2010 Legacy Run registration ongoing

Those wanting to participate in the 2010 Legacy Run are reminded that online registration is ongoing. The registration fee is $50 for riders ($60 after Aug. 1) and $25 for passengers ($50 after Aug. 1). The fee for supporters is $50. The registration form for the 2010 run can be found at http://www.legion.org/documents/legion/pdf/legacyrunregistration.pdf.

A donation goal of $450,000 has been set for the run, which raises money for The American Legion Legacy Scholarship fund. Participants in the 2009 Legacy Run set out with a goal of raising $400,000 and raised nearly $550,000 in scholarship dollars for the children of servicemembers killed on active duty on or after Sept. 11, 2001. Already, the four Legacy Runs have combined to raise well over $1 million for the Legacy fund.

An early schedule for this year’s run is:

• Aug. 20-21 –gather in Indianapolis. Registration and check-in Saturday afternoon. American Legion Post 64 to host evening events and dinner.

• Aug 22 – Morning departure from Post 64, 601 South Holt Road, Indianapolis, Ind. 46241.

• Aug. 26 – Arrival in Milwaukee at Post 537 in Milwaukee at approximately 1 p.m.

The route for the 2010 run hasn’t been finalized yet.


  1. Am I blind? The newsletter sent me here to download a Legacy Run flyer???? Please help this old guy with bad eyes...
  2. Fair question--deserves an answer. Bottom line up front: For 2010 our insurance liability coverage is already written based on a minimum displacement of 750cc and will not change this year. We do not set a lower displacement lightly. We consult with experienced motorcycle run event planners and our insurance underwriters as we prepare the waiver and release forms. It's not the horsepower or torque, it's the suspension, steering, and braking. We've seen riders appear with passenger and luggage loads that strain even the 750cc machines. Overloading effects handling and stopping distance and is a risk factor that is somewhat mitigated, but not completely removed, by setting a higher displacement limit. We will review each year, but frankly there are more good reasons to raise the limit to 800cc or even 1,000cc for this unique long-duration multi-day run in close formations. Bill
  3. Since safety with braking is a concern why not look at motorcycles with only ABS. Also make the requirement for traction control motorcycles also. Safety first.
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