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Now that Osama bin Laden is dead, when do you think U.S. troops will be out of Afghanistan?


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  1. I voted never because I didn't see any other choice. I would rather say when it is over. With our technolegy I don't see why we can't end it now. If we pull out to soon, they will be back. Keeping our troops away from there families forever dosn't seem right either. I know it is not going to be the same people,however it is people away from family. Right now it seems no matter what, the terrorist have the upper hand. Putting a time limit on it just don't work. Besides all they have to do is watch the news, and know how they are doing.

  2. This Theater of Operations is NO different than the War on Drugs Campaign. If we really wanted it to end, then it would be. With a Great Positive Outcome, for the Average Legal American Citizen, to Gain from. That being of a lesser Financial Tax Burden, from the form of Defense Costs. The Real Problem lies with the Limited & Conventional Warfare Tactical Role. HUGE Armies become Wasteful. I'd thought ALL Veterans, whom are Knowledgeable in the topic of Military History, throughout the World, would understand that aspect. Alexander the Great, 300 Spartans, Rorke's Drift & the Zulu's, Kyber Pass, etc. to name a few. Not to mention the George Rogers Clark's Rangers, Green Mountain Boys of the American Revolutionary War period. You get the idea. With the "Tension" now being built between Pakistan, Hell, We'll Probably be across their border, again. But, Ready to Engage outright. ALL in the name of What ? Nuclear Freedom ? We have a Detection System in place for such reprisals

  3. We have become a Nation of political correctness and weakness of will to preserve our freedom. The current administration is one of the weakest and least educated in world affairs, ever! However, the war in Afghanistan will be irrelevant in our history if we don't quickly and decisively fix our economy! Here is the lesson of military history that Obama doesn't understand. When we send our troops to fight, we must allow them to destroy the enemy's will to wage war! Ask yourself, "Are we doing this in Afghanistan?"

  4. The USA has to learn to get out of this perpetual war crap. Go in, kick six and take numbers. Bring the troops back home. About time we quit spending billions to help countries that do not want to help themselves. Let them take on the job. France is the #1 country that comes to mind.

  5. As long as P-stan remains a hostile nuke power, Iran remains a hostile & potential nuke power and the rest of the Mid-East remains hostile, we need to maintain a significant military presence in A-stan, Iraq and other Mid-East & Central Asian nations. There, we are in strategic proximity to China, India, Russia and Gulf States. The old cold war has never really ended and we are now in a new, much more complex and dangerous hot & cold war. Russia's foreign policy has not changed since Peter the Great and China's has not changed since 1949. Furthermore, Pan-Islamism is not new; it has been a part of Islam since the seventh century and modern Pan-Islamism began in the 1880's and has ebbed and flowed ever since. We Vets need to teach our kids, and grand kids the history they no longer get in school and the lesson that freedom will never be free. Tejanojack

  6. I find it hard to believe that the only reason we are in Afghanistan is because of Osama Bin Laden. We are supposedly there to rid the possible threat from Al Qaeda and terrorist base camps for attacks on the US and the rest of the world. Unless you can make the case that Bin Laden and Al Qaeda are one and the same and Al Qaeda died with him (not likely) then the mission is not accomplished until Afghanistan is pacified and a non-hostile government is in CONTROL totally. If the objective was just to get Bin Laden then a Seal team could have done the trick whenever the opportunity presented itself and the necessity of large scale forces would not be there.

  7. I do not think there has ever been a direct correlation between bin Laden and US troops in Afghanistan, except for the initial push at Tora Bora.

    Otherwise, his death has little to do with the US presence there.

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