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Should the United States continue to tap into the Strategic Petroleum Reserve in order to control gas prices?


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  1. IF THE US STARTED MAKING fuel efficient cars in the 1970's during/after the gasoline shortage, we probably would not be looking to the Strategic Petroleum Reserve to help us out.

    "Yes" (both 1 & 2) are out. The reserve is for a NATIONAL EMERGENCY, not to help us out when we think prices are too high.

    I would vote for "No" #2 except there are places in this country that do not have mass transportation. I happen to be in one of those zones.

    If one wants to drive a gas guzzler, then let them suffer the prices of gasoline. I am content to drive a small car that can get 38 or miles per gallon.

  2. If you have never been to the Mall of the Americas,GO THERE if you can during the Convention. I traveled for work and was able to stop in there a few nights while at a training seminar. I found the FLOOR OF ADULT BEVERAGE SERVING COMPANIES remarkable to say the very least! They also have plenty of great stores along with an entire amusement park in the center of the Mall. There was plenty of parking, so much so that one evening after "Visiting" one of it's finer "Beverage Centers", the bunch of us that went found locating our vehicle impossible and instead, probably for the better, took a Taxi to our hotel.
    Yes, Minnessota has so MANY places to go and see that it has been on my vacation list for years now. STILL have yet to take the Snowmobile out for a Winter trip, but I have that one in the works as we speak!(read?) Macy's has a bit of everything for everyone's budget, just remember that the Air Pirates will charge you for extra baggage and sending stuff UPS is cheaper.

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