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The Legislative Division is attending a Senate Foreign Relations Committee hearing entitled “Steps Needed for a Successful 2014 Transition in Afghanistan.” With the death of bin Laden and successes by the Afghanistan government and military, pressures will mount to change the role and mission of the United States within Afghanistan.


  1. Well, Osama Bin Laden is dead! what do we do now in a country that has nothing to support our interests, except for the government weenies whom hold a job because of our presence there.

    My suggestion: Ever so quietly, and with total press blackout, slowly and methodically, withdraw all military infrastructure to our ships and aircraft, then withdraw the troops, division by division until all are home. When the last pair of boots boards the plane, make a calm announcement that the U.S. has completely withdrawn from that killing field.

    and unless we are nation building in Iraq, do exactly the same thing.

    Finally, cease financial support to Pakistan.

    Thank you.

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