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Should debt collectors be denied the ability to garnish Social Security or VA benefits?


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  1. C'mon people. Enough is enough.

    Just because we served our country, does not entitle us to everything under god’s green earth.

    If you owe a debt, you pay it.

    “If you get a Purple Heart all debts should be forgiven” What kind of bullshit is that?

    What about the company or individual who gave you those goods or services? What about them trying to put food on their family’s table? What about it? If you couldn’t afford to pay the item, you shouldn’t have gotten it.

    Bunch of fucking crybabies... Gimme, gimme, gimme. That’s what most of you “vets” say.

    The American Legion is here to help the veterans NOT get screwed. Not to screw the rest of society.

  2. I have owned my business for 24 years and have had my share of bad debt. But somehow I have always managed to put food on my families table, logic 101. How? Most businesses are reserved for bad debt, and for the education of our friend logic 101, it’s called “the cost of doing business”. And above that you write it off on your taxes. So what is the real number in terms of bad debt loss? Right at 5% of net income, total.

    And do I think after 24 years of this that most individuals assume debt with good intentions and have the ability to pay? Yep; I’ve only had one incident where that is not true.

    So what are the actual causes of most bad debt situations? People lose there jobs, become disabled for various reasons, financial problems due to family illness, etc.. Those are the hard facts.

    Now, would I further complicate a Vet's life, who is in financial straights, with a garnishment or collection agency? Nope, I would not!

  3. Veterans since the beginning of this Country have always gotten a Raw Deal. Now they want to garnish what little pay they can scrape together. That's ridiculous! President John Kennedy told us: "Ask not what your country can do for you, Rather ask what YOU can do for your Country." Well the Veterans did it and are still doing it TODAY. How many of those Debt collectors are willing to lose an Arm, A leg, an eye, or take a Bullet for this country. Many of them are just plain "Chicken". Veterans started out as young kids, 18 years old. Once the bullets started flying, they truely became Men and Women and all became Veterans. If a Veteran comes Home with a Purple Heart, all debts should be forgiven. We already help them buy a Home with No Money Down, Lets take the next step.

  4. It is hard enough that a veteran that served their Country be harrashed by these debt collector's when they have already served hardship during their service in the armed force's, away from home, living in sub-standard environment's where one eat's out of a box, sleeping on a cot, or space available area, dirty from the element's when they were ordered to go according to their sitrep, while the Civilian world (thank's to the veteran) eat, s---, & sleep, and be merry, watch t.v.,& do what they will should give the veteran a break (They deserve it), it's bad enough the veteran's don't earn as much as these Snivilian's are getting-what is this America getting into???

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