as they line their own pockets past overflowing. These elitests are bigger threats and enemies to this nation than any communist, or muslim terrorist can ever be!!! Being born here, no longer seems to provide the level of loyalty it use to.

  14. Why is it OK to call the CIA and FBI liars? I was 71L and have had a Top Secret clearance for the Job, they dug back to my grade school teachers from the parts I did get to see and that was just so I could set up communication shots! So now you are telling me that our vetting system has failed just because you do not like the skin color of my Commander and Chief?

  15. What does skin color have to do with it? I too had a TS clearance and to get it, I had provide my birth certificate (BC). Apparently, if the CIA or FBI did a background investigation (vetted) Mr. Obama, they did not require him to produce a BC, otherwise he would not have had to have Hawaii locate it, fly his attorney there to pick it up and then release it 2+ years after he was sworn in.
    I relocated from AZ back to TX and, even though I previously had a TX driver's license (DL), when I went to change my license back to TX, I was informed that (1) having a TX DL 20+ years ago, did not show proof of citizenship; (2)they would not accept my valid AZ DL (same reason) and (3)my US Army (Retired) ID card was also not acceptable. Only a BC or "valid" passport was acceptable.
    Are you saying that just because Obama is brown skinned, he should not have to comply with the Constitution? Sounds to me like you have no valid argument so "let's just play the race card".

  16. Time for your medicine angry conspiracists.
    No more glenn beck for you.
    Get back into your basements with your tin foil hats.

    Also, tim foor's business went down the gutter because he is an idiot with bad business ethics.

    Keep voting republican, the money is going to trickle down one of these days. You and I may not be alive to see it. But it will trickle down in a couple of hundred years or so, so we think. “blah blah about never seeing a poor man give someone a job” Well I’ve never seen a rich man’s business stay a float without poor people to buy their product or services.

    How's that medicare voucher thing going for you? Must suck not knowing if you will recieve the same type of care you are now recieving. LOL, idiots think corporations care about you. Go ahead call and complain, you'll be tansfered to india. lol

    Finally, lol religion. Sorry, I stop believing in imaginary people after I found out santa and the easter bunny wasnt real. You should have too.

  17. My business ethics are just fine. Thank You Very Much !
    I make my money from the "Rich", Not Generation Welfare Recipients. Yes, the "Poor" provide a percentage of Gross Sales. But, when the populace in my operations of 4 states, don't have enough to survive financially, even on a daily basis. This triggers a "Trickle-Up Poverty" circumstance. Business Sector Competition becomes an even more challenge. Usually left with just Overhead Costs and the mere ponderring of How can it be performed for that amount and still make a Profit, of any percentage. Business 101: You can't sustain any lenght of time, in business, without a Profit Margin. Debt will be the End of the Game. I have been Successful and have a viable solution to this Nation's Economic Problem. For You though, seem to criticize quickly with a vague opinion that, well, smells badly across the airwaves.

  18. It doesn't matter the color, race, or sex of the person to become president. It's about the truth and honesty. There should have been no hesitation about the birth certificate, the Constitution requires it. But now that he has revealed it, what about him falsifying federal papers. He applied for and received foreign student aid as a citizen of Kenya. False statements on federal papers is a felony. Please explain this.

  19. Hell No ! Since one of my ancestors, Hugh Williamson, signed the actual document, that makes it Mandatory to provide & to be Eligible. ALL of the Liberal Sympathizers and Progressionist, put together, won't even be able to attempt to mess this up. Obama should've produced it, when there first was a questionable doubt/controversy. Instead of spending over 2 million US Dollars, upon lawsuits/legal fees, to Avoid the issue. He acts like he's hiding something, for certain, now. He ONLY has hisself to Blame ! But, that's Democrats, for you. Many Thanks to Mr. Trump, for stepping up and finally exhibiting the Courage and enduring the scrutiny, to get some resolve, on this issue. Kudos, as well as, the Ground Zero Mosque Issue. BTW: If YOU are a Democrat, Liberal in Politics and/or Support Obama. Then You're the Main Reason my Business Failed and I'm Broke. So, F@#$ You. De Oppresso Liber.

  20. Please tell me what is WRONG with requiring PROOF that somebody meets the requirements to become president? When I joined the Military I was REQUIRED to produce my Birth Certificate; now tell me what is WRONG with requiring the MOST IMPORTANT job in America, the job for the person who has their very finger on the Nuclear Button to also produce a Birth Certificate? The system is insane that it is not insisted on! One more point, I was required a background check in the Military and the President isn't, is this system of politics broken or what? How can we without verifying the minimal requirements tell if the person who is to be president REALLY bears true Faith and Allegiance to America, and I AM NOT talking about any one person of president over another!

  21. Will everyone stop looking for hidden agendas every time someone asks a question or, poses a comment. Let's have a little professional decorum and back off on some of the venomous language. It accomplishes nothing, proves no point, and doesn't convince the other side that you are right. All it does is reflect poorly on yourself.

