Top: Bill Doenges Memorial Stadium, Bartlesville, Okla. Bottom: Keeter Stadium, Shelby, N.C.

NEC to decide on permanent Series site

American Legion Baseball is anxiously counting down the days until the Legion's Spring Meetings, which get underway May 3. During the meetings, the National Executive Committee will make a strategic decision on who will permanently host The American Legion Baseball World Series.

The two cities vying to be the permanent site are Shelby, N.C., and Bartlesville, Okla. Each city has a representing committee that submitted a comprehensive package to the Legion's National Headquarters outlining specific ways their city is making changes and even supporting the opportunity to be the permanent World Series site.

Members of the Shelby and Bartlesville committees will be present during the Spring Meetings to discuss why their city should be chosen as the permanent site. A baseball committee comprised of eight National Americanism Commission members will initially listen to the committees' presentations before casting a vote and handing their bid recommendation to more than 25 National Americanism Commission Legionnaires from across the country. The Legionnaires will vote and present their choice to the National Executive Committee, which will then make a final decision by the end of spring meetings on May 6.


  1. Having been to the Regional in 2008 as a participant and the World Series in 2008 as a spectator at Shelby,NC I was very impressed with this community and the organization they had in place to be able the hold not only the Regional but the Series in the same year.A first class facility with the exception of the small dugouts. The attendance for the games were unbelievable.People definitely love baseball in the Carolina's. Shelby's the place.
  2. Word is Shelby N.C. is putting in a state of the art all fiber 10Gig internet network at their ballpark which will mean the Legion World Series will be streamed in real time High Definition around the world.That kind of exposure can't do anything but show off Legion baseball to the World in HD. The internet is the future!
  3. The stadium in Bartlesville is historic and the community is on board. The central location makes for convenient travel. Good luck to the Oklahoma team!
  4. Do you want to be soaked and blown away then go to Shelby, if you want to melt away go to Bartlesville.
  5. Maybe it's too deep in the count to make this pitch, but unless cost is the main issue for finding a permanent site for the Series, I think it should rotate to one of the sites in an established pool of prequalified organizations. Having a rotation will serve to uphold quality standards of the tournament while also creating a sustained excitement for each and all of the regions as they take pride in preparing to host the tournament. Having a single site may create an exclusive/elitist position counter to the core objectives of the Legion charter. My experience at the 1982 tournament in Boyertown will stay with me forever as I recall not only the quality of baseball we played on the field, but also the magic created by the Legion administrators, coaches, fans, and community volunteers who continue to show their dedication and support for Legion baseball. Keep the parity. Rotate the sites.
  6. Shelby has proven it can host the regionals and world series and do a first class job. The folkes in Shelby and Cleveland County go all out. I have particapated in the State Tornaent and Regionals at Shelby when I was an American Legion Commissioner, theses folks cross all their T's and dot all their eyes.
  7. Shelby is the obvious choice. When the Regionals and World Series were held here in 2008 we had the 2nd highest attendance in the history of the ALWS and we did that with massive amounts of rain. We intend to make this an event that families want to come back to each year. Shelby, Cleveland County and North Carolina have opened their arms to American Legion World Series Baseball.
  8. What a great old stadium! Micky Mantle played in this stadium in his early career and the citizens can't wait to volunteer to help make these the best World Series ever, year after year. So let's play ball in Bartlesville!
  9. Being from California I would like to see the World Series held in OK because it is more centralized to the nation. Teams from the west coast and east coast would meet in the middle so to speak...
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