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How soon after the killing of Osama bin Laden should the United States have released photos to confirm his death?


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  1. they show our men when captive or KIA by them so why not ease the minds of all our people. they did it with Saddam why not with Osama?

  2. Not only did the President make the right decision, I am outraged that I set through George Bush at two conventions and you have as yet invited President Obama to speak. I am finding my 38 + year membership less important every day.

  3. People simply have to have more faith in our government and sometimes it is best for our government to classify things for our own good and to suppress the likelihood of more terrorism. Those photos can be released after time has passed and hopefully the reason for his death will be better understood by everyone. My feeling is that there will always be those who would not believe he is dead even with photos. After all, there are still those who believe we never landed on the moon.

  4. If Navy Seals say Bin Laden was KIA. There is no doubt in my mind. That Osama Bin Laden is gone to meet his maker. Any one who wants to see a photo, of a man. With part of his head, blown off, needs to see Dr. Phil.

  5. i agree to hold back on release,in religion, feelings run very deep.i don't think i'd want to the pope or our commander and chief in this light either.we are a very strong will and compassionate people.we fight for others and look for the best in people.lets be the better man i agree.don't get me wrong,i served my time and did things that still to this day have nightmares over.i think its time the world works together to save our planet and look to propagate on others.or all will be for nothing and lost forever.....

  6. The American Legion should forget about having the President, as our Commander in Chief , make available the Death Photos of Osama Bin Laden. Better energy would be well spent in trying to get our Washington Representatives to support and get passed the Agent Orange Equity Act of 2011 (H.R. 812).

  7. Why is everyone so anxious to see photos of a corpse. In this day pictures can be altered so well that you actually believe what you see. A photo can be altered to show a gruesome corpse. DNA match should be what everyone wants to see verified.

    Give the President his due - he definitely managed to do something that Bush never intended to do. But there will always be those who can find fault about something.

  8. I think the president made the right decision in not publishing the death photos of Osama. I think publishing the photos would have insighted more outrage, would would provide opportiunists (Al-Quada) to circulate the photos for years to come. Yes, he was an evil man, but let us be the better people and show some restraint in this matter.

  9. So very true. I did't know so much hate and racism still existed in our organization. But I should have known. Oh, by the way, I am one of those "colored boys" who EARNED two Bronze Stars with the BRO, in 1969 Vietnam, retiring as a 1st Sergeant.

  10. I don't get where the racism issue comes up. I am new to the AL so maybe it is something that has been an issue. I don't think people in general want to see the OBL pictures because they don't trust the President, or because of his race. I think that the nation has come to distrust the government in general. GW didn't get Osama, neither did Obama, the SEALs got him. (If he was gotten at all. I don't know.) But I sincerely don't think this is a "racism" issue, but I wonder what motivates many of the posters on both sides.

  11. I must agree with the writer of this comment when he stated, If we can believe George Bush and His daddy, then we can believe President Obama. He is also right for reminding the Post President that he does not always speak what we all feel. This just goes to show you that diversity can thrive anywhere,in the Legion (look back at it history)and in this country(look at its history past and current). There is more to this than just the photos. It has a lot to do with the complexion of the man who made the decision to not show them. Too bad we can't replace racism and blatant hatred with decency and respect for one another. God -HELP- America for His blessings have gone totally unappreciated by many.

  12. Photo's should have been available immediately, however, the blood & gore could have been blurred out but not so much as to not be able to recognize him.

  13. Which we would that be? My "We" is a decorated Vietnam Naval Veteran with 2 sons having served in Iraq and Afghanistan. My "We" has an eldest son who came home a wounded but proud warrior. My "We" has put more than my mouth on the line for the honor and freedom of my country. I have served honorable with sailors, marines and soldiers of all colors. Valor, Honor and Patriotism have no race, but ignorance, bigotry and narrow-mindedness thrives on hatred, while trying to do a cheap reverse psych on anyone who calls them out.