    The comment by Sakievich above is an appropriately professional comment. No mud slinging, no snide comments, disparaging remarks.

    There can be an intelligent worthwhile discussion on both sides of this question, not withstanding the complexity of the process needed to "lift" the "Natural Born Citizen" requirement as stated in our constitution.

    I, for one, have not heard former California Governor Schwarzenegger complaining that he is not eligible to run for President. Regardless of your opinion of him, you need to give him credit for acknowledges that he is not legible to be a candidate.

    Backing up - Let's try to be a little more civil.

  22. How come so many claim he is BLACK when he is actually half and half. He has done more to fan the flames of racism in this country not honoring his true family history. If you are going to argue with less than facts why bother to post. Read any of his writings he authored wioth an open mind and see what conclusions an educated person comes away with. His writing speaks volumes for his racial views and being a true bigot.

  23. Heck no!Otherwise, we'll get people like Orly Taitz running. She's not even a US citizen. She's from the Balkans. Why doesn't ICE deport that shrill hag? Let Putin deal with her. He'll smash her like the little cockroach that she is.

  24. Hey compsol, it's NOT about his race! Besides, he's half-black and half-white. It's about his lack of experience and qualifications, and lousy representation of this great nation (apologizing to and appeasing all other nations, etc.). While you're entitled to your opinion, the rest of us are entitled to ours; if you don't like it, then leave this great nation.

  25. Its about color, not race. Most of the Black folks born here in the good old USA are of mixed heritage. Like to guess what the colors are? By the fact The President has a American parent make him am Americian Citizen. Some of us can't stand having a non-white person as President.
    Who am I ? I am Purple Heart, 60% disabled, Combat Infantryman who happen to be dark in color. A man who beleves that we"re better then this. Leave this all this crap where it belongs- in the toilet

  26. As I am sure you are aware, gasoline is now around $4.00 a gallon, everything else is becoming more expensive because of this. Please tell us what this has to do with race or ethnic background? Whoever the president is, he or she should be fired immediately. The poor suffer much more from this than anybody else. Poor people please throw off your chains and wake up!

  27. Conditions to be elected president of the United States are founded in the Constitution. To simply "lift" the requirement can't be done.

    To "lift" the residency requirement would first take a majority vote of Congress and Senate, then submit such a vote to each of the member state legislatures to ratify. A majority of states would then be required before such a Constitutional amendment could be made.

    If my father was a native Lithuanian and my mother a native American, and I won the presidency, I would need to prove my land of birth. This topic has gotten blown far and way out of proportion; if President Obama simply proved his citizenship, as requested by the then candidate Hillary Clinton, two and half years ago, yes, this discussion would have died a very long time ago.

    Bottom line: it is a Constitutional requirement that a presidential candidate of the United States must first be natural born.

  28. Hey conservatives and bigots! Wallow in your miseries because we have a black president of the United States.

    See ya in Church Sunday ... since most all you are "quick to point out" that you are a conservative Christian - with emphasis on "Christian".

    But, would Jesus be proud of your intolerance of other races???

  29. For someone that paints with a broad-brush and resorts to name calling, I'm surprised you could spell "intolerance". I wish just one of you would document your allegation. Name-calling is something people do when they can't support their statement. If you want to see "racial intolerance", please review the history of the Democratic Party. How intolerant would you classify Robert Byrd? Oh never mind. Bill Clinton already justified his being in the kkk. Lastly, you must have millions of Conservation friends to know that "most all you are "quick to point out" that you are a conservative Christian...."". Have a great day and I highly doubt I would ever run in to you in a Chapel.

  30. The controversy arose not because anyone really thought the President was born elsewhere but because he badly beat a candidate who was supported by the EXTREME right.(Despite the fact that John McCain was born in a foreign country.) The extremists continue to beat the drum accusing the duly elected President to be a non christian, despite that fact that his history shows he was raised christian and he regular attended Baptist churches. Do you think that the extreme right unAmerican fringe element are birthers upset because a black man is in the White House? No, not the fringe! Now Trump is accusing the President of the United States of not being a qualified student at Harvard despite being the President of the Harvard Review. (As Ronald Reagan asked, "What is Trump hiding under the world's worst comb-over.")

    I think this vote is absolutely rediculous and was created by the fringe wackos!

  31. The president (and I use the term tentatively) started this fiasco and not the right wing. If he had shown his birth certificate when asked we wouldn't be having this conversation. Why would he take two years to prove his birth state?

    This man's color has nothing to do with why I personally don't like the way he is running our country into the ground. He is beyond a doubt the worst president we have had since Jimmy Carter, and yes I am a veteran. (Viet Nam 1967-68).

    BTW, I can name you hundreds of people raised Christian that are muslims today.

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