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Do school lunches pose a national security threat because, as former DoD officials put it, 27% of youths are “too fat to fight”?


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  1. Free lunches are vital to students who cannot afford food. And we should always help those in need. We also need to shift our education perspective to include body and mind development. Do this by adding inclusive, not just selective and competitive, sports and daily exercise. Share these with encouragement and many young people will experience a most positive attitudinal boost as many for the first time will feel and celebrate personal strength, vigor, and vitality. When this happens they begin to focus, their grades skyrocket, they sleep better, and their health improves greatly. I know, as it happened to me. Let's also remember that if students are denied lunch they will be too weak and frail to defend our nation.

  2. Most of the Children on school lunches WOULD NOT have anything to eat, BECAUSE they would get nothing at home some of them might not get anything at all if they didn't get food at school. Our Community even provides lunches when there is no school.I know it's sad that this goes on in America today, BUT IT'S A FACT THAT WE CAN NOT OVER LOOK! I know that if children go hungry in our Community, that they hungry in other parts of America also, Lets not forget these children please.

  3. My Wife is a lunch lady. Her school offers more choices than you can shake a stick at. None of the kids come back from summer vacation skinnier than they left. How on earth can one portion controlled lunch contribute to obesity? It is most definately a problem, but school lunch is not it. It's inactivity.

  4. The school systems in their ever increasing rush to political correctness are cancelling all playground activities that involve physical contact. ie no running and playing tag, no dodge ball, no touch football. And then to add insult to injury the kids come home and get glued to the tv or computer or game console instead of staying outside and being physically active.

  5. It is not the Lunches that are hurting the kids, but the the fact that most schools have cut so many programs geared to better health. They said it is due the cost,but the kids need to eat and they need an active life to stay in shape. We can say it is fast food or anything else, but if all they do is sit on their bottons and don't do things to burn the fat them there is a problem.
    The children need more to do, and not just more video games. They to get outside and do things that will keep them strong and healthie, and most of all foods that feed their brains..

  6. Its not the school lunches as much as it is the fast food places ie; McDonanalds, Burger King. Of course the schools could go back to real cooksand less frozen food and junk foods that are microwaved. Some schools are putting in sald barrs for the older grades and a ot of our youth are eating the salad.

  7. The lunches are the symptom, not the disease. Read last week's Time Magazine for some answers to childhood obesity through healthy lunch meals. We should also be focusing on the kinds of programs that lift families out of poverty so that they do not depend on free/low cost school lunches; and we should be educating parents that "Lunchables" and their equivalent are not appropriate for growing children. Eventually, our entire country--including our military--will become one large couch potato unless we are all willing to admit the problem and to take action. The American Legion has an opportunity to be local leaders in this effort through our posts.

  8. School lunches originated when draft physical just before WWII disclosed an intolerably high number of men disqualified because of nutritional diseases (pellagra, rickets and the like). The program continued, BUT local school boards have subverted its intended purpose to improve the health of our children. They do this by not disbursing enough funds to provide good and adequate food. So the typical meal is high on fats, salt, and calories. The federal government at one time proposed counting ketchup as a "vegetable serving." For the good of the country we need to get back to, and adequately fund the original purpose.

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