    Now, just which "We" would you be representing again?

  14. Bush sitting like a deer in the headlights when he was told that our nation was under actual attack. But some of you same vocal critics of our now colored president bought every excuse under the sun and cheered as the crew of the USS Abraham Lincoln had to endure the dishonor of "Mission Accomplised" being sounded from the flight deck of our warship without having accomplished anything.

    Now fast-forward: A decisively elected president. An intelligent, no nonsense man of action. A president who has kept his word to try making healthcare better, not allowing social security and medicare be stripped away from our seniors, he said, "We will capture and kill Osama Bin Laden".

    Of course we have the right and even the obligation to disagree with what we'd like to see different. As Americans we boast that right from sea to shining sea. However, what we are seeing now: "Is he really an American? Let me see his birth certificate!", "Anything Obama is a lie!" = hypocracy & racism.

  15. Glad u used it. Now we know where you are coming from etc.

    I thought you might have had something worthwhile to say.

  16. Hmmm...Smells like "You can't trust them N****rs" to me. Case in point: Our previous president, who like him or not, I respected as the sitting President of the United States of America. He and I could disagree, but at the end of the day and to the world, he our elected Head of State.

    President Bush declared war on Iraq in the face of clearer evidence that Afghanistan should be the focus; there was a credible challenge to the claim that Suddam was ramping or even capable of ramping up nuclear assets; He had voluntarily surrendered all of his long range missles as an indication that diplomacy was working (hence the coalition problems with nations who didn't need a handout from us) and even his own cabinet was falling apart because of concern over taking our young men and women into harms way prematurely on poor intel and decieving the American people. On 9/11, which is what all of this indignation over photos is supposed to be about, this nation saw a picture of a US...(cont'd)

  17. Show the pictures of Bin Laden"s corps would serve no purpose except to cause more problems such as the burning of the curan bible. It does not take much to incite these terrorist and I think we have enough to do trying to track there every move with out pushing there buttons with the release of the Bin Laden pics. The non believers will just have to chill out and take Obama's word for it. These non believers probably think that we never landed on the "MOON". So....what perpose would it serve?????????

  18. As a 'combat decorated vet', I am appalled (po'd)
    that you feel the need to display your total lack of
    honor. True VETS took an OATH! I don't think we were
    ever excused from. " My country! Right or Wrong! " :or
    at the least,support those who died to keep THEIR

  19. As a 'combat decorated vet', I am appalled (po'd)
    that you feel the need to display your total lack of
    honor. True VETS took an OATH! I don't think we were
    ever excused from " My country! Right or Wrong! " or
    at the least,support those who died to keep THEIR

  20. And did I mention I'm a 5 year pro-active Legionnaire....doesn't matter, I'm a War Veteran who feels I should have seen the proof w/o the doubt cast over!!!

  21. I feel that we should have seen the body & the throwing him over-board in real-time!!! This SOB deserved worse than he got! I'm only half sure they really got him. I truly hope for the best & just wish I didn't have so much doubt on this issue & the Govt. who purports it!

  22. i don't think he is dead. i think the white house made the whole thing up. the president is losing support from most americans, and needs something to win back the trust he lost. no pictures just tells me he is hiding something. i do not trust the president, nor none of his staff. he has got the whole nation really messed up and falling apart. prove bin ladin is dead with pictures, or just step down and let a REAL AMERICAN run our great counter. sorry if i steped on some toes, but i'm a vet, and don't like being lied to.

  23. As a Legionnaire I am ashamed of the sophomoric logic used to release a gruesome death photo of a dead terrorist. The brave SEALS shot him in the chest and in the head, blowing away part of his skull. What else do you need to know? We proved to the world that justice will be served if you harm us. Done.

    And, as for the juvenile questionnaire that was slanted to the point of being ridiculous, the majority when I voted still said "don't show the photo". I am disappointed in you Mr. Foster and you definitely do NOT speak for this Veteran.

  24. We The People - deserve to see all the proof that he is dead. Most of all the people who survived or the people who lost loved ones in this tragedy have a right and the government has the responsibility to show them for sure. So I support the Commander in requesting that the photos be made public.

  25. Satisfying the idle curiosity of this membership is not in the President's job description. Thank you to the Navy Seals for a job well done. There are more pressing issues facing this nation. Lets move forward. GO Navy!!!!!

  26. Even if I agreed with you (and I don't), I'd take issue with these unprofessional have-you-stopped-beating-your-wife-yet style poll questions and the representation of your personal opinion as that of all American Legion members. My first impulse upon reading your editorial-disguised-as-policy-statement was to tear up my membership card, but all these thoughtful, intelligent responses from like-minded peers have convinced me to stay ... and VOTE.

  27. I Fail to recognize any "Delicateness" in this matter. His "Legacy" was to become a Martyr for his cause. Even though he probably has a Back-up Plan, in the form of, an "Insurance Policy", of Delegated Authority amongst his "Network". As far as, Future Terrorist Reprisals, I believe, can be virtually Prevented, with merely revealing the Video Proof. As well as, the Publicized Notification stating the FACT of what'll happen to those that Commit such Acts. Anyone Whom wears the Uniform, damn well be prepared to face the challenges of Warfare, period. Sweatting in PeaceTime, lessens the chances of Bleeding in Wartime. Training !!! On the Civilian side: You mean to tell me, that ALL You Liberals don't have any Confidence in the Great Big Democratic "Big Brother" Government, you've Created ? Most of You aren't even armed with Your Own wits ! I Hope they Wrapped His Corpse Up Good & Tight with a Freshly Butchered Pig Skin. Let'm Praise Allah. Post them ! Like Saddaam Hussein.

  28. Criticism of our Commander, while supporting the President, exhibits a lack of understanding of the word 'Leader'.
    We elect a President to speak for us - all of U.S. As members of the American Legion, we accomplish the same when we elect a Commander.
    Before writing the letter, I am certain the Commander spoke with members of his staff. I am just as certain that he took 'ALL' of our members into consideration.
    How certain are you, that a picture of B.L. dead and ugly as it may be, would not make a patient with severe PTSD from a wartime experience, a little bit more restful and able to take a night's sleep without medication? I'm not certain it would or wouldn't but if it just helps one person, I'm glad our Commander spoke out.
    As wartime veterans, a majority of 'WE' elected him, I'll stand behind him. As Americans'WE' elected a President. I will stand by him just as quickly. Both had more information than I had or could get.

  29. You hit a major nail on the head dmreed! Thanks & good job!!! I have PTSD & I don't ask for ANY money for it... I just ask they kill Bin Laden & the kind like him so I do sleep better at night!!! This was a major improvement, but still not at my 100% belief point. I don't trust the Lawyer of a President, but I do trust our Navy Seals so we shall see.

  30. I want to see the pictures. I also would like to know why so much inconsistent information was put out by the government.

  31. The poll asks 'how soon...' but goes on to plant all sorts of additional irrelevant opinion in the choices. A better set would have been something like a) immediately, b) within a day, c) within a week, d) never. I would have picked 'd'. As it is, I can think of all sorts of arguments against every one of the choices. For example, I watched the moon landing on TV in real time when it happened. That apparently isn't enough to convince everyone. A photo won't convince everyone either. Also, making the photos public won't incite terrorism any more than keeping them under wraps will prevent it.
    Keep it professional, with less sensationalism.

  32. I agree with the President of the United States Of America. Do not release the pictures,it could cause more blood shed. I believe the man is dead.If you could believe George Bush and his daddy ,you can believe President Obama. The American Legion is not just one person , no one should speak as if it's all about him/her.

  33. US Navy SEALs say he's dead. Good enough fo me. Don't know any SEALs but know plenty of Navy personnel and their word is solid.

  34. How many tax dollars over the last 10yrs do we have to pay to see somebody that we supposedly hate and want dead. If you do not want to see these pictures then do not look at them!
    If you are not a vengeful person then go pray for the man. Sorry I Ssgt.Winchell wasn't the one to take him down! Amen!

  35. Lets get real.DNA evidence is accepted as conclusive.I think that President Obama is doing the correct thing.Do you all equate this photo bussiness in the same vein as the birth certificate thing which was a farce as I see it .Do we have so little respect for the Commander In Chief that we doubt his existance and his judgement.This stuff reeks to me as subliminal racisim,and it's time to quit it and grow up.

  36. We don't need to see the pictures for proof of his death. If we DID NOT kill bin laden, all he has to do is stand up in public to prove it. No public appearance means he is, in fact, dead. Seems simple enough to me. By the way - who thinks releasing pictures of his shot-up body would not incite a similar reaction to that idiot who publically burned a copy of the koran? Americans paid for that simple act with their lives. Don't forget, we are dealing with armed fanatics, not reasonable people.

  37. Let's wait until my Grand daughters,3,6 &10, get home from school then plaster them all over the evening news.

  38. Anyone who would consider canceling their AL membership because you don't agree with their position on one issue is very narrow minded. Releasing picture confirmation soon after the death would have put a complete stop to all those saying there is no proof. The thought that releasing pictures would incite more terrorism is foolish because those in the know will no doubt know their terrorist leader is dead with or without the pictures and they will do whatever they will try to do regardless. Put the proof out there and stand by for the repercussions as they will come whether pictures are released or not. That is just the nature of these sorry terrorists. Bravo, USA and our great military for doing just what they are trained to do!

  39. What a foolish poll.
    Considering terminating my membership to AL if this kind of thing continues.
    Death pictures will serve no positve value at all; only negatives can come from this.

  40. Pictures will not convince me that he is dead. The President did that. And the Navy Seals did that. Pictures would only aggravate an otherwise bad situation. For the non believers, tough. Live with it.

  41. The Legion is showing their ignorance by demanding that these pictures be released. THere is no need or purpose.

  42. When pictures of dead US Soldiers brought cheers and celebration in Islamic countries, Americans were horrified that any HUMAN BEING could revel in someone else's death - and yet here you "good Christians" are, celebrating the assassination of an evil man, and so hungry for violence that you just HAVE to see a picture of it.

    "Oh, but it's for identification purposes, not because we're bloodthirsty hypocrites!"

    Gee - ya never hear of Photoshop? And please, don't give me that BS. You racist pigs don't care if you see a picture, you'll STILL say "That doesn't prove it was him - it could be doctored!" You know you will!

    NOTHING will convince you. Be honest with yourselves (and us) FOR ONCE in your pathetically vapid little lives and admit it: NOTHING WILL CONVINCE YOU.

    So why try? Why incite more terrorism? It's not worth it - just to try and convince simpleton idiot retarded morons of something they'll never be convinced of?

  43. While the death of Bin Laden is a means of closure for many Americans, especially those who lost friends and family on 9-11, there should be no mistake that the war on terror will bankrupt this country before it is declared over. Have we learned nothing from the Crusades, Korea, or Vietnam?
    We would have been further ahead to nuke the entire region and start over. When you hunt cockroaches, do you stop them one at a time as you see them leaving the nest to reproduce countless more? Identical situation folks. You and I will be long gone and this war will continue unless the entire free world declares it has had enough and we all know what that means.

  44. The photo does not make any difference, the ignorant ones will deny it no matter what. What we should have done was take his body, quarter it, wrap each body part in a pig skin, and buried each part in a different location of the world. Why should we respect him or his beliefs in any manner what so ever, he never respected anyone else, including islam!!!!!!!!!!!!

